There are several tools and techniques available online that help in developing a website. And, all this comes with different features and variations. Hence, sometimes it becomes difficult to select the right tool to create a website. Some tools offer in-build coding, whereas, some let you code your website according to your business requirements.

But how to choose the better one? To get an answer to this, here we got a lot to explore. The write-up will help you make the right choice and find the difference between template-based website design and custom website design. After knowing the key differences, you can also figure out the best technologies suitable to build a website.

So, scroll down and read further to grab all the essential details of developing a website and make the best use of it.

What is a custom-based website?

A custom-based website is customized and designed to fulfill all the business needs and requirements of a company and its brand. And, for this, the business owner has to build an entire website from scratch. To create a custom-designed website, an expert web developer’s team is consulted to handle all the custom-built website tools.

Customized websites are the most creative way to reach the target audience, control the functioning of the website, and focus on building the brand. To understand more about custom-based sites, here are some pros and cons.

We have added the pros and cons to understand the difference between customized websites and template-based websites properly.

Pros of the custom-designed website

1. To implement the company’s branding and meet the demands of the market, custom-based websites are the best. The site will have a unique design and is based on the business requirements.

2. You can add as many functions as you want to a customized website according to your needs. Whatever you imagine or want for your website, the developers will offer the same to you.

3. Custom-designed websites are best to engage in e-commerce as it delivers the best performance of the online store. The custom-based websites are more favorable for online businesses.

4. With custom-designed websites, the business owners get a customer service advantage as the web developing company that will develop your website will always be available to support every need.

5. A customized website is flexible as it is adaptable to the company’s needs and requirements. The custom websites are designed in a way that they grow with the brand. And, it is easy to add new features and functionalities to a custom-based website.

Cons of the custom-designed website

1. All the specifications and detailing that are provided to the customized websites takes more time to get developed rather than a template-based website.

2. The cost of building a customized website is the biggest disadvantage because of its design and customization. Creating a custom-based website is more costly than developing a template-designed website.

Now, let us study template-based website design and know how it is different from customized websites.


What is a template-based website?

Template-based websites are fully different from a custom-designed website as no web development team is essential to create a website. Template-based websites are developed at a low cost and sometimes you also get free templates online to build a website.

There are multiple templates available online that help the business owner develop a website and start their online business store. You get almost 32,000 website templates that are already being out on online platforms and successfully used by the business. The template-based websites increase the demand and supply of website templates that are used to build an online business store.

Some of the best tools that create a template-based website are Wix, Shopify, Weebly, and other website development tools. The tools help business owners to get the ideal template for their website and then create a simple design by customizing and adding engaging content and specifications to the site.

Here are the pros and cons of template-based websites to know them better and choose the best one from a customized website and template-designed site.

Pros of template-based website

1. Templates are getting better in the coming days and bringing new designs to develop the website. There are many template-based website building tools available in the market that deliver more sophisticated designed sites for the business.

2. For a template-based website, there is no coding expertise needed as templates have a shorter development time. A lot of coding is already done to develop the template-designed website and engage customers with the content.

These are the two basic pros of creating a template-based website, and now you should know the cons of it which are discussed below.

Cons of building a template-based website

1. When compared to custom-based sites, template websites do not offer a good support system.

2. The template-designed websites cannot be customized according to the business needs. It is defined as what you see is what you get.

3. As template-designed websites run on a structured system, no feature or other added technologies can be added to the website.

4. You get limited graphic designs and your website might look like other’s websites as lots of businesses might be using the same template.

And, this is the way you can find out the difference between template-based and custom–designed websites. So, if you want to know which is better than the two, check the answer below.

– It has been found that many users still doubt template-based designs over custom-based websites. And the main reason is the originality of the website.

– Many surveys suggest that digital marketers who are involved in website optimization are in favor of creating template-based websites as it saves their time by providing them with instant website designs.

– Also, it has been seen that it is good for the business to design their websites with templates as they can make their choice easily.

– Various big brands prefer custom-based websites to maintain the identity of their company to launch new products and services.

Summing Up

There are several options available to develop your website with its pros and cons. Deciding whether to build a custom-based site or a template-designed website is a personal choice for business owners. But, knowing the difference between the two is essential to ignore any changes or errors.

One saves the time and money of the business, and the other attracts customers and facilitates them by having full control. So, choose the best website design technique between the two and seek help from the leading website design company in Bangalore to develop an appealing website for your business.

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