best practices for converting mobile visitors into customers

Smartphones are changing the way people shop, travel and search but challenges are abound for businesses planning mobile presence. In the world of mobile devices, making a decision between mobile app & website, and responsive & adaptive can pretty much baffle anyone.

If you are looking for hands-on information on Commerce, then, this post has been created especially for you. It will answer all your questions about setting up a mobile platform and creating the best small-screen presence.

A responsive design fluidly adjusts the size and placement of elements with the relative change in dimensions of the browser window. Thus, it is optimized to fit all screen sizes. The design is developed on CSS3 and HTML5.

If you opt for a responsive design, you do not need to make additional investment for maintaining a different website for mobile devices. The only major limitation of responsive websites is that they are not compatible with very old mobile devices. If this doesn’t worry you, responsive design is made for you.

Responsive website is designed to match the screen size of the device on which it is accessed. It does not take into account the features of the device being used. Adaptive websites are developed to meet the needs of mobile phones with varied size and features. It requires a designer to create different versions of every web page. Developers create the functionality that identifies the device, available features and displays the appropriate version.

Setting up an adaptive website is difficult and expensive, and is suggested only if you have enough mobile audience and resources.

Mobile Application

Some ecommerce website owners are torn between the debate that whether they should have a mobile optimized website or a mobile app. The answer is very simple;

Mobile optimized website is a must. Period Whether to opt for a mobile app or not depends on your target audience, amount of investment you can put in, the products you sell, features you want to offer, amount of competition, etc.

Benefits of mobile apps can be broadly listed as follows:

  • People tend to spend more time on the app than on the web browser.
  • People are more comfortable making more expensive purchases through mobile apps compared to the mobile website.
  • It also gives the retailers an option to show products based on the location of the customer.
  • It is always running in the background and can furnish notifications anytime. A mobile website on the other hand can work only when it’s open on the browser.
  • You can offer enhanced features.
  • Management of shopping cart and making online payments is easier.

MakeMyTrip app integrates with iPhone and iPad Passbook. This way, the travelers do not need to carry printouts of their tickets as their app seamlessly integrates with the phone’s database and save it. The barcode on the pass is scanned when you check in.

Best practices for converting mobile visitors into customers

Lately consumers have been frequently using their mobile devices in physical shops to ensure that they get the product that they see in the store at a better price. In many cases, they are willing to delay their purchase and shop online where they get the perfect combination of value and quality. To facilitate such customers, ecommerce website owners are trying to get the best mobile optimized website.

By focusing on following points, you can create a user-experience focused mobile website that will be widely preferred as well as recommended by target audience

  • Low Loading Time: The bounce rate of a website on a mobile device is very high if it is unable to load quickly. With faster internet services, people are losing their patience to wait for a web page to load. They would rather choose the website of your competitor that loads faster. Try to get rid of the frills and focus on the basics.
  • Easy Navigation: The navigation of a mobile website should be very user friendly. The website should be optimized for both portrait and landscape mode. Try to avoid any kind of side scrolling. Having drop down menus (like in the screenshot below) should be avoided as new users might not know how to locate such dropdown menus

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