Life without music- well we can’t imagine the possibility of that as it has been an inseparable part of our life. Whether we are driving in our car headed to our destination or using an elevator, we are constantly listening to music and are surrounded by it. Makeup, Breakups, or hanging out with friends, parties, singing along with our children, even caroling a Christmas tune—music is nearly in every aspect of our life now.

Music has evolved through the ages, so has the way of listening too. Earlier, we used Cassettes and tape recorders, DVDs, and Radio to listen to music. But now, in today’s digital world, we all have been shifted to listening to music in a single multi-use device, and of course it’s very evident that what I am talking about. Yes, it’s the mobile phone. And it’s a fact that if ever you need music to make you feel good or you just simply want to listen to a song, you will not prefer it if it is taking time to be downloaded or in simple words, you will not want to waste your time downloading that. Rather, you would prefer to listen to it at that moment only. 

Now, that is exactly where a Music App like Spotify comes into action. With our life getting busier nowadays, no one has the patience and time to download the tracks that they want to listen to. But surely it doesn’t imply that people should skip listening to their favorite tunes.

We should be thankful to music streaming apps like Spotify that fulfill this desire for music. The app has not only enabled easy access to the music, but also people enjoy and use this app as much as they want in their homes, or workplaces, or any other areas provided their mobiles can connect to the internet. Therefore, in case you are planning to develop a music streaming app like Spotify, as a reputed mobile app development company in Bangalore, let us help you with the features, scope and other characteristics of the music app.

Spotify Music streaming app- What is it actually?

Spotify is basically a video and music streaming app that enables its users to browse for any song, artist, genre or album. Users can even share their favorite tracks, and add them to playlists or collaborate with their friends to create compilations. 

The Spotify app was launched in October 2008. The idea essentially belongs to Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, who came up with it. This app provides access to all kinds of music in the world, anywhere and anytime. 

Benefits of a music streaming App

Benefits of a music streaming app

  • Instantaneous access 
  • Affordability 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Social engagement 

Spotify offers an inexpensive alternative to piracy. A monthly subscription is well within the budget. So, users can enjoy their favorite tracks as per their convenience and give credit to artists at the same time. 

Cost of Spotify Music Streaming App Development

Well, the answer to ‘How much does it approximately cost to make a music app’ basically depends on the analysis of several factors such as the features that are to be added in the music streaming app, the platforms on which it is most likely to be launched, and finally, the area where your partner Music streaming app development company belongs to.

Later, these factors can be divided into hours required for the development of every individual app feature. These are all then taken into account to give an overall cost estimate of the development of Music streaming app services.

Basically, a Music streaming App with the basic features for a single platform, whether iOS or Android, cost somewhere around $15,000 to $20,000 and any proficient android app development company in Bangalore or any company with a good amount of contribution to iOS app development Bangalore can guide through the development of such a music app.

Music Streaming App statistics and Usage

The mobile app industry is currently thriving with over 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, with this penetration still growing at a steady rate. In 2021, live music streaming income touched almost 19.4 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, which increased 28 times the figure recorded a decade ago. Being a vital income stream for artists around the globe, and with the number of music streaming subscribers reaching 487 million worldwide in 2021, music streaming is undoubtedly leading the other forms of music sharing.

Music Apps- The Market Share

Before we proceed towards the development part of the App, it’s better to be aware of the Music app market- that is your competitors and the music apps that are dominating in the Market currently. Midia Research music streaming platform statistics reveals that ‘Spotify has the highest music streaming audience with 31% of the market’. The research further suggests that there’s apparently no risk of Spotify losing its leading position in the near future. Spotify is succeeded by Apple music (15%), next Amazon music (13%), Tencent Music (13%) and finally YouTube music (8%). 

Overall cost of a music streaming MVP Like Spotify

Relying on a rough estimate in the table given below, we can say that the development of an average music streaming MVP can take a minimum of 530 hours as overall development time. Therefore, the development is estimated to cost around $16-20 K if we include only the essential features of a music streaming app.

Overall cost of a music streaming MVP like spotify

Factors of building a music streaming app Like Spotify

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same proverb goes very well for developing an application too. There is a long process that is involved in crafting a music streaming app. In brief, it takes the following factors into consideration: 

  • Planning and estimating the approximate time that might be required for each phase
  • Finding a proficient technical team
  • Designing an app Like Spotify
  • Selecting the Platform
  • Getting license
  • Developing its features

Now, let’s take a closer look at these stages.

Factors of building a music streaming app like spotify

1. Planning

When you set your mind for developing a music app, the very first thing you need to do is to prepare a planned concept map of the project. Work out your plans, your main competitors, check out what makes them so special and how to outrun them. 

Of course, not all niches in the music streaming industry are considered. However, You need to study what people are going to use your app for. What is the age of your target audience? Why do they need your app? Customize the application’s features and design to let it cater to the needs of your target audience. 

2. Finding a proficient technical team

When you finally can envision what your app product is going to be, it’s time to choose the proficient mobile app development company in Bangalore that will build it for you. There are several factors, for example, rates, location, language and time zone differences, etc. to be kept in mind while considering your partner company. Focus on the project history of the company – if they have relevant experience in building elegant music streaming applications, is their reputation any good that can bring you success or you can even check out on the apps that they built so far in App Store and Play Market. 

3. Designing an app Like Spotify

Once you settle on the team that is going to make your dream music streaming app, you should look for making the wireframes for the project. The app’s purpose has to be established, especially when every action and feature needs to be straightforward and intuitive. Users always prefer apps that are easy to use. 

The time to make a prototype depends on how thoroughly you figure out what you actually want from the finished app product. Make sure to analyze your competitors and learn from them. Implement the best suitable parts, and look at the app like a user would, and not like the owner. 

4. Deciding on the Platform

This remains as one of the key aspects to influence the ultimate development cost. It would be better to create a native app for each platform so that they could interact with the existing operating system, simultaneously offering the users the most authentic user experience. No matter what platform you choose to go with, any reputed android app development company in Bangalore and any company contributing to iOS app development in Bangalore will ease the work of your developer crew for implementing features such as music streaming or authentication. And the best part being Spotify’s SDK is available for both iOS and android platforms.

5. Getting license

There are copyrights and legal procedures that require to be followed. Otherwise, there might be a lawsuit waiting in store for you. 

To provide users with superior-quality audio or video elements, you need to procure a Public Performance Rights license. In the USA, it is handled mainly by three agencies:, and Moreover, a certain share of revenues will also need to be paid to the artists as royalties for using their music. 

6. Developing features

Features of Spotify App

Here is the list of the basic features that should be included as a part of the Music streaming app for attracting users. 

User Authentication

This is the first and foremost feature that comes right after downloading the App. It includes registration, authentication, and user profile or Account creation. Downloading the App just doesn’t make it ready to access. It requires authentication as well as the creation of an account to understand your music preferences. The user profile section contains essential information about the user, such as his name, age, gender, date of birth, or music choices, etc. It requires approximately 15-20 hours on the front end and 20-25 Hrs on the Back-End for the onboarding feature to develop completely. Music streaming apps like Spotify are well connected to social media like Facebook. So, the users can easily sign up with a single click. 

Initially, during the trial period, most of the music streaming apps let the users access the content for free.

Music Streaming

Any Music app is actually incomplete without the streaming feature. It is probably the most crucial feature of a Music app that lets its users access an ‘N’ number of songs. The streaming process does not actually require completely downloading the songs. Instead, it has the ability to deliver the Music in short packets with the availability of the network. Thus, you can ensure that the streaming is consistent and the user can continuously hear clear sounds with no pauses.

Downloading in Offline Mode

In case your network is not stable and worse if you don’t have it at all, you will definitely not let this interrupt, Music. Well, the solution here is very simple. You can have it already downloaded because not only live streaming, apps like Spotify offer you to download and save your favorite songs too. It basically offers this feature by using the local storage of the device to cache the audio data. 

Search Option

The central idea behind developing a music app was to offer users an online accessible forum with any song/s that they desire to listen to just with a single tap. The search option in Spotify allows the listeners to search for a particular Music they wish to listen to as per their mood.

You should also consider this feature for your Music app so that the users can have the option to search for their preferred albums, Music, picture tracks, and so on. 

Playlist Feature

Instead of repeatedly opening the app and searching for your favorite tracks every single time while using the app, these apps enable you to create a playlist where you can set up your own music collections and listen to them all under one category by creating a playlist.

The Playlist feature helps the users to create a list of all their preferred tracks in a single point, and share them as well. 


Now it’s time to connect with people through songs. But not that we all are good at singing, so instead of singing that very special song for your close one, you can simply dedicate it by sharing the particular song with the help of sharing option. You also have the option of sharing the song through social media handles like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

The sharing option basically acts as growing publicity for your business model. It might sound like Advertising and promoting your brand as well. It aims to reach a larger audience through your base audience and help establish your brand’s value and reflect that on market share.


Most of us prefer to listen to conversations, or stories, dialogues and motivational speeches. It’s more like the cherry on the top of the cake if you get these along with your favorite Music. The podcasts in the music apps are designed to offer a variety of choices within artists, storytellers, and leaders. This feature basically allows the users to get something extra from Music and simultaneously increase their knowledge and Vocabulary.

Listening to Music using the web interface

The responsive web is another crucial feature of the Music apps, which means you can easily access the applications through the internet on several devices like Laptops, Tablets, and Computers. If you are not able to install software on your work system, no problem. Just head to online access where you can listen without installing the Spotify desktop app and you don’t need to rely on your phone either.

Add Music and Music artists that aren’t yet on Spotify

Are you missing any of your favorite artists who are not on the Music app? Well, Spotify offers the option to add new artists who are absent from Spotify and you should have this feature for your app as well. Further, you can even add them yourself by moving to the ‘Preferences’ section on the desktop app followed by clicking ‘Add a Source’.


This feature totally relies upon your Spotify-like app’s business model.

It is crucial to incorporate this feature in your application so that the users of your app can pay hassle-free for all that they want which enables them to have an enhanced user experience and enjoy the services without any interruptions.

Parting thoughts

Above, we tried to present answers to all your queries encompassing scope, Market, features and cost estimation of a Music app development. After you get all the required information about the Music streaming mobile app development, it is further advised that you must do a minute research before stepping into this industry.

You need to observe your targeted audience base and understand their requirements to develop an app that can glaze out among all the existing users in the same industry. We, at IndGlobal are proficient in building the technical part of any streaming application, including both video and audio. 

In the end, it will be all noteworthy to have a successful music streaming mobile app.

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