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Corporate Web Design Company In Bangalore, India

Today, Corporate web design Bangalore is a way more meaningful exercise than what it was ten years ago. It offers basic information about you to your visitors. More importantly, it adds value to their experience. Today, a well-branded corporate website holds the power to strengthen your marketing efforts.

Our Clientele And Awards

We don’t believe in making claims of supremacy without backing them up. We have partnered with names like Lexus, Jockey, Quickr, Decathlon, Shell MRPL Aviation and Toyota till now.

International Arch of Europe Award (2015 Frankfurt), Most Promising Web Designing Company in Bangalore (2011) and Best E-commerce & Digital Marketing Company in India (2015) are just a few names in the long list of awards bagged by us.

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Strong Corporate Presence

The IndGlobal team has the wide experience of crafting custom websites to meet specific objectives of businesses. Our Corporate web design services guarantee unquestionable competitive advantage. The question is – “how do we do it?” A look at the long list of our hallmarks will tell you

Strong Corporate Presence

  • Custom websites backed by highly intuitive interface (which facilitate customer engagement)
  • Creative and responsive design (optimized for devices of variant screen sizes)
  • Password protected content
  • Presentation of content in a professional manner
  • Solutions designed to meet specific business model
  • Fast load time backed by duly optimized codes and images
  • Employment of the latest security and hosting techniques to ensure data safety
  • Outstanding hosting facilities and maintenance support
  • Scalable development
  • Top-notch in-store experience for customers of e-Commerce websites
  • Timely Delivery
  • Use of animation to “enliven” sites
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The Website Platforms We Work With

As an award-winning decade-old corporate website company India we deliver solutions across diverse digital platforms including:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • e-Commerce
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • HTML5
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Creating Custom Websites: The Process

It’s our client-centric approach, which governs the success of our web solutions. Every other corporate web design company Bangalore will tell you that they are adept at crafting “custom” business websites. We will tell you how we actually do it.

We believe that it’s very important for corporate websites to be backed by clear objectives. No two business websites are the same. The reason why they are created is not the same. It’s important for brands to know why they’re investing in a corporate website in the first place. Do they really need it? Or, are they doing it because their rivals are doing it? Such “aimlessness” just doesn’t work when it comes to successful corporate web design. Each and every corporation out there has different visions and mission statements.

So, how can their business layouts be the same? Even the primary goal of each website may differ. You may want to bolster your brand image, or to generate leads or to raise money!

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Our Web Solutions Reflect Your Business Goals!

Once you know the reason why you need a website in the first place, you can concentrate on other important aspects such as target audience, creative concepts, development of website prototype and content creation among others. As a responsible Corporate web design company, it is important for us to know and comprehend your goals and design a website which is aligned to these goals. Discuss your project with Team IndGlobal and be sure that we’ll only start working once we have a clear picture of your “purpose”. As the premiere website designing company bangalore, we ensure that the websites thus created by us facilitate your business goals without fail.

We guarantee transparency at every juncture of the project. We keep you updated on the progress of our work through detailed work reports.

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  1. I am willing to work with you but am worried whether my data will be safe or not!

Ans: Team IndGlobal assures complete data safety to its clients. All data derived from your site will be encrypted. We use SSL 128-bit data encryption.

  1. Is it possible to manage leads through a lead-based website?

Ans: It’s difficult to manage almost hundred to thousand leads per month. One of the easiest ways however would be to have a solid database through which your team can sort the leads. As a leading website design company we have developed multifarious custom lead management systems to help you! Just get in touch to find out how we can help you.

  1. Can you help us market our website in a better fashion?

Ans: Of course, you can get us on board for our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC  (Pay Per Click) advertising services to facilitate your business goals

  1. Will my website be visible through all platforms?

Ans: Yes we create highly responsive sites that are compatible with devices of all sizes

  1. How fast can you deliver our website?

Ans: We can commit a timeframe only after knowing your needs in detail.

  1. Do you work with people outside India?

Ans: Our work is not defined by geographical limitations. Take a look at our clientele to be sure!


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