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When you try to make a design on your page, how much efforts you will take to draw you will sharp your pencil or else if it is crayons you will choose your favorite color or will search specific color which suits your drawing sheets and it won’y stop here you goes on adding make checks to draw the picture neatly and professionally then it comes for painting, Oh! Its done now you goes on searching the combination of color and will mix two three color to form a outstanding skin color to paint the human being or mix the color to get the magenta color to paint the brinjal or jamun fruit in Vegetable shop.

So think how much care and decoration is needed in web designing and this way of designing is inherited from the ancient way of designing or drawing. The Website should satisfy all the criteria and I will list it out starting from aligned properly, neat and tidy, attractive, graphical views, video elaboration, technical and valued content, hoards of information related to the subject, most responsive and fiction beautifully, make an effective websites among all the competitors on online marketing.

Many Designers now handling the websites with a new and customized design and handling with plenty of tools to make a most attractive design to bring the website most unique and important. SEO teams make their efforts to visualize their website in Google’s page ranking and make it to the first page of google for the respective keywords with the help of keyword analysis. Hence it needs lot of works to make a website into an Attractive Web Design.


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