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B2B portal development solutions (business to business) & B2C (business to consumer) services are the best of its kind when introducing your products and services to a global audience. With the latest technology and evolving market trends, your business can offer amazing solutions with B2B and B2C portal development.

Benefits of B2B portal development

When you choose services from the best B2B and B2C Portal Development Company Bangalore, you stand the chance to broaden your market reach using affordable and effective solutions. It improves your revenue and enables you to save on costs and to increase productivity in the long run. The customer service will automatically improve when the interaction is made easy and your team can channelize their efforts in the right manner without any interruptions. Indglobal assists small, medium and large enterprise to get online visibility, meet sales goals and push through the constraints when building a strong online presence. We empower clients by enhancing their visibility which is the sole vision of any business dreaming growth and expansion.

Our expertise in B2B & B2C portal development lies in

  • B2B & B2C portal design, application architecture and tech support
  • Custom B2B portal development and web application
  • Business automation and implementation
  • Enterprise application
  • Online marketplace B2B and B2B applications
  • Enhancement of existing portal
  • Open source technologies
  • Content and document management
  • System integration
  • Infallible Safety and security

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Different Types of B2B Websites

As there are different types of B2B services, several types of B2B websites also exists. Each type of address specific challenges and design consideration.

B2B websites for businesses

B2B e-commerce solutions are created to target other businesses as customers. Hence these B2B e-commerce websites are developed with the sole aim to show their products and services. These sites will also have options like user registration, inventory view and features to find more about the product’s current location. Such websites will also have login option for distributors and customers to gain access to the company website.

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E-procurement sites

Electronic procurement B2B e-commerce website or e-procurement websites target the niche market or is created for a specific industry. These websites allow users to buy products from the vendors through a proposal. It can be customized to suit the industry of the particular vendor.

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Broker websites

These type of B2B websites are created for the middleman who stands between the buyer and supplier of a specific industry. Broker websites facilitate communication and transactions which take place between the two parties involved and acts as a middleman website.

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Industry vertical B2B website portals

Industry vertical B2B websites serve a broad range of purposes, they serve to offer more information about products to users. These websites also act as a platform to encourage discussions between the members within the industry.

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Infomediary website

These types of business to business website portals serves the purpose of a knowledge hub for those who want to understand the industry. Infomediary portals come with materials which explain the standards maintained within the trade and industry.

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Indglobal’s B2B and B2C Website Portal Development solutions

We help you expand globally, connect to sellers and buyers in real time and to build a profitable B2B & B2C portal.

  • Quick and user-oriented solutions

  • Scalable to manage large scale transactions

  • Developed to have effective search and other customer-centric features

  • Geared to support a wide range of payment gateways

  • Reliable with no downtime

Why Indglobal?

Indglobal is the top B2B and B2C Portal Development Company India offering a comprehensive solution for your portal for different services in various sectors. With valid expertise in delivering customer B2B and B2C portal solutions, our skilled team creates solutions that add great value to your business with customer-centric solutions. With cutting-edge development services to help your business grow globally, you can easily automate your business process to run your business smoothly. With our services, you can expect, the best quality results aligned with your requirements for the best B2B web portals.


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