7 Hazards that will cripple your e-commerce website’s load time

Since last few years, the web has become an essential medium to grow your business as now almost each and everyone has a broadband internet. Without having a website you are losing out so many good opportunities for your business especially if you are having a business of selling products and services. E-commerce websites are going to be developed rapidly to sell the stuff and services online but have eCommerce sites gotten speedier as well?
By a research, it has found that the top 500 American retail sites actually are 16% slower than they were a year ago. If a website takes more than 4 seconds to load a business can lose 25% of its online visitors. So loading time is an important factor for any of the website to get more visitors on it.

Here are the 7 factors that can slow down your eCommerce website’s loading time:

1) A limited capability CMS- While developing any eCommerce website it is necessary to have a good understanding of selecting a suitable CMS. Some CMS are there that are designed for general web publishing purpose like WordPress for blogging, Drupal for general purpose while some other CMS are there that are built specifically for designing eCommerce websites like Magento and Shopify.
Thus some content Management systems are not enough flexible for eCommerce websites or we can say they perform poorly during traffic peaks.

2) An Adequate Web Host- Running an eCommerce website means to get turbulent web traffic, hosting a large volume of data etc. So It is essential to have a web host that should be-

  • Reliable (i.e. Best performing servers and good uptime).
  • Flexible (that allows you to configure the things as you want).

Another thing is suggested i.e. to have a dedicated IP address for your account that ensures faster response during the period of high traffic load.
Some popular web hosts are GoDaddy, InMotion hosting, Bluehost, FatCow etc.

3) Large sized Images- According to a research 45% of top web based eCommerce websites never compress their images that they use and of course the bigger the image is, the prodigious it is.
If you change the size of the image after uploading them into the CMS, it will not work. The size of images remains same (at least in WordPress)
You need to use some image optimization tools to make images smaller. Few of tools are

  • ImageOptim (for mac only)
  • Riot (windows)
  • TinyPNG (web based)

You can use Photoshop as well to optimize the size of images.

4) Not Keeping the CMS up to date- It is always suggested to keep your content management system, your plugins and other software on which your site depends updated(to the latest version). It will keep your software bugs free and help you out to receive new features that can improve the website’s speed and performance.

5) Large no of HTTP Requests – Generally a website is a collection of data files. Now suppose if a separate individual HTTP request is required each time, the browser will have to fetch a file from your server. If it happens continuously in this manner the site will take a long time to load.

6) Not setting Image Dimension- Setting image dimension is very helpful in reducing the website’s loading time. Here setting dimensions means to set the width and height of the image in the code you write. What happens this way, when the browser starts rendering the page it doesn’t wait for the image to get fully loaded. The browser will allocate a box for that image on the page and go ahead because image dimensions are already set before.

7) Not using PHP Accelerator- A PHP Accelerator is a PHP extension that is specially designed to improve the performance and speed of websites written in PHP. It is hard to imagine a server without installing a PHP Accelerator.
Some Popular PHP Accelerators are-

  • Xcache
  • APS

If you have a website written in another language (not PHP) most probably you won’t need any accelerator.

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