When you want to design or redesign a website, it is easy to look for the best aesthetics. Does the shade of white look right? Should the logo be on the left or center of the screen? How will it look when we put an animated GIF on the homepage? Hence, in a place where we survive around more than 1.8 billion websites, you need to make sure that yours should not be just attractive. The website should be fully designed with usability i.e. how easy the website is for the users whether it is easy to interact with or not. 

Rather than studying more about these disciples, we are here with the best solutions for our clients. In this blog, we have added a list of guidelines as well as best practices to follow for your next website launch or website re-designing. 

7 Tips to develop a well-designed website 

7 tips to develop a well design website

1. Purpose of the website 

One should know the purpose of developing the website and how it is effective for the customers. The website should accommodate the user’s needs and fulfill their requirements. Have a simple and clear intention on all web pages that will help the users to interact easily. When creating the website, get answers to the questions listed below- 

  • Are you creating an entertainment website or selling a product using the site?
  •  Are you providing the necessary information to the users? 

There are several purposes of developing a website such as building the brand’s reputation; generating business leads, describing expertise, and many more. 

2. The simplicity of the website 

Website simplicity is the perfect way to consider the usability of the website and the user experience. Here are some ways to achieve website simplicity using design. 

  • Type 

Type plays an essential role in developing a website. It builds attention and visually interprets the brand. Typography is legible and uses at least three different fonts on the website. 

  • Imagery 

Imagery is the visual aspect that is used within communications. It includes illustration, video, photography, and other graphic forms. The imagery should be expressive and capture the company’s brand image and personality. Use high-quality images to form the best impression of credibility and professionalism in the customer’s minds. 

  • Color 

Color helps the business to communicate with the customers and get emotional responses. Choose a color palette that fits with the brand and influences the customer’s behavior toward the brand. The selection of the color should be limited to four colors. Opt for complementary colors that perfectly combine with pleasing ones to increase the engagement of the users. 

3.Website Navigation 

Navigation is the finding system used on websites that lets visitors interact and find what they are searching for. The navigation of the website is the key to retaining visitors and making them your potential customers. 

If the navigation confuses the customers, then they will search for the products somewhere else. Hence, keep the navigation simple, consistent, and intuitive on every page of the website. Below are some tips to optimize your website’s navigation- 

  • Add navigation to the website footer. 
  • Do not include too many navigation options on every single page. 
  • Use breadcrumbs on each web page rather than the homepage to let the users remember the navigation trail. 

4. Grid Layout 

Use a grid layout to structure the website design and keep the content organized. It helps in aligning the elements on the webpage and keeps it clean. Follow the grid layout to arrange the content into a clean structure with sections and columns that line up together. Also, using the grids, you will surely get a pleasing aesthetic website. 

5. F-type Reading Pattern 

The F-type pattern reading is the best way that visitors can use to scan text on a website. Several eye-tracking studies have found that most people see the top and left areas of the screen. The F-shaped layout offers a natural reading pattern from left to right and top to bottom. 

Therefore, to build an effectively designed website, use f-shaped pattern reading that will work with a reader’s natural pattern of referring to the webpage. 

6.Engaging Content 

A compelling website should have a great design as well as great content. The usage of appealing language in the content can influence and attract website visitors and turn them into your potential customers. 

For instance- The description of the product on the website should be very engaging and let the customers buy the product instantly from your online store. 


The main motive of website accessibility is to create a website that everyone can use like the people with boundations or disabilities that affect their browsing. As a business owner of an online store, you must think about these users and develop a UX plan for them. 

Accessibility can be applied to the overall site such as its format, visuals, structure, content, and many more. According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, there are some guidelines for web accessibility that are listed below- 

  • The visitors should be aware of the website content. 
  • All website content and notifications can be easily understood. 
  • The website functionality must be possible in multiple ways. 
  • Your website should be usable across different devices and browsers. 


Therefore, designing the website is a subjective matter i.e. the look and experience of the site may not please every visitor. But, using these principles helps business owners to attract more people. Consider and incorporate the guidelines effectively and let the visitors return to your website after an excellent previous experience. 

As per Amazon Web Services, 90% of site visitors are not likely to return to a website after a bad experience. So, creating an exceptional web design and user interface is the right choice to ensure that your website is growth-oriented and drives increased conversion rates and visitors. 

And, for the best web designers that can help you in building a renowned website for your business, contact the leading website design company in Bangalore. The expert web developers and designers will surely help the business owners to offer the top products and services to their customers through a perfectly designed website. 

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