Ever wondered why online shopping is easier and requires just a few clicks to place your order? This is all because of the growth of e-commerce in the digital industry. E-commerce has become an essential element when people think to buy their most precious appliances or regular household stuff online. So, it is essential to create an online e-commerce business site to build your business on the online platform seeking help from a leading e-commerce website development company in Bangalore such as Indglobal.

As of now, an e-commerce website is all about adapting to new changes and knowing the customer requirements to stay ahead of the competitors in the online world. Developing an e-commerce store has become a tough job in today’s time as you need help from the top e-commerce developers to manage the e-commerce application or website. But here we give a round of applause to the Odoo ERP Integration that can cater to all the e-commerce business needs of an organization.

Odoo ERP is a cloud-based, fully-open, highly flexible, and easy-to-operate software. It is easily available in the market with several modules for both small and medium-size business enterprises. Odoo ERP integration in the existing business system can give ample benefits to the organization as it fastens up the business process at a location.

Introduction to Odoo ERP Integration

Odoo ERP is a software collection of all the business solutions starting from sales, project management, warehouse management, CRM, HR, and manufacturing to financial management. The software offers to choose from a thousand modules and can be accessed both on the cloud as well as on-site. Odoo ERP is amongst the most used open-source ERP software globally. It offers you integration to get complete software that can help you manage the entire online business from a single platform.

Requirement of Odoo Integration for the Online E-commerce Store

Odoo ERP is the all-in-one software that covers all the business requirements of an organization. These requirements can be integrated easily with each other using Odoo ERP software. Using Odoo integration, you can easily increase the productivity of the organization by bringing every business aspect to a single platform.

It saves your time as well as reduces the manpower in different departments of the company. Here are some reasons that let you integrate Odoo software into the e-commerce website.

  • Odoo is highly modular software. You can use some of the Odoo modules in the initial stage and add others whenever you wish to.
  • Odoo software is easy to use and versatile.
  • Odoo ERP uses modern and trending technologies. The technologies are tailored to current business requirements.
  • Through the Odoo software, it is easy to manage all the business-related requirements on a single platform, rather than choosing between the platforms.
  • Odoo software is not moderate like SAP or an auto-solution like Microsoft. So, you can start using one application and upgrade to more applications whenever required.

Benefits of the Odoo ERP Integration

Benefits of the Odoo ERP Integration

An e-commerce online business uses Odoo ERP to connect all the business tasks with a single solution that can help you manage the order, inventory, customers, and shipping, and track it accordingly. So, to brief you more about Odoo ERP integration, here are some benefits of the software.

1. Managing tasks with a single solution

Odoo e-commerce helps in integrating the Odoo website, Odoo CRM, Odoo sales, Odoo manufacturing, and others that let you manage the entire system using one solution.

2. Complete solution with several functionalities

The Odoo ERP integration in the e-commerce online store helps in managing the products, customers, orders, and other necessary information through a single platform. So, while hiring an e-commerce web development Bangalore company, consult them about Odoo ERP integration and get to know about it as much as possible.

3. Increased profits

You can get the right analysis of sales and inventory in the business using the Odoo ERP integration. All these things can be managed by automatically adjusting the stock and reporting it.

This makes the data fully organized with correct details of claims and order tracking. The customers are also allowed to download the delivery order receipts and check pending shipments from a single place.

4. Controlling multiple stores

Odoo ERP integration allows handling multiple stores using a single software. Therefore, managing inventories of all the stores at the same time becomes easy.

5. Shipping integration

You can also pair add-on connectors with Odoo ERP integration to manage the shipping activities. It can easily integrate with the top-rated shipping solutions provided to the people such as UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx. You also get the advantage of tracking the order using the Odoo ERP software.

6. Integrating payment gateway

Odoo software helps the users to integrate payment gateways such as Adyen, Ogone, Stripe, PayPal, and others. It allows you to choose a payment gateway that is most suitable for your online store. A sense of flexibility and the best customer experience is provided with the Odoo ERP integration.

7. Generating leads 

You get a lead generation feature in the Odoo ERP integration platform that helps in generating leads based on the activities of the customer and visitors checking the website. 

Also, these leads can be combined with various business activities and other tools that are available on the Odoo platform. Lead generation can also be considered a potential opportunity for the business. 

8. Cost-effective business 

E-commerce integration through the Odoo platform is beneficial for the business to properly analyze the inventory. The sales and inventory of the company get the full support of reporting and automatically adjusting the stock. 

Various client portals let the users download the purchase invoice and delivery order receipts. Also, the customer’s data can be organized through order claims and tracking.  

Type of Applications Integrated using Odoo ERP

It is easy to integrate the Odoo ERP software with different systems and get its top benefits. Here are some of the applications, scroll down and read further to know about each of them thoroughly.

  • Accounting Software

Accounting is one of the toughest departments in every company. But, if you have Odoo ERP software, you will not feel it the same way as before. The Odoo ERP integration makes accounting and financing easy according to the business size.

It is a very effective solution opted by the organizations to give results of normal journal entries to advanced BI reports and to manage the budget management.

  • E-commerce Integration

Several e-commerce platforms can easily integrate the top Odoo ERP like Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and more. The customer portal in Odoo ERP software can help you manage the customer database.

Also, single ERP software allows the business owner to manage multiple stores at the same time from one location.  

  •  CRM

CRM can be integrated with the Odoo ERP software. It reduces the workload of the people working in the organization and streamlines the process accordingly. Odoo ERP software also boosts the work efficiency of the company.

One of the most used Odoo CRM integration that is used with Odoo ERP is Zoho. It helps in interchanging the data such as customer details, leads, and others within Odoo ERP and Zoho CRM.

  • Payment Gateways

As mentioned above, Odoo ERP lets various payment methods integrate easy transactions of the business. The integrations help the POS payment to be done easily and quickly. Using the payment gateway Odoo integration, you can get secure methods such as a direct payment process or card verification password from the bank.

  • Social Media Platforms

You can integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more using the Odoo ERP integration to manage your leads. The Odoo ERP integration also helps in solving other inquiries related to different social media platforms. Odoo ERP integration process can manage Several promotional activities and campaigns.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about what Odoo ERP integration is and what its advantages to the business are. As the Odoo ERP software is growing, it brings success to the company and generates more revenue. You can also work on several business aspects such as safeguarding e-commerce transactions, streamlining the navigation process, enticing the store appearance, providing a hassle-free checkout process, and many more.

Odoo ERP integration provides various advantages to the customers that allow the business to operate its process. You can also get endless opportunities from Odoo ERP software as it is easy to integrate and manage sales easily.

Therefore, it can be said that Odoo ERP is one of the best software that a business wants to set up in the e-commerce industry. It is an all-in-one solution that a company needs. The web and mobile app developers at Indglobal are integrating the Odoo ERP within their online e-commerce store or to develop a new store from the start.

You can also get other Odoo ERP integration services from the developers working at Indglobal by searching the web for the best Odoo ERP software development Bangalore companies and end your search by choosing us. We will surely provide top-class services to you and develop the best e-commerce platform using Odoo ERP integration for the success of the business. 

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