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SaaS vs Web Application: The Definition

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is like renting software. SaaS applications reside in the cloud, requiring only a functional internet connection.  

There is no need to worry about installation or maintenance – simply access them through a web browser. Common examples of SaaS applications comprise Gmail, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

What is a Web Application? 

Like SaaS, web applications also operate within web browsers. However, they differ in ownership and delivery, as they can be hosted on the cloud, servers, or delivered as SaaS.

Key Differences Between SaaS and Web Applications 

All SaaS are considered web-based software but not all web apps are SaaS. Their access, deployment, management, and scaling make them different. 

Refer to the table to compare the two. 

Aspect  SaaS Application  Web Application 
Customization  Less customization options  Extensive customization options 
Scalability  High scalability  Scalability is difficult 
Maintenance  The service provider handles and maintains the app The customer is also responsible for maintaining and supporting the application if they host the app
Pricing  Subscription-based  Subscription-based or One-time payment 
Hosting  The service provider owns and hosts the app The customer is responsible for hosting the app on their servers or cloud infrastructure if they have a license to use the software.

Making the Right Choice? SaaS or Web Application

The last alternative depends on the type of software you want and the solutions to that issue. But to adequately assess which is useful for your enterprise, get ready to know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Benefits of SaaS Application 

Benefits of SaaS Application

  • Scale You Want 

The varying needs of your customers or business requirements may necessitate adjusting your resources up or down. SaaS applications provide this flexibility.

  • Pay Per Use Model

Web applications and traditional software are priced at a fixed rate, regardless of feature usage. SaaS allows you to invest money in the characteristics and resources you require. You can easily cancel the subscription or boost the plan according to your necessities.

  • Less Expensive 

Cost-effectiveness is a major factor in businesses choosing SaaS over traditional software development. SaaS is built on cloud platforms, which reduces the upfront cost of hardware and infrastructure.

Also, the maintenance of SaaS software is cheap as application service providers handle all the upgrades.

Drawbacks of SaaS Application 

  • Limited Control 

The primary drawback of SaaS is the limited control over customization. This limitation stems from the multi-tenant or shared architecture, where other businesses utilize the same resources.

So, if you need a SaaS application for your unique workflow, choose the best app development in India at Indglobal Digital Private Limited where our service providers are always available to help the clients.

  • Dependency 

SaaS applications have the downside of creating dependency. Whenever you need to make changes, updates, or get support, you seek help from the service provider, which can cause delays in serving your customers. 

Additionally, there is a dependency on internet connectivity, which can be troublesome for businesses operating in areas with poor connections.

Benefits of Web Application 

  • Management 

Launching and maintaining a web application on every Android and OS device is easy. They do not require individual maintenance or deployment services for each platform.

  • Compatibility 

Web applications can run on any Android, iOS, or Windows device. No separate development is required for each platform.

Drawbacks of Web Application 

  • Low Speed

Web applications are slower than mobile and native apps due to their larger size. Additionally, their speed is affected by internet connectivity variations.

  • Security 

The accessibility of web applications via the internet makes them easy targets for hacking. Consequently, it’s crucial to implement strong and comprehensive security measures to reduce their vulnerability. 

However, this also means incurring additional expenses to employ cybersecurity experts who can identify and fix any potential security gaps.

Other Things to Consider 

1. Company Size 

If you have recently entered the business world with a small team, opt for a cost-effective solution such as cloud-based SaaS apps.

Web apps are perfect for established businesses with thousands of employees and multiple departments.

2. Customization

SaaS solutions are less customizable thus they are not a great fit if you wish for a scalable solution. Web apps are great for meeting your customization needs.

3. Business Goal

Your business goal is the most important factor when deciding between a SaaS or a web-based app. Invest in a SaaS app to generate revenue by offering a software product to a broad audience. 

On the other hand, if the objective is to build an application for a specific client, we recommend designing a web application.

4. Scalability 

Providers of SaaS apps have the capability and expertise to expand their platforms to accommodate a growing customer base. They can increase capacity as required, offering customers the advantage of economizing of scale.

Scalability is challenging in web applications. Buyers are responsible for scaling their infrastructure to meet user demand. It requires a substantial investment in infrastructure and expertise to let the application handle data volume and increased traffic.

5. Support 

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers offer a complete package that includes maintenance, security, and customer support. This allows customers to focus on using the software without worrying about the technical aspects. Consumers can depend on expert teams to handle maintenance, bug fixes, and updates, which are included in the subscription fee.

Customers using web applications are responsible for maintaining their software. This process can be time-consuming and requires dedicated resources. The level of support depends on the provider, with some offering direct support to clients while others leave them to rely on conferences or user communities.

Final Words 

Both SaaS and web applications offer valuable solutions for different purposes. SaaS provides ease of use and scalability, while web applications offer greater flexibility and control. 

So, analyze your business needs and preferences to make the best choice for your organization’s success and allow our finest team of skilled application developers at Indglobal to help you the best. Our mobile app development India services help you walk the right way to creating a robust SaaS product.

The Major Differences and Benefits Between SaaS and Web Applications

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