The growth of e-commerce is not a new trend in today’s digital world as with the 2020 pandemic people have started going online around the world. Out of multiple e-commerce applications that let the business shift to an online e-commerce store, one platform is Adobe Commerce. Also known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is a leading platform that lets business-grade companies use functionalities to create a feature-rich and robust online store.

There are times when organizations manage their business operations using the common e-commerce features of Adobe Commerce, but overlook the finest benefits of Adobe Commerce. Therefore, focusing on these platforms can help companies to get new success horizons. In this blog, we will guide you toward the top benefits of Adobe Commerce and its difference from Magento Open Source.

What is Magento Open Source?

Magento Open Source is an e-commerce platform available free to download, install, and extend for users. In this version, the customers are free to make configuration changes to the software to meet their business needs. The platform offers all the basic e-commerce functionalities to develop an online store from the start. 

It is a popular choice for business start-ups searching for feature-rich and extensible e-commerce platforms that help them to compete with big business organizations. It is easy to use and allows customers to build an e-commerce business store quickly and effectively. 

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What is Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce is a premium version that includes an annual license payment to use a set of premium features that Adobe delivers. The e-commerce platform has many advanced features for large business organizations with high customer traffic, broad global reach, and a huge product and service catalog.

As both editions of Adobe have the same code base, some additional benefits are only available in the Adobe Commerce platform. Let us know some of them that distinguish one from the other.

Benefits of Adobe Commerce

With both versions having similar features, Adobe Commerce provides you with advanced benefits in many areas. The Adobe Commerce platform lets users achieve more than they thought. And, as new versions are released, features are regularly updated making it more scalable and better.

All of these benefits are comprehensive and make the implementation process simple as compared to Open Source. Let us look at them below-

1. Adobe Commerce is a full B2B Suite

The Adobe Commerce B2B suite is one of the valuable additions to the e-commerce platform with the right functionalities for B2B business owners such as-

  • Simplified management of the quote.
  • Accounts of the Company.
  • Quick request and order lists.
  • B2B Quoting.
  • Easy Management of the Account.
  • Customer-specific Options for Payment.
  • Quick Shopping Support.
  • Customer-centric Thresholds and Purchase Limits.

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2. Performance

The premium version of Adobe Commerce is faster, scalable, and agile. It is because of its optimized database and the usage of simple coding versions. Adobe Commerce uses Fastly, an extension of the content delivery option that offers more efficient content through caching. It means that the page content can load faster.

This version of Adobe Commerce involves New Relic, a system that monitors performance to assure everything is optimized correctly.

3. Advanced Search Option

Adobe Commerce is powered by Adobe Sensei technology that offers a Live Search feature for all users. It is a highly personalized and robust solution that features merchandising rules faceted, and a multidimensional search that pushes or removes a product in duration. Also, the platform has fast auto-complete, product attribute search, and correction for queries.

4. Support

 Adobe Commerce offers business organizations the ability to use the platform’s support in many ways such as-

  • Helps in managing the admin panel.
  • Install the platform easily.
  • Support in implementing the on-page marketing actions.

5. Page Builder

The drag-and-drop feature of Page Builder lets the customers manage the templates and content effectively. You can generate content-rich pages with customized layouts that enhance the information and offer customer loyalty and engagement. Also, you can add more visual effects and schedule the content that has to be published in the future with preview functionality.

Some of the basic features of the Page Builder are-

  • Drag and drop option.
  • Advancement in content tools.
  • Huge content type variety.
  • Full page layout for pages, products, and categories.
  • Personalized product input types.
  • Real-time editing.

The Page Builder feature is available both in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

6. Easy Integration

One more aspect that makes Adobe Commerce different from other e-commerce platforms is its integration with third-party channels such as CRMs and other service tools by extensions or APIs. The building block of Adobe Commerce is Magento, an open-source platform that allows fast and easy integration for CRM and tools to optimize business functions and reduce workloads.

7. Mobile Responsive Website

As more than half of the customers browse online websites through their mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential to offer customers a mobile-friendly website design. Adobe Commerce has a PWA Studio that lets you create a mobile application-like website for the users.

A PWA or Progressive Web Application tool is used by business owners who cannot afford to develop a separate web application and mobile application. Developing a Magento PWA is far better than creating a native mobile application.

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8. Scalability

For an online business, it is necessary to scale up the business for the future. Therefore, the selected e-commerce web development platform must be scalable for future accomplishments. The online business store must be robust, cost-effective, and scalable and you will find all these features in Adobe Commerce.

Also, depending on the business requirements, you can scale up the Adobe Commerce business store and pay according to the revenue you made in the store, which lets you avoid paying for something that you do not use.

The Last Lines

Through this article, you have gone through the eight benefits of using Adobe Commerce for your online business functions. It might seem expensive if you do not want to spend a lot of your budget, but it is economical in the long run as compared to other e-commerce web and mobile platforms. At Indglobal Digital Private Limited, the leading e-commerce development company in India, you will find the most expert and professional Adobe Commerce developers that help you start from scratch. You just have to let us know your business requirements.

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