With the development of technology, more businesses are coming into existence. Every organization want to deliver excellent  service to their client and for this, they use all possible way. Web Based CRM software is  widely in use as these are very efficient and make the work force smooth.

This CRM  software offers a business the capacity to assign,This CRM software create and manage request  of the customers. It bring a sort of collaboration among the clients as well  as employees and there by increases the productivity.

Indglobal is a leading CRM Software Solutions company in India offers Web Based CRM, Open Source CRM solutions to the client. Customer Relationship Management software also let you manage the employee details efficiently  in a hierarchical way, which is  biggest advantage of this software.

 Mx-CRM is primarily meant for Traders or Post  sales Services providers. Therefore the key modules are a few, which would  include the procedure starting from Lead Manage mentto Supplying the item to a client to manage its post sales complaints  to warrantee or AMC management.

Other model of CRM is to manage the  distribution of organizations who work on the Distribution model instead of  direct sales. For example they have a hierarchy of Super Distributor or CNF  followed by a dealer and having a chain of retailers under  dealer.

This Supply Chain Management is then supported by  the sales or Marketing executives based on a concept of Branch/Head  Quarter/Area/Route management headed by a National Sales Manager. This often is  seen in FMCG sector. Therefore our  application can fit into any market and open for further customization.

Some  key features are listed below:

  • Service Alerts
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Multi level Inventory
  • Service Management
  • Dispatch  and Delivery
  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • User Access Security Management
  • Inventory Management (FG & Spares)
  • Purchase Management (FG & Spares)