We are sure that you are reading this using your mobile device. Right? But, what if you do not like the structure of the page or the content is hard to read, you will surely look somewhere else for the information you need. Now put yourself on the other side of the equation and find out how many users can be lost if your website is not mobile-friendly.

By mobile-friendly, we mean to say that the website should look appealing on small screens of the mobile. The website should also load fast and be easy to interact and navigate with. If all this can be put off for a mobile phone, then your website is amazing on a full and big screen also.

In this blog, we will talk about what a mobile-friendly design is and why it is necessary. First, you will get to know about the approach to mobile design. Then, we will provide you with some essential tips to consider when optimizing your website for mobiles and tablets.

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Why is Mobile Design Essential?

According to statistics, 85% of the population owns a smartphone globally and multiple types of devices. This is far more than the number of people accessing laptops and PCs. People use mobile phones as their sole PC, making it the only way to access the web. With mobile traffic increasing rapidly over the past years, desktop usage has been surpassed as 54% of all the traffic is coming from mobile phones.

It means that if your business website is not optimized for mobiles, then you will miss out on users. With so much information on the website, your audience will surely not want a poor user experience on the website. Avoid letting them look somewhere else for what they need.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Responsive design means that no matter how large a screen is, a website should fill it, and deliver information easily. This can be on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or other smart devices such as a watch. When you browse any website on any device, it adapts to the screen size. For big screens, elements scale up to a point so that they do not look oversized, but are easy to engage with.

The same goes for mobile devices. When you are visiting the site on a small screen, the content has to be scaled down to become readable and easy to interact with. So, the websites that can delicately balance this are considered responsive.

Now that we know so much about why to optimize your website for mobile devices, let us be more practical and look at some of the best ways to make your site mobile-friendly. We will walk through some of the essential aspects to create a mobile-optimized site. We recommend you invest the right time in implementing as many tips as possible to improve the website’s performance.

7 Tips to Optimize Your E-commerce Website for Mobile Phones

Optimizing your website for mobiles is a hectic process. You will have to give the proper time and effort and take clear and essential steps to make your e-commerce site mobile-friendly. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Have a Mobile-Optimized Web Design

When we talk about creating a mobile-friendly design for the e-commerce website, simplicity should be the focus. Your customers should easily navigate your site on their mobile phones or other devices. Keep these things in mind when designing a website for mobile devices-

  • Pick a simple layout with readable fonts.
  •  Avoid using a lot of flash and animation.
  • Keep the page loading time fast.
  • Use buttons that can be easily tapped.

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2. Use an Omnichannel Shopping Experience

An Omnichannel shopping process is where the customers can shop from your website using any device, whether it is a phone, tablet, or computer. It lets the customers be more flexible when it comes to shopping for products. So, to ensure an Omnichannel experience, sync your shopping cart on all devices and different access points. This means that if your customer adds a product to their cart on the desktop, then they can access it later using other devices such as mobile.

Another way to give Omnichannel shopping experience is to use your customer’s profile. Here the customers get an opportunity to add their personal information such as payment method or shipping address, so they do not have to add it again and again.

3. Keep the Website Content Sweet and Short

 Many users do not have a lot of time and have short attention spans. Therefore, it is essential to keep your content sweet and short. A simple way to do this is by making use of headings and subheadings to break the long text into shorter descriptions. This makes it easy for the customers to go through the page and find the right information they want.

You can also keep the website content digestible by adding lists and bullet points. Also, the correct use of videos and images is the perfect way to deliver information quickly to customers. display images that are compatible with mobile phones and are easy to understand and readable on small screens.

4. Follow the ‘Think with Your Thumb’ Rule

When we talk about mobile devices, it is great to follow the ‘think with your thumb’ rule. This means that you should design your website in such a way that all the essential elements are within the reach of the users. The best way to do this is by using links and buttons that are easy to select using one hand. This makes it simple for the customers to easily navigate the website from wherever they want.

You can also let the customers navigate the website using swipe gestures. This will help them to move between sections and pages of your website by only swiping their fingers on the mobile screens. Use tools like Lighthouse or Jest to improve and test website swipe gestures. These tools will help you choose those areas of your site that need to be improved to let the customers navigate it easily.

5. Use an Easy Checkout Process

It is one of the biggest challenges for e-commerce websites to get customers through an easy checkout process. This can even become greater when it comes to mobile phones as customers are on the go and have no time to enter all their details.

So, it is necessary to make the checkout process easy to let the customers get products from your website. One of the best ways to make the process easy is to add different payment platforms such as Apple Pay or PayPal. This helps the customers to not enter their details manually again when they come to buy the products.

6. Avoid Unwanted Ads and Pop-Ups

We all have visited a website with opt-ins, pop-ups, and ads and that becomes very annoying while looking for the product we want. And, your customers also think the same way. Also, several search engines like Google are pulling off websites with invasive ads and pop-ups.

If any features in your website create a bad experience for the users, then Google will not likely show your website in the search results. So, it is a good idea to grow and use your email list and provide customers with your product’s latest deals on mobile phones.

7. Increase the Conversion Rates on Mobile

Conversion rate optimization is the way to increase the percentage of conversion from a website or mobile application. It includes generating ideas for different elements on your website or application that can be improved to raise the site traffic to grow your business.

And, as customers are using mobile phones to search for brands and goods online, no matter where they are set. Therefore, as an e-commerce website, it is your responsibility to take full advantage of SEO on mobile and attract as many customers as you want to the website.


By optimizing your e-commerce website for mobile phones or other devices, you try to assure that all your potential customers can get your products from anywhere and anytime. Providing a strong user experience according to the device type and screen size can lead to an increase in sales and traffic.

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