GameXchange is an interesting, interactive and an exciting B2C e-commerce website where people can buy brand new games and also rent the pre-owned games which can be exchanged. So customers here can rent and exchange games they like.


  • Appealing and refreshing User interface that compliments a gaming e-commerce website.
  • Premium services like gold pass and black pass has been added to make things more interesting.

  • GameXchange is a unique B2C website in India where peoplecan buy and exchange the preowned as well as the brand new games.
  • Delivery and exchange at customer’s door step.

Technologies Used

The Challenge

The concept game exchange must completely work online for a B2C business model. Hence they required a robust e-commerce website. Maintaining the database, payment gateway and the integration of all the above things is difficult to inculcate offline. There are premium services and packages which can only be feasible for an online website. Customers can sit back in there home and browse the game they love. They are just a click away to play those games and the services will be there at the doorsteps.

The Solution

Then we made a website where incorporating those technologies are feasible and practically possible. Here we have added 2 premium packages which is named as gold pass and black pass respectively where people can enjoy the extra services with ease. The Integration of maintaining the database, orders, promocodes, premium package services ,payments and other such benefits was possibly done in the website which ultimately named as an all rounder thus making this e-commerce website an exciting, user friendly and practically usable which can be run on multiple modern browsers.


Exceptional customers service

Increased sales

Multi-site capability


Improved efficiency

Customer-centric experience

Improved sales engagement

Website Screenshot