A Complete Guide to Generate Leads using Hashtag on Social Media in 2018-2019

Hashtags are meant to drum up your social media presence. You know that. Hashtags, besides, of course, the content itself, have a role to play in determining the “virality” of your campaign. You know that too! You know it’s important to use hashtags but are confused as to how to use them for maximum social media exposure. Some of the common queries that marketers have in this regard are:

  • Which hashtags should they use?
  • How many hashtags should they use?
  • Can you create your own hash tags?
  • Will they work?
  • How do you know which hashtags are trending?


How to Generate Leads Using Hashtags on Social Media Platforms- Complete Guide
Mapping the immense importance of such an important social media business tool is a daunting process. You probably are too apprehensive that you will probably miss out on telling the world a point or two. This post covers each every nuance of hashtag usage- i.e.:

  • The Importance of using Hashtags
  • Tips to Use them to Generate More Leads
  • The Tools

The first thing that you may ask is “why should you use hashtags in your social media posts?”
Where exactly do we start from? Since Instagram remains most associable with hashtags, we will start from that. If we are quantifying its significance, then we should tell you that at least one hashtag a post on an average generates 12.6% more engagement than what something without hashtags does.

  • These hashtags act as a funnel which helps Instagram to sort from thousands of posts to show your audience exactly what they are looking for
  • As a business you may end up giving out very important information which remains undiscovered simply because you haven’t incorporated the right hashtags on your post
  • The right hashtags can help you bolster outreach by improving engagement.
  • You can definitely go on to shape a more positive brand image by employing the right hashtags.

Which Hashtags Should you Use to Generate More Leads?
The answer to this question varies with different social media platforms. If you are using Instagram, you will find the top performing hashtags with the highest number of posts to their credit. Read further to discover more in this regard.  In case of Twitter, however, you can start following Trendy Tweets to find out about the trending topics on this platform. You can pick up relevant niche or industry related hashtags from there.

  • Use a campaign hashtag if you’re launching a new product or service. The #Shareacoke campaign is a good example in this regard.   
  • Find out what the trending topics are. Besides, Trendy Tweets, Google Trend can help you a lot as well.
  • The use of industry –specific hashtags would imply improved engagement from people within the industry. For instance, if you’re selling crockery units, then you would definitely want to add something like #food, #foodgasm and #restaurants etc.
  • Use location-based hashtags to connect with local purchasers. So, if you’re shoestore based in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, make sure you’re using hashtags like #delhi #newdelhi #chandnichowk etc.

How many hashtags should you use?
There is no one magic number which works for every brand. Keep your hashtags organized. Team HubSpot said that earlier they thought that they could keep the number of hashtags to below 20. But it didn’t really turn out to be their magic number. They did a lot of experimentation before zeroing in on the exact number of hashtags they would like to use.So, businesses don’t really have to break their heads on the number of hashtags because there is no magic number as such. Different numbers work for different businesses.

Can you create your own hashtag? Will they work?
Creating unique campaign based hashtags is a norm today. We have already told you about #Shareacoke. You have to commit yourself to a strategy to find out whether your hashtags are working or not. Social analytics or insights are the most effective ways in which you can measure “reach” and engagement.

Which tools should you use to find trending hashtags?
We have already told you about Trendy Tweets Google Trends is a platform which helps you explore what the world is searching. You can create your own “relevant” hash tags after finding out about the trending news as well.  Brand24, notably, remains one of the treasure troves of popular keywords.

  • This one remains one of the most dependable social media analytics tools.
  • You can search popular hashtags for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using any topic here.
  • The tool works by analyzing millions of social media mentions consisting of the keywords that you are looking up

How can you improve brand exposure with hashtags during festivals?
Try to remain on top of your game by using variant names of the same festival as hashtags. Durga Puja, for instance, is known by different names in different places across India:

  • #DurgaPuja
  • #Diwali
  • #Christmas
  • #HappyNewYear
  • #ValentineDay

Sticking to only one hashtag – like #DurgaPuja—may work for people in Bengal but not for those residing outside the state. This is when you need to add hashtags like #Dussera, #Navratri etc for greater reach.
You can play with related hashtags like #DeviDurga, #MaaDurga etc, as well!

How can you use hashtags on YouTube to gain More Subscribers?
It would however, be unfair to talk about the latest hashtag trends without talking about YouTube. Gone are the days when you could use YouTube hashtags only in titles. Today, the channel allows you to put hashtags above the title for both your mobile and web applications

    • The hashtags can be seen just above the titles of the YouTube videos
  • YouTube ranks just after Google as the second biggest search engine of the world
  • Hashtags are now being introduced to YouTube to optimize videos and bolster relevance as far as searches are concerned
  • Hashtags are a part of the channel’s latest updates
  • If there are hashtags included in the title itself then they will be clickable but not be shown above the title
  • Clicking on a hashtag will direct you to a YouTube search for it and reveal several other relevant videos with same hashtags

Experts suggest that you should load your video tags with relevant keywords. By placing more keywords or hashtags (now, above the title), you are giving more opportunities to your audience to find your videos.
Even a few years ago though hashtags were a regular rage on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, YouTube was clearly yet to join the bandwagon. Today, however, YouTube is using hashtags for both web and mobile.

How Can you Increase your followers on Pinterest with the Proper Use of Hashtags?
Just as is the case with any other platform, hashtags do have a lot of marketing value for brands looking to optimize online visibility on Pinterest. The general advice is that you can use up to 20 hashtags in a description. However, Jennifer Priest (of Smart Fun DIY) opines that you can use as many hashtags as is relevant to your business.

    • It is important to craft relevant hashtags for your boards
  • The use of irrelevant hashtags for your board can turn out to be detrimental for your marketing endeavors
  • For instance, if you’re crafting a campaign for Durga Puja, don’t include anything like #Diwali
  • It leaves your audience confused
  • They might even turn away from your brand

The key is to strike a balance. Here’s how!

  • Pinterest description has a 500-character limit
  • You cannot really go overboard with the number of hashtags you are using
  • Make sure you are using your brand name with a hashtag as well
  • Use the hashtags only after you’re done writing the description – because your users would want to know about your product at first.

How can you create engaging tweets and increase followers using Proper Hashtags?
Once again, Trendy Tweets can act as your integrated resource for the latest news and updates. We have already explained how it works.

Make sure you are using Twitter Analytics on a regular basis to find out how good or bad your tweets are performing in terms of engagement. Other important data that you can procure from Twitter Analytics include:

  • Audience insights like their gender, age, interests, buying style etc
  • Individual tweet performance
  • 28-day cumulative insights
  • Follower Growth

Quite interestingly, though hashtags are normally associated with Instagram, it’s Twitter that they had originated in. It was way back in 2007. Hashtags are largely used on this platform to group or categorize tweets. In this fashion, you are not really required to scroll through the entire feed in order to find the most relevant tweets. Some of the immediate advantages of using Twitter hashtags are

  • Increased Engagement
  • More retweets
  • Replies
  • Favorites

Some of the most effective sources that can help you come with effective hashtag for your content are:

  • RiteTag
  • Hashtagify
  • Twubs
  • Hashtags.org
  • Trendsmap

There are several companies that are adept at crafting creative campaign hashtags. Then there are others that actually use hashtags just for sake of using them. These tools will help you identify keywords that are relevant to your content. Make sure you are using them.

How to Generate More Likes on Instagram by Using Hashtags
It’s interesting – or rather heartening to see how you don’t have to resort to in-depth research in order to find the top trending hashtags of a platform which commands a whopping 800 million monthly active users.

We are offering a glimpse of just a few hashtags mentioned here.

  • #love (presently has 1,338,794,449 posts to its credit)
  • #igers (short form of instagrammers with 233,304,601 posts)
  • #instadaily (338,275,884 posts)
  • #instagram (240,980,800 posts)
  • #photooftheday (540,874,888 posts)

Besides looking up the top-performing hashtags, you should also take time out to study what the other businesses are doing or for that matter which hashtags your rivals are using to yield maximum digital impact.
Like we have already said earlier, using hashtags is not only about their arbitrary inclusion in posts, but about maximizing the marketing potential of each hashtag thus used.

How to Increase Conversion on Facebook using Hashtags
Hashtags on Facebook have actually remained quite an ambivalent attribute till date and that’s primarily because of the fact that unlike Twitter and Instagram, Facebook has never clearly stated what they are doing with these hashtags.

  • For businesses it’s useless to use hashtags if they are not using them correctly
  • You can use too many hashtags but if your audience isn’t searching them, then it’s of no use
  • Facebook will create unique URL for all the hashtags used
  • You can use this URL to direct more people to the conversation and encourage them to use the hashtag as well
  • Use Industry-specific hashtags
  • Use your brand name
  • Use the location of your businessv
  • Never place hashtags in the middle of sentences since that’s annoying for readers
  • Hashtagify.me can be used to find trending hashtags that are relevant to your hashtag

These hashtags were introduced on Facebook in 2015. Their guidelines that were revealed in 2016 have remotely helped marketers to devise their best practices. However, it would be prudent on your end to study your rivals in this regard as well.

The rule of thumb is – putting too many hashtags on Facebook can actually turn out to be detrimental for your engagement. Here is what a study conducted by Social Bakers had to reveal:

  • Posts with more 10 hashtags clocked in around 188 reactions on an average
  • Posts with around 6- 10 hashtags clocked in around 307 reactions on an average
  • Posts with 3-5 hashtags clocked in around 416 reactions on an average
  • Posts with just 1 or 2 hashtags clocked in around 593 reactions on an average

How to Use Google+ Hashtags for Improved Exposure
The news is out! Google has announced that it will be shutting down the consumer version of Google Plus. The news came in the wake of reports of serious security breach.After the next 10 months (approx), we will not really be seeing the consumer version of the platform but businesses can continue enjoying their exposure here. Around 500,000 users were exposed to security threats.

Till the next ten months however, you can continue aiming for improved visibility through Google Plus hashtags. Using them would help you reach more people even if they are not in your circle. It has been said that when this particular platform introduced its hashtag feature first – users in general doubted its move as a blind replication of Twitter and Facebook.

With the passage of time, however, this skepticism was resolved. At the very onset, it is important to learn that Google+ hashtag is meant to work differently from what the hashtags of most other platforms do.

While other social media platforms use hashtags to filter updates. Google+, on the other hand, uses hashtags not to curate content but to explore topics. Google+ itself assigns you hashtags. You can make use of the same. The “Explore Section” helps you find related hashtags. Use brand names in hashtags.

How to Increase Traffic to your Tumblr Blogs using Proper Hashtags
Using hashtags in Tumblr is a slightly different ballgame from what’s the case with Twitter and Facebook and that’s simply because of the fact that Tumblr offers you a totally separate section to add hashtags.

  • You cannot really add hashtags directly in your content
  • Like is the case with any other social media platform
  • However, posts with hashtags on Tumblr, perform better than posts without hashtags.
  • So, it is important on your end to commit yourself to a strategy while using them here.

Whenever you are ready to publish your content, you will be shown a little tag icon. If you are adding these hashtags in your posts, then they will not really turn into clickable links. This is the reason why it is important for you to find out about the specific tag section in the first place.

It is important on your end to use more popular hashtags to garner desired traction. Fashion, LOL, DIY and ART are just a few most oft-used hashtags that you can employ to get more reblogs on your posts.

How to Get More Audience for your Flickr Pictures with the correct Hashtags
It was way back in the year 2013 that Flickr released an update on the iOS app – adding hashtags to back its mobile platform. Earlier, this particular photo-sharing platform only employed regular tags to categorize photos. The most historically noteworthy introduction to the list of hashtags was #FlickrFriday used for Flickr’s weekly photo challenge.

If you are using Flickr’s website – however – you will not really be able to translate these hashtags into clickable tags. They are used as regular tags only. So, if you are using ‘#temple’ for a picture, it will be used as regular hashtag “temple”. Similarly, you cannot access the hashtag facility on the free app as well.

How to Gain More SnapChat Followers using the Right Hashtags
Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to use direct hashtags but rather uses its own version of hashtags – in the form of geofilters.

The absence of hashtags means that it doesn’t really have suggested user lists or for that matter any other method, which can be employed to track users easily. This is one of the reasons why it gets difficult for users to gain desired traction. These are just a few of the ways, however, in which you can do the same even if Snapchat doesn’t have a user list:

  • It has been opined that Snapchat does offer you a very conventional way of bolstering your popularity
  • You can use other social networks to increase visibility—mention your Snapchat user handle on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • If you are writing blog posts then you can mention your Snapchat handle there
  • Download your Snapcode and make use of it as your profile picture
  • Make use of Facebooks ads to draw traffic to your Snapchat platform
  • Make use of exclusive content deals on the platform

Can you use hashtags on Google My Business Now?

It has been opined that though Google My Business doesn’t allow you to use hashtags in the business descriptions, it will not really able to stay far from the hashtag fever for long, thereby allowing their use – eventually!

Rounding Off
Each and every social platform might as well have slightly different ways in which they prioritize hashtags. For instance, there are brands who still consider Facebook hashtags to be not as useful as those in Instagram.

Make sure you are analyzing your hashtags on each platform to find out how they are performing.

Last but not the least, make use of the relevant tools to find trending hashtags on different social media platforms.

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