Job portal development dubai

Job Portal Development Dubai

Job searching has drastically changed over a decade and the internet has shifted the way it all works. Job portals continue to remain the most commonly used recruitment technology. The question arising in the changing job scenario is the effectiveness in finding the right candidate.

The simplest way businesses and job seekers look out to search for job opportunities and talents are through an online job portal.

Indglobal is a leading job portal development company in Dubai offering quality services in developing a fully functional job portal. With a high level of professionalism and valid experience in the industry, we are confident to deliver quality work to our clients. Our job portal development services are focused on offering our customers with the very best job portal solutions that work for the clients and boosts revenue for the company. Our motto is to deliver quality job portal solutions that increase your ROI.

Avail Indglobal’s Affordable Job Development Services to Take Your Business to Next Level

A job portal is an intuitive website connecting both job hunters and recruiters in a single platform. Job seekers can create their accounts in the portal, input personal details, and update resume. Whereas, employers can post the updates of current job openings in the same web portal by logging in with employers section.

Indglobal is a top web design and development company offering end-to-end job portal development solutions for all your needs.

Why Developing a Job Portal is Important?

Hiring the right employee for a position is a significant task as an employee must match job requirement and be a part of the company for long. Similarly, for those who look for a job, getting into the desired job profile is vital for their career growth.

Following are the advantages of job portal development Indglobal provides.

  • Access to an extensive list of MNC’s for Jobseekers
  • Option to choose free or paid packages
  • Quick and smooth registration
  • Strong social media presence
  • Regular updates & notifications about new jobs posted
  • Mobile app facility

Looking for Customized Job portal solutions?

Simplify the recruitment process and find the best skills with our job portal solutions

Why Indglobal is special as top job portal development company in Dubai

We have 10 years of experience in job and recruitment portal

Developed more than 10 job portals for industries experts

Indglobal is a leader

Indglobal is a pioneer in the industry, offering services like premium website development, e-commerce development, mobile app development, UI/UX designing and 360 digital marketing to transform businesses. With cutting-edge capabilities and comprehensive expertise, we leverage our knowledge to deliver solutions that meet customer needs and budget expectations. With the smart work and innovative solutions, we have several leading brands in our clientele.

Exceptional & cost-effective solutions

Indglobal keeps businesses advanced through the complete web structure and development strategy. We focus primarily on technology and strategy to ensure quality deliverables and scalable web-based applications. With high quality and smooth web designing and premium development services at affordable and competitive prices, we assure speed and reliability.

Best in Class developers

Indglobal has a strong team of web developers who make use of functional and scalable solutions to distinguish you from the competition. They build each website with the utmost care and has expertise in creating dynamic websites for businesses. We are on pace with the latest technology and requirements, and our team is backed by professionals who can assure your quality work done. Our professionals capture and utilize your business idea to give a great looking and functional website customized according to your need.

Numerous services & functionalities

Indglobal not only understands your requirements, we understand your business, your customers, and your domain to develop a business website that helps your company to prosper. Indglobal offers a complete package of responsive web design services, Web hosting management services, Ecommerce design, Payment gateway Integration, Premium Web development, 360-degree Digital marketing, Web services, SEO and more. When developing your website, we consider both design and seamless functionality of your site. We utilize trending and effective methodologies to develop your business website.

Job portal web development services in Dubai

Indglobal is the best Job portal development service provides in Dubai offering advanced solutions for your business. The services we offer are:

  • Responsive design
  • Customer job portal development
  • Secure web development
  • Marketing solutions
  • Bulk import

In addition, Indglobal also offers business-consulting services to offer an effective suggestion for your business growth. Our expert team is available to offer tech support to you in the best possible way and we also ensure on-time delivery of projects.

  • Wide skill search reach
  • Confidentially in the recruitment process
  • Free of cost
  • Authenticity
  • Special features for recruiters

Indglobal is a leading job portal development firm delivering quality web solutions in Dubai. We not only offer end-to-end web solutions in the development of a complete job portal website, our job portal benefits both local and international recruiters. It is the right platform for recruiters to reach job seekers with advanced search tools and related features.

Admin Features:

  • Management of different Job categories
  • Jobs management console
  • Resume management such as search/edit/delete/approve
  • Payment options
  • Configure payment gateway settings
  • Manage Ads
  • Maintenance of statistics viz. registrations, usage, jobs/resumes posted, etc.

User Features:

  • Registration/Sign up
  • The job posting, editing, invites
  • Resume search and download
  • Job search using keywords, location, designation etc
  • Multiple resume upload
  • Multiple job application facilities
  • Make profile
  • Job alert services
  • Mass Mailing
  • Indglobal offers best-customized job portal development solutions for a variety of businesses. We have been working on the top technologies for a significant time and can help businesses by developing customized job portals to meet their requirements. Being an experienced job portal development company, we rely on growing technologies for designing, coding, web analytics and so on that makes a great looking and functional job portal for our customers.

    The evolving technologies moving at a fast pace makes everything change in just a button click. Businesses are expecting to have the same quick process to hire resources with ease and effectiveness to get candidates with right skills and eventually they turn to online job portals. Some factors that male job portals ideal place for easy hiring process are access to the job seekers resume database, resume search tools, long-term visibility of job posts, easy job posting, unlimited and customized space for job description and emailing, confidential job posting, instant response from job seekers, cheap and hassle-free hiring process.

    Job portal website development is completely different from other website designs, as it requires a professional to develop an intuitive job portal. The job portal website must be easy to navigate and a single portal must have 2 different platforms one each for employers and job seekers.

    Indglobal’s job portal offers a facility for both recruiters and job seeks to create a company and personal account simultaneously. Our job portal solutions are completely modular meaning it exactly meets the requirements of organizations of any size.
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