Your desire to deserve more than a place in your fascination. Our web and best mobile app Development Company in Bangalore, mobile app developers can set up the mobile app to your needfulness, within your budget and as per your given timeline. Mobile application development has transmuted the market of several types of Organizations. We are leading mobile app Development Company in Bangalore among the mobile app development companies.

Relating to the 10 fruitful years of experience, we can originate game-changing mobile app solutions. We offer customized IOS app Development Company in Bangalore to all types of companies such as start-ups to bigger organizations. Indglobal has associated with many esteemed clients for developing award-winning mobile and web solutions for Android, IOS, and Windows platforms. We own the first in class combination of designers and developers, testers, and marketing experts. As a result, these experts will be effectually on top of your application at various stages of development.

The parameters of our top 10 android app development in India suits all companies without consideration of their requirement, size, and budget. We have constitute many mobile apps for various types of industries such as retail, finance, education, ecommerce, healthcare, automotive, etc. We have delivered best hybrid android app Development Company in India with fully customer satisfaction. Indglobal offers comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions with a guarantee of reaching target customers effectively.

Our exclusiveness from other Mobile app development services in India lies in our commitment to providing a better-quality end product. As a result, we not only simply constitute your application, but also provide future ideas for continuous improvement.

Mobile App Development Process


  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Get to know our client
  • Comprehending client’s requirement
  • Proposing solution


  • Wire framing & Designing
  • Blueprint structure
  • Wire framing each screen
  • Designing the app
  • Development
  • Coding the app
  • Layout main sections
  • Client’s feedback
  • Testing
  • Application testing
  • 100% bug-free
  • Get final approval from client
  • Deployment
  • Deploy(App Launch) to App Stores
  • Deploy to client’s server
  • App available for users

Features of Mobile App Development

All industry business owners need to apply modern trends in their process to stay ahead in the competition. Best mobile application Development Company in Bangalore have a major opportunity to develop a profitable market for all types of industries. Indglobal will aid in utilizing this opportunity to reach the customers successfully and leave a mark to associate for a longer time. We will enlarge your brand value with the support of state-of-the-art technology and extensive years of experience. This has built up us develop high quality, user-friendly, profitable, and dynamic end-to-end web, windows, android, and iOS apps to many esteemed clients. Our successful agile development methodology and effective results make us the prime choice as a reliable mobile app development company.

IOS App Development

IOS users differ from users of other platforms. They mainly focus on enriched services for fulfilling their requirements or development from the current levels of usage. Indglobal is an expert in IOS app development with the employment of the latest technologies and dedication to build premium apps. Due to these factors, we are continually among the top IOS app development companies in Bangalore, India. We assure you to offer the latest technological process to all types of businesses vacantly of their size and budget. The IOS apps developed by us have yielded success to our clients in arriving the target customers and gaining profit.

We possess skilful UI and UX designers and developers who are experienced in handling any challenging scenarios. They hold big expertise in IOS app architecture, design, development, and also on various tools involved in IOS app development. We have worked with IOS SDK, X Code IDE, Objective C/C++, SQL DB, Core Audio, graphics and animation, Web Kit programming, Core location, and GPS Framework, and many more. We have developed IOS apps across industries according to Finance, eLearning, Health/fitness, lifestyle, retail, social networking, real estate, etc. Indglobal always believes in providing customer satisfaction in all their ventures with complete value for money service.

Android App Development

Android devices have been growing widely across all types of businesses all over the globe. Many businesses are trying to utilize this popularity to provide effective apps for customers and earn valuable revenue. Robust android apps carry a high probability to increase the businesses to higher levels. Indglobal is the leader among top android app development companies with the support of skilled android app developers. They develop user-friendly apps for all versions that work seamlessly thereon all devices. Our experienced android app developers transform your core consideration into a real-time app. They are flexible, committed, and punctual in their tasks while also meeting all the requirements. Indglobal has developed many high-quality apps that have exceeded client expectations and yielded significant profit. Our technical expertise lies in all important tools like Android Studio, Jenkins etc. We follow standard architecture through our development process and ascertain a proper understanding of backend systems.

Website Development

A well-designed and responsive website assists in enhancing the turnover and brand value without any hassles. Indglobal provides business owners with an exciting and interactive web design that has a robust user experience. Our techniques help you to stand out in the multitude, minimal bounce rates, and loading periods. All such advantages and stimulant techniques encourage visitors to be transformed into customers of your business. We are award-winning and leading among the website and web app development companies in Bangalore with many more years of experience.

We cast flawless web designing and functional service with constant maintenance. Being a top website development company in Bangalore, India, we bring all your basic ideas into absolute reality. We are well-versed in all website designing techniques like as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital marketing techniques, PPC advertising and marketing, and many more. We ascertain to research all your requirements carefully before we start the actual design and development process. With such practices, we hold the competence for building a website that will adhere to cent percent customer satisfaction. Along with providing transparent service at all platform of development, our professionals are experienced in the below areas of website development.

Game Development

Since the arrival of online games, the development of exciting games has become a profitable division. We are an expert Game development company that offers stimulating games that make a high quality of excitement to game lovers. Indglobal develops enriched visuals and thrilling levels in all types of games we build. They will be personable to all gaming enthusiasts who are always willing to go for innovative paid game apps. With our talented pool of technical experts and marketing specialists, we develop apps that reach maximum ROI for our clients. We have experienced all advanced games like as Casino games, board games, Multiplayer/ Single games, real money games, and many more. Indglobal employs all advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality development in all types of games. These practices and capacity have made us a top game development company in Bangalore, India.

Mobile App Development Services

 Android app development

World’s most used mobile platform – Android- is ideal for Custom Android app design & development due to its versatile Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Android SDK enables usage of multiple code languages like Kotlin, Java, C++, lending it a universal applicability. Our Android app developers in bangalore ensure better stability and functionality to your business by designing native applications in sync with your business model. We design mobile applications following Android Material Design concepts. Our native app development methodology always prunes down the cost of android app development.

Flutter app development services

Leveraging Google’s most revolutionary framework- Flutter, we at Indglobal, offer next-gen app development services. Google flutter app development ADK, is a freshly launched framework, planned to support development for both Android & IOS platforms by employing a one codebase.

IOS App Development Services

We are an overcrowded IOS app development company, contributing comprehensive services which cover the whole development cycle, from conceptualization to allocation. Our end-to-end custom services are available for the whole range of IOS devices, which consists Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

IoT App Development Services

Primarily the launch of IoT conception, we have embezzle the resources and capabilities to deliver a large-scale array of IoT apps across the globe. Our bespoke solutions have left countless organizations with transformational and considerable growth. We generate every IoT app with an aim to extend the quality of manual obstruction and transform it into advanced operating efficiencies.

Custom App development services

Custom application development permits you to go on the farther side of the capabilities offered by pre-configured solutions. At Indglobal, we offer an extensive range of custom application development services to help organizations to exploit the potential of custom-made applications and support new capabilities to augment the customer and partner experience.

Web app development

We have an experienced mobile web app development team, which is dedicated to delivering engaging mobile sites and apps with a user-friendly experience.

Mobile app design

We understand the importance of user experience and user interface in app design. Our UI/UX designers strictly follow the design guidelines by Apple and Google to create visually appealing apps without hampering their functionality.

Cross-platform mobile apps

Here, we have expertise in creating multi-platform mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS devices. Using PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native, we offer custom mobile app development that runs smoothly on multiple platforms.


We Plan, Design & Develop Mobile Apps – employing stage functionalities to build high quality custom apps. Among the best mobile app development companies in India, we understand devices, leverage its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extension.

Vistas built iPhone & Android apps are sophisticated and very easy to use. With our rich experience in branding, the world of web and online marketing we aid companies benefit from the opportunities apps offer.

The benefits of investing in a mobile app by Indglobal team of mobile app development Bangalore.

       Access anywhere, anytime

       Customer engagement in real-time

       Fast, simple, & easy to Use

       Mobile payments are easier

       Mobile customer loyalty programs make loyal customers

       Intimate users of new products and offers in real time

       Offer customer service and support – 24×7

       Social is mobile.

       Stand out from the competition


In order to help you serve all customers through all possible ways, we work with various mobile application platforms that include:

Healthcare & Fitness

We provide customized Healthcare and medical app development services. We take mobility into healthcare with excellent mobile apps that transform the way services are given to the patients.

Education & e-learning

We deliver educational app development services to help educators to give the technology-driven education to learners, right from their smartphones. Our team support a well-defined, well-structured construction of courses and present them by helping user-interface & user experience.

Retail, E-commerce

We know the retail environment, the demand for reliability, agility, and flexibility. We develop and produce interactive solutions for retail and hospitality that future-proof customer experiences the difference.

Logistics & Distribution

We have a wide technological expertise that crosses a number of industries. Our team has a capability to develop bespoke software and mobile apps for our clients in warehousing, logistics management, container shipping, transport, courier delivery markets and much more.

Social Networking

We build collaborative social media apps that engage your audience and keep them entertained for hours. We leverage on common social media platforms to bring brands and labels closer to their customers.

Gaming Industry

We ensure to build innovative, user friendly online games with very strong backend using tools like Corona, Unity 3D, etc.

Start Up Industry

We are glad to share with you that Product Development and MVP Creation is our forte and we are the best.

Gambling and Casinos Industry

Our experience here includes services like: Inbuilt barcode scanners, digital signature, cash drawers, dynamic dashboard and many more.

Business Solutions

Whether you’re a start-up or a leading organization. We believe that right mobile app strategy would keep you ahead among your competitors.

Shopping Industry

In the past few years online shopping industry has been on rise. We provide you with the best in industry features.

Travel & Hospitality

We have the great capability to design and develop technology solutions provider to the growing demand of customers. Whether you are a multi-million dollar online travel company, a local tour operator or a business travel solutions provider; we give you the best app solution for your business.

Food & Restaurant

When it comes to food & restaurant app development, you cannot get a better partner than us. From restaurant apps to food delivery apps to food pick up apps, we develop innovative and user-friendly apps to let the customers choose their favourite food from a vast pool of menu from various restaurants.

On-Demand Solutions

We have long years of expertise to make life simpler for people across the world by developing the most efficient and outstanding on-demand apps. We believe in quite customer satisfaction and so we are committed to providing the best user experience with the first-rate interface and exciting features.

 Technology We Use


Flutter, an open-source mobile app development SDK, is created by Google. It is used for creating high-quality, cross-platform native interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter uses Dart to help mobile app developers build native interfaces. Dart is one of the new programming languages. With the flexibility it has in development, it has become one of the broadly used mobile app development technologies. Some of the apps developed using Flutter are Google Ads, Reflectly, Xianyu by Alibaba, and many more.


Java, an object-oriented programming language, is an official Android development language. It is a language that is easy to handle. It has open-source libraries that are readily available for users to choose from.   Java is a technology that offers the best documentation and community support. With Java, developers can create any mobile application. Frameworks like TestNG and Log4J are developed using Java.   Besides this, some applications that are developed using Java are SeeWeather, the VLC media player, Telegram for Android, and many more.


Python is a widely accepted programming language. This language is fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy. Python helps develop scalable web apps.  Popular apps like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and SurveyMonkey are all built-in Python. This language provides excellent library support. It has a large developer community. This language possesses strong integration, and it provides enhanced control capabilities.  Python provides a high starting point for all startups.


Swift is a new open-source programming language for watchOS, iOS, OS X, and tvOS apps that builds on the best of C and Objective C.    This language adopts a safe programming pattern and also adds modern features to make the programming more flexible and more comfortable.    It is a programming language with the first industrial-quality systems, and it is expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language.


It forms the simplistic base for most programming languages and possesses the power to create dynamic apps. The simple and effective compiler based approach makes it a versatile tool that can be used for multiple platforms. Its sister language, Objective-C, was earlier used for app development in Apple systems.


There is no better technology to use than HTML5 if your organization is looking at developing web-frontend applications for mobile devices.


A rather easy language to learn, PHP is object-oriented and uses a three-layered model to help create dynamic mobile apps and web applications. It works great for apps that require database integration.

A host of advanced technology tools are available for those who are looking forward to creating their own mobile apps. These developer tools are perfect for building apps from scratch and even offer multi-platform capabilities for reaching larger audiences.

Mobile Application Support & Maintenance

Our Android & iOS app maintenance services support model enables better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity, and result in higher app ROI.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Offering technical support, bug fixing, corrective maintenance, and app version upgrades, etc.

Part Time / Full Time Person

Our ingenious team manages all maintenance work including app monitoring, app upgrades, and enhancements.

Scope Based Maintenance

Having a routine schedule for checking critical app features and performance will increase customer satisfaction and help diminish future problems.

 Why choose Indglobal as a mobile app development company?

Indglobal is one of the highly innovative and advanced best mobile app development company in Bangalore. We offer our clients with good quality, modern and customized apps specific to your niche. Our tailored and exciting features will help in keeping the customers attached to your product across all platforms and devices. We provide solutions with customized cost to develop the apps according to your requirements and needs. It will assist you in streamlining the entire process with the ability for users to adjust according to their convenience.

We always combine the perfect user-friendly design and exact selection of the technology. This process is done stoop on the thorough research of the user likings, business necessities, and the app objectives. Our talented app engineers develop or evolve tailored and robust mobile apps employing the latest technological innovations. We will make sure that the app design of all the high-quality features and innovative functionalities. Such measures make the apps easily handy by everyone from any place. We can provide state-of-the-art products and fulfil your requirements within a set time and budget. Our practices are tuned over many years trustful on the experience of developing exciting apps. This has allowed us to correctly include all the latest inventions in our routine practices. All these unique experiences make us the good choice for a mobile app development company in Bangalore.

 Our Strong Suits-

Intuitive UI/UX Designs

A legacy solution which is both – attractive to the eyes and seamlessly functional. At Indglobal, we strive to proffer a well-rounded digital user experience

Engaging Android/ IOS Apps

We expertise lies in maintaining Android App and IOS applications maintained by a strongly cloud-based backward infrastructure.

Scalable IOT Solutions

An IOT solution is ever a right blend of hardware, software and cloud infrastructure. We excel in all these sector with the right teams and partnerships.

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