Number of mobile phone internet users in millions. (Source: Statista, April 2020)

As per the recent data, around 67% of the world population will be using mobile phones in day to day life. According to Statista, April 2020 report there would be around 500 million smartphone internet users in the south Asian Countries by the year 2023.

This will have a massive impact on mobile internet-usage penetration around the globe. And there is no doubt that learning is already happening through electronic devices including mobile and tablets. With the increasing demand for educational digital solutions, there is a need to embrace the new way of teaching and learning through mobile e-learning applications and software

Now with LMS Software, students can easily have a face to face interaction with their instructor. All learning materials and course guidelines can be shared through the respective course’s mobile apps. Predominantly two modes of learning have been evolved with the advent of e-learning platform – Self-paced learning and Instructor-Led Learning. Many individuals including students, employees, and professionals have been benefitted from these learning techniques making a difference in their career.

Core benefits of mobile learning software

There are certain benefits that have pushed corporates and training institutes to focus and invest more on e-learning mobile app software. The easy to use mobile learning solutions make the learning and teaching process more beneficial.

Less Cost: For an obvious reason this is more feasible in terms of costing as mobile phones are less expensive than desktops and laptops. Also, the infrastructure costs for Schools and training institutions can be saved. All the exam preparations and practice tests can be done without spending any extra penny on infrastructure arrangements.

Learning Techniques: New methodologies and learning strategies are inculcated so that students can quickly process and remember the topics/information without concentrating more and with less effort.

Quick Learning: It is found in the research that learning through mobile phones has a direct impact on the learning process. The queries and doubts can be solved instantly whenever it is required.

Reach of the Application: Students and instructors can interact and distance is not an issue anymore. Everyone can access online courses and modules across the world via mobile and tablets. Even students in the sub-urban areas can be reached. Learning won’t be affected by the outside environment in difficult times like how the world is being lockdown in the coronavirus epidemic.

Time-Saving: Since all the courses are on mobile apps, access to the modules is at fingertips. This is extremely time and effort saving for students in accessing study material and contacting their instructors in case of any doubts.

Impact of mobile e-learning on Distance Education in the future

In the coming days, education e-learning mobile apps can have a drastic impact on the eLearning industry. Mobile learning is changing the future of Distance Education. With the constant increase of internet and mobile usage, institutions and SME’s need mobile learning software to engage learners. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will recreate the learning experience which is a very good sign for the e-learning industry. From the coming trend, it’s crystal clear that the future looks promising for mobile learning.

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