Android or IOS, is one of the most searched terms on the internet today also. People are very confused about which one to choose and what to buy to have the best experience. Despite the same architecture, both Android and IOS have different strategies for development and maintenance. Therefore, software and web developers get confused when choosing between IOS and Android.

Developers use the best way to create mobile applications using both platforms. But this is not possible due to some elements such as time, budget, and resources that may not let you create the applications using both the operating system together. You have to launch the first one on one platform and another on a different platform.

However, to create a mobile application, you should know that the mobile market creates a division between Google Android apps and Apple IOS apps. So, it can be possible to have an opportunity to compare both Android and IOS app development to know the difference whenever developers want to create applications for mobile phones.

Both the platforms are considered the best and picking one is a difficult task. So, to make this process easier for the mobile developers, we are here to explain the difference between Android and Apple applications.

So, with the help of Android app development Bangalore-based companies, we have curated the major differences between Android and Apple app development. Also, you will know about the services of both platforms so that you can select the one that suits you. 

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The major difference between Android and iOS Application Development


Websites are considered less to access information about the products and services offered by a company. People prefer iOS and Android mobile with applications for such tasks as they are more convenient to access. According to a report in StatCounter, almost 56% of internet traffic is built through mobile phones, and 42% from the desktop.

Indglobal, one of the top mobile app development Bangalore-based companies also reveals that people are investing 10 out of 11 minutes on mobile applications using their phones, while web browsing is just 10% of it. It was also noticed that smartphone users downloaded 200 billion applications in 2019 spending around US$120 billion on them.

Also, with so much popularity amongst customers, mobile applications have now become an essential business tool. Yes, you read it right. Mobile apps both on Android and iOS devices support the features of mobile phones such as a camera or push notifications. This lets smart business owners stay connected with the users in the digital world.

Now that we know the need for mobile applications, let us decide which operating system to use for creating mobile apps. This blog will help you choose the right operating system to create an application as it is essential to know about the cost of each application and how much time the project will take to complete.

Are you ready to explore the differences between Android Apps and iOS Apps? Scroll down and know the features of both the operating systems that make them unique.

1. Development tools for the application

Android uses an open platform to develop applications that are supportive using several third-party tools. It is easy for the developers to use different functionalities and improve the working of the app.

Apple provides its built-in platform for application development, and it comes with a limited collection of tools. The app developers can make use of external devices to develop the app. It protects them from working with new technologies every time.  

2. Programming language

To develop Android applications, Java and other related programming languages are used. Java is the most used and largest programming language that web developers prefer to create any Android application.

And, the iOS applications are created using the Objective-C language. The language is easy to learn if you are familiar with C and C++ programming languages.

3. Time and cost of developing the application

According to the iOS app development Bangalore-based team, Android applications take a longer time to develop than iOS app development because of a huge range of devices. The iOS developers create apps for only one platform and hence is a short process.

The development cost depends on factors such as development tools, platforms, and mobile phones targeted. Android app development is more as compared to the iOS apps due to an ample number of devices and platforms.

But there is a benefit of an Integrated Development environment such as Android Studio that can work on desktop as compared to Apple’s Xcode which is only compatible with Mac.

Android Studio is used to provide various versions of applications used on different devices as it is an adaptable system. But, Xcode has a superficial note editor that let the developers have their personal preferences based on their habits.

4. The complexity of the apps

In response to small gadgets, iOS applications are simpler than Android ones. The operating system of Android is popular and it uses multiple devices each having its requirements for development and creation. But iOS is only used on Apple devices offering the same design to all of them.  

5. Multitasking

The app development system of iOS is reliable and unique and has limited applications and specifications. And, Android operating system is a versatile and flexible platform that develops applications dynamically. It can work for any purpose and performs multitasking.

Multitasking is a great feature, but sometimes it specifies problems for new users to use applications using the multitasking feature.  

6. Testing of the application

It is essential to test all the new applications before making them available for public release. The Android app development platform uses the most effective way to test its applications as all the tools are included the developers can use that to test the apps.

Whereas Apple’s Xcode also includes a test platform but it is not as perfect as the Android testing platform.  

7. Application Updates

Both the operating systems release new updates once every year. So, updating the iOS applications according to the new operating system release will take approximately two weeks and impacts the overall strategy of the business and the product roadmap.

However, for Android applications, it will only take some hours to get the new application release.

8. Revenue generation model

A revenue model is also an important factor that one must consider when deciding on the right platform for the audience. Android has a high percentage of applications that are supported by ads, whereas iOS app development relies on purchases.

But iOS devices generate more revenue as compared to Android using their revenue model. In 2017, iOS app developers made 70% more revenue than the Android app development.

Comparison: Android vs. Apple App Development

To see the differences between Android and Apple app development services, go through the table listed below thoroughly. 

Key Aspects  Android Application Platform  iOS Application Platform 
Programming Language  Java  Objective C++ or Swift 
Target Audience  Low Valuable  High valuable 
Complexity of the Development  High  Middle 
App Development Time  Depends on the complexity  Depends on the complexity
Apple Store and Play Store Acceptance  Short app review process  long app review process (approximately 7 days)

Therefore, when choosing between Apple or iOS mobile app development services, it is essential to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both. And, it is perfect if you make the right choice considering your budget, market, business goals, and other business-related factors. Here is an overview of which app development to choose and when. 

Choose Android app development when- 

  • You want to reach a huge audience. 
  • customize the mobile applications 
  • You have to complete your job within tight deadlines. 

Choose iOS app development when- 

  • Your main priorities are privacy and security of the user data. 
  • You want to generate high revenue. 
  • You want a less complicated app development method. 

Therefore, through our experience both the app development service is best in their ways. If we talk about Android app development, it is easy to build and can be maintained in the market, but the iOS app development process requires advanced security features. Thus, there is a need for additional solutions to develop the application that raises the overall development cost. 

And, when we look at the security measures, choosing iOS app development is best as iOS applications have strict rules for the business market. The application does not allow the business owners to read messages or log in to other accounts of the staff members. 


The decision to develop an Android app or iOS app should fully depend on the need of the market, business ideas, area to launch the app, functionality of the business, and other related factors. The budget and development time should also be considered before developing the app. 


Therefore, keeping in mind all the differences listed above, focus on the launch of the business application if you have tight deadlines and less budget, then iOS can be a great choice. And, if you are focusing on international markets, then use the Android app development service to turn your business idea into success. 

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