12-Step Guide For a Successful Ecommerce Website Development

Building an e-store is similar to building and designing the physical stores in a mall where the very first impression certainly matters which requires a considerable amount of planning and effort. A reputed ecommerce web design company in Bangalore that has a good knowledge and understanding about branding, site design, and content strategy can assist you in crafting a perfect web design Bangalore and a fully effective e-commerce store.

As a leading ecommerce website development company in Bangalore, in this article, we tried to present 12 crucial steps towards a successful Ecommerce Web Development.

What actually is Ecommerce Web Development?

Ecommerce Website Development in India refers to the process of developing an online store or e- store for selling products, goods or services. Unlike other websites, it requires building additional features like SSL configuration, or site architecture, payment options or modes, exquisite designs, page load speed, etc.

As per the reports, online business growth is remarkably faster and higher compared to the traditional businesses across the globe. In addition, the impact of its success even encourages established companies to begin online selling as a complementary effort.

Online stores enable users to quickly discover, compare and purchase their desired products or services conveniently in a smooth manner regardless of their locations.

The competitive advantages offered by Ecommerce Web Development includes the following:

  • It helps to increase your reach within your targeted local and international markets.
  • It helps to minimize the operational and marketing costs required otherwise to run and promote a physical store.
  • An Ecommerce store can attract more prospective customers with its 24/7 availability, and thus it can help you increase sales volume.
  • It is easy to track and analyze user behavior and to customize your products and marketing campaigns
  • It can lead to generating more upselling and cross-selling opportunities with the remarketing campaigns.

Thus, Ecommerce Web Development offers endless business opportunities and can even help you customize and design your online store as per your business needs and goals. But, before going deep into the Ecommerce Web Development process, one should understand the types of Ecommerce business models which will be advantageous to define the requirements and goals of your e-store to assist in the development process.

Ecommerce Business Models Types:

Three main types of Ecommerce Business Models are as mentioned below:

Business to Customer (B2C)

This is a common type of Ecommerce business. Amazon, Target etc. are examples of B2C. In this type, when a customer buys an item or avails a service, it is sold straight from the business brand to the customer without involvement of any third parties. Upon completion of the transaction on a B2C website, the customers are able to hit the checkout button.

Business to Business (B2B)

In this type, the business brand sells products/services from businesses to other businesses or brands. It is more like encompassing a manufacturer and a wholesaler and/ or a wholesaler and a retailer.

Customer to Customer (C2C)

In this business model individuals and retailers are able to trade with each other in an online forum. An example of C2C Ecommerce businesses includes third-party stores like eBay. It enables the retailers and customers to promote and sell their products online.

Ecommerce Web Development undoubtedly requires a huge amount of effort. Therefore, let’s see if the process can be broken down into 12 easier and simpler steps to help you fulfill your business objectives.


A 12-Step Guide For A Successful Ecommerce Web Development

12 essential Steps To a Successful Ecommerce Web Development

1. Think about a unique name for your brand

First, check about your competition. It is better to avoid any cliches or names that are too similar to their company. Instead, think of names that will set your brand apart from your competition.

Following are some tips for naming your business:

  • Making it as brief as this will aid in brand identification and it makes it easy and simple too for people to recall.
  • The name should be intriguing enough to make people notice or believe that you are unique. Even though you have excellent products or services, a generic name can well detract from your brand.

2. Select and register a domain name suitable to your eCommerce website:

To choose a URL, you can have the option to use a service like GoDaddy or namecheap. Your domain name should essentially be the same as your brand name. Further, the URL should be brief, something memorable and catchy as it plays a very important role in the SEO strategy for Ecommerce web development. 

After you have selected a business name, you should find out about its availability. If it’s available well and good, if it’s not available, then you can generate a variety of URLs along with the domain name generators like .biz, or. solutions, .online, etc.

3. Select the right Ecommerce website hosting platform

While it comes to Ecommerce platforms, picking a proper one is critical because it determines the accessibility and performance efficiency of your ecommerce website. Therefore it is better to prioritize quality over savings if it comes to website hosting and support.

The key parameters to consider while opting for an Ecommerce host are:

  • Speed: you need to ensure that your hosting provider is able to deliver good website speed.
  • Uptime: Check recent uptime records of the other websites that are being hosted by the provider.
  • Support: The support services such as infrastructure and managed services, can help you minimize troubleshooting response time and increase the uptime.
  • Scalability: You should select the server that can well adapt to your business requirements.
  • Security: The server must comply with PCI-DSS. It is very crucial to protect data security by using secure servers.

4. Choose a theme and graphic design stylebook that compliments your brand:

Your brand is unique and it has its own story to tell. Therefore, your eCommerce website should be able to visually reflect the appearance as well as the tone, and feel of your brand. The fonts, colors and/ or pictures that you wish to choose for your eCommerce website should reflect your brand and how your customers feel about it as well.

You may require a skilled eCommerce website developer and an experienced design specialist to help you make informed decisions. At IndGlobal, we can very well accomplish both. We have our brand design professionals who follow leading-edge eCommerce development approaches to assist you.

5. Understand your target audience in a better way

Knowing your target market better may always have a profound impact on every aspect of your Ecommerce web development. It helps to create your products and design services keeping your customer’s requirements in mind which indirectly guides you to design a perfect user experience, user interface,and the graphics of your website, content in a personalized way to your target audience.

So, it is better to know few details such as:

  • The age group
  • The income range of your target audience
  • An idea about your competitors’ websites from where your target range of audiences are likely to purchase etc.

These facts will not only enable you to design an Ecommerce business tailored to their preferences and requirements also It will definitely improve their shopping experience with you by assisting them in developing and strengthening a stronger bond with your brand.

6. Establishing a content strategy

At the onset of the web development process, you need to have a good content strategy that includes writing content, videos, as well as images, infographics, etc. that can serve your audience better by projecting your brand’s story and helping you to communicate how your products are better than others. Therefore, establishing a content strategy will help you know your audience. Follow the below mentioned steps that will assist you to make a good content strategy to-

  • Learn about the common questions your customers may have about your products or services
  • Provide relevant and required information that your competitors don’t provide

Thus, a content strategy helps you determine what you need to include in your e-business website as well as help you communicate with your customers effectively.

7. SEO strategy:

SEO refers to optimizing a website for search engines. If you want people to find your website when they might be looking for a product or service that you provide, then SEO strategies are most useful to get to the top of Google’s search results. The search engine arena is mainly dominated by Google, which has approximately 92% dominance over the others.

It is better to hire someone who is an SEO Expert to let Google discover you and recognize you, and help you follow their standards. It can do so by implementing a more effective eCommerce development plan by incorporating important procedures from your SEO strategy into your Ecommerce web development.

8) Present your brand and brand value in a good way

For your Ecommerce brand, you need a recognizable logo, a prominent color scheme, and a voice. All these parameters are important aspects of the web development process that can speak a lot about your company’s individuality.

Another crucial aspect of branding is about conveying your personal narrative. You need to be clear in explaining the reason your Ecommerce website exists and who are the brains behind it to your audience. It’s always better to have a distinct identity that allows people to recognize your ecommerce brand. It should be distinctive as well as consistent.

9. Promoting your brand -Identify influencers and cultivate a relationship with them:

You are probably aware about the Instagram influencers. It would certainly be advantageous if you have any personnel familiar with and can include them for their expertise in promoting your product or service sector.

At the same time you should be aware about the paid influencers and their social media following. Often, merely gifting a free product is enough to grab their attention and thus this can result in mentions of your brand on their social media pages as desired. You can hire a professional Ecommerce web development company to make these steps easier for you. You can also think of publishing your product catalogue on Google Shopping and Facebook as these are among your two key funnels for potential clients Therefore, activate and start promoting on these two platforms that may cater to your target market.

10. Selection of the payment gateway to be included in your brand

Please choose a secure and scalable payment gateway and incorporate it into your accounting, inventory, tax, and other financial software: The company should be operational before launching and to get proper feedback, you can talk to your bank, accountant, and /or inventory/warehouse/ logistics crew. Also you can ask your eCo mmerce web developer for assistance in choosing the correct payment mode.

11. Select your shipping software

Shipping software is undoubtedly one of the critical needs for every online business. Some popular options that you can consider are Ordoro, Shippo, and ShippingEasy which will help you automate your shipping and further delivery services.

A Shipping software provides  access to:

  • Improved shipping rates
  • Multiple carrier options
  • Bulk printing of the shipping labels and packing slips, that can be customized/ branded.

12. Choosing the perfect Ecommerce Web Development Services partner

Picking the perfect partner ecommerce website development company in bangalore depends on your requirements and the features offered by the partner. Each business has their specific needs and circumstances, and the Ecommerce Web Development process should be able to adapt to suffice those needs. So, you need to definitely depend on a reliable tech partner that can understand your aims, requirements, as well as obstacles and finds the time and strategies to address them.

Thus, they can certainly help you deliver an Ecommerce web solution that meets your expectations and can enhance your business growth.


From deciding on what you are going to sell, and/ or picking a unique business name, till choosing the perfect Ecommerce service providers each step plays a crucial role in a successful Ecommerce Web Development as this will not only ensure that your Ecommerce website is the best optimized for most sales also ensure that you will stay ahead of the competition.

At IndGlobal, the best ecommerce web design company in Bangalore before starting the web development process, we try to comprehend your business requirements. And once we get a clear conception pertaining to the market you wish to focus on and about your goals, we start developing your website in the most elegant way possible ensuring that you will stay ahead of the competition.

So, if you wish to learn more about the successful development of your dream professional online store, Talk to Our Tech Experts Today!


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