It is common for transport and buildings to be easily accessible for people. But, have you ever thought about websites? Why should they be different? When a website is fully coded and designed, it is easy for everyone with all abilities and needs to be catered to. Some websites are created with accessibility barriers which means it is difficult for some people to use them. So, it is essential to make your business website accessible for ample reasons. And, website accessibility also does not shut access to the business store for people with disabilities.

Also, if everyone has access to the website, it expands the audience reach which is a good thing for the business. In some countries such as the USA, website accessibility is mandatory and there are laws to comply with the legal standards. Therefore, being recognized as the leading web design company in Bangalore, we have provided the top ways that can help you make the website accessible to all. Through this article, you will also know about what website accessibility is and its importance for people.

What is Website Accessibility?

Website accessibility is an aspect of user experience that is making the website and its content easily accessible and usable to users, even people with disabilities. One of the best ways to make the business site accessible to the customers is using the alternative text or ‘Alt’ on all the images of the website so that the readers can read the product description for disabled people. This ‘Alt’ text feature will surely be rewarding for visually impaired users.

Why is Website Accessibility Necessary for Business?

In today’s digital world, websites offer important information to users in their day-to-day lives. Websites have become very necessary to execute different business processes in sectors such as e-commerce, government agencies, private companies, and many more. The accessibility to the website is also considered a matter of legal compliance and offers a better user experience to the customers.

However, without further ado let us know about the ways to make your website easily accessible to users.

Ways to Make Your Website Easily Accessible to the Users

Working as a website development company in Bangalore, we found that online services have seen a rise in the digital industry. All of us rely on digital services for everything from shopping to working, and this expands the use of the digital industry in the future. So, here are some ways to help you gain website accessibility for the business in 2023.

10 Different Ways to Make Your Website More Accessible in 2023


1.Make the website content accessible

For people who want to use dynamic content on their websites, it is essential to provide accessibility to all the content. Many people will access the page after it loads for the first time and will not be able to find any changes until it is programmed differently.

So, if you do not want the dynamic users to miss the content of the website, then pay attention to consult the e-commerce developers from the top website design company in Bangalore for help.

2. Develop a keyboard-friendly website

When a new website is created, it is necessary to build one that is functional, fast, and easily navigated by the keyboard. Having a keyboard-friendly website must be the priority of business owners as several assistive technologies fully rely on navigation through the keyboard.

3. Make the color choices perfectly

It is necessary to choose those color schemes that let the users find the difference easily between elements on the website page. Also, do not pick clashy colors that can cause you eye strain.

Set light colors against dark colors. Make use of tools such as contrast checkers to check the website for any issues.

4. Use Alt text to the images

Alt text, Alt description, Alt attributes, and other Alt tags are some phrases that provide you with the description of the images on the website. Alt text is considered a viable solution for customers for the people who miss looking at the images on the website.

5. Use tables to add tabular data

Tables should be used to add tabular content to make the website look effective. The tables are also convenient for presenting data to users including those who prefer assistive technology.

6. Use headers correctly to structure the content

When people are reading text on the website, headers can provide access to the webpage easily. If the headings are placed correctly, then it ensures that the website is fully organized. It also builds a great user experience and increases readability.

It is necessary to categorize the headings correctly so that the users and other accessibility tools can navigate the page.

7. Give a name to the links

When the links are embedded in the text, it is important to use descriptive sentences. Rather than using click here or other small sentences will not be useful and acceptable by the users. So, adding names or descriptive texts to the link can help the readers understand the context linked to it.

Do not need to add something fancy, just plain and simple descriptions to the links to let the reader know about the product and services offered to them.

8. Give access to all devices

There is a slight difference between accessibility on the desktop version of the websites and the experience of the mobile user. A website created using a simple, clean, and user-friendly web design will surely meet accessibility goals on a mobile.

To give your users a good experience of the website, it is recommended to test your site on mobile devices or you can also use a Google Analytics tool.

9. Create a website that supports text resize

A website that supports the text resizes features can be easily accessible to every user including those who are visually impaired. So, to provide the customers with a better experience, use relative text sizes and make sure to keep the user scalability on.

Also, test the font sizes by increasing the zoom level to ensure that the website interacts well with these changes. If the content becomes hard to navigate, then do not forget to make the necessary changes.

10. Give access to dynamic content

Dynamic content refers to web content that changes with the preferences, behavior, and interests of the user. For instance- if a page updates automatically and the user cannot see it, then it can create problems for the user. This includes light boxes, pop-ups, modal dialogs, in-page updates, and many more.

If you do not make these features accessible, users can get into big issues. As a website design and development company in Bangalore we recommend you use AIRA or extra alerts such as sounds to get functions easily accessible to the users.

The Final Thoughts

When considering website accessibility, it is essential to know about the features and see what has to be done to make every feature available to everyone. Make sure to follow all the guidelines and take the time to perform testing with people with disabilities.

This way you can be confident about the website being accessible to all. And, still, if you have any queries, feel free to contact the web developers at the leading web design and development company in Bangalore. Avail of all our services and get an opportunity to meet the business requirements.


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