With the introduction of e-commerce in 2005, it became an issue for business owners to build an e-commerce website to promote their products amongst the existing customers and attract new customers. Since the rapid growth of e-commerce in today’s time, mobile phones have also taken a step ahead and this brings a question- “Is it necessary to have a mobile application to run the business effectively?” So, in this blog, you will get an answer to this.

While every business owner is trying their best to use mobile applications to keep their company ahead of the competitors, now is the great time to develop a mobile e-commerce application. The development of mobile applications will help the business gather profits and revenues and let the customers fulfil their needs.

Due to the constant changes in the digital world, various e-commerce mobile app development solutions are bringing changes to the industry. For instance- a business owner is no longer surprised when someone talks about Chatbots, they can easily tell people about it briefly. To keep up with this, one should get familiar with the latest trends and technologies in website design and development and find out the top ways to develop an e-commerce application.

Also, if you have created a mobile application, then do not forget to update it according to the needs of the customers and rely on the latest technologies. Therefore, to know more about e-commerce app development and how it is changing the digital world, scroll down and keep reading.

The Benefits of E-commerce Mobile App Development

The Benefits of E-commerce Mobile App Development

According to the statistics in the USA, mobile usage time has increased by 234 minutes per year, and the user number increased to 5.22 billion. This lets the organization evolve in the app development market. E-commerce applications are also essential as they provide users with the details about the products and services they wish to order online.

So, to expand your business and bring more customers, it is essential to create an e-commerce application meeting all the requirements of the user. Here are some benefits of using the e-commerce app development technique for the business.

1. Customer involvement

Do you know the advantages of using mobile e-commerce development? If not, then you can lose several customers. Almost 40% of the customers prefer buying products if the user experience is mobile-friendly and responsive.

To build a responsive website, it is essential to invest in e-commerce app development services that can help your customers to choose your company over the competitors. A mobile application is also the best fit for an organization to attract more customers as it can display simple content faster than the website.

2. Accessibility

The mobile application provides a high rate of impulse buys as going to a physical store with a wallet full of money is not needed. Purchasing a product through a mobile application is available for the whole day for the customers and it takes only a few steps to use your phone to place an order.

3. Increase in sales

Studies have found that customers are moving towards buying mobile phones more than any other device. This makes the conversion rate increase three times higher as compared to websites. So, if you want more sales, then invest more time in developing an e-commerce app and bringing new services to the customers.

4. Push notifications

This is one of the top reasons why business owners are shifting to e-commerce mobile apps from websites. Using customized messages, the business can send product-related information such as sales, new products, promotions, discounts, and offers to the customers easily.

Notifications turn out to wonder when you want to market your products and services. Let the customers decide how they want to receive messages or notifications about the services from the company.  

5. High demand for products and services

A report conducted by Diebold in 2019 has shown that 63% of the users prefer mobile applications to compare different prices of the products, see special offers or promotions, read reviews of the products, and buy them online. It is also said that 9 out of 10 customers keep their phones with them all day long.

So, if the customers are using their mobile phones more than their desktops to buy products, then the business owner can work on building an e-commerce mobile app for the customers and generate revenues for the company. 

6. Obtaining the data

To run according to the new developments in the online business, it is essential to get related valuable data that defines the behavior of the customers. It lets the business owners bring out an advertisement that targets the users and offers desired products and services to them.

E-commerce Mobile App Development Trends

Before you hire an e-commerce app development company to create an e-commerce mobile app for your company, check out the latest trends in online business to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Geofencing

Geofencing is the latest mobile app e-commerce trend to promote goods at the location where the customer is residing. It was found that all the renowned stores at the place received almost 18% growth in sales because of Geofencing.

Geofencing uses GPS technology to monitor the location of the user every minute and make sure that the application is receiving the benefit of the time and the buying purpose of the customer.

  • Omni-channel shopping

Using Omni-channel shopping strategies can retain customers and raise the visits of stores by the user by about 80%. In 2022, businesses are shifting towards creating an online shopping presence of the store using various channels to combine digital and physical shops.

Omni-channel is considered the latest trend for the development of e-commerce apps as it effectively searches for new customers and retains existing ones. Also, a unified experience is provided to the users.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are the most famous e-commerce trend that is used by almost every organization such as Spotify, Pizza Hut, and others. Ever thought about why Chatbots are in trend? The answer is here. Almost 55% of customers prefer chats to communicating with customer care over e-mails and calls. 

Also, Chatbots can let the users find the solution to their queries on a 24/7 basis. Another reason Chatbots are so popular is the availability of AL and Ml technologies that provide immediate data about the users. These types of online digital services are very appealing to the customers as they optimize the processes of the business and expand its client base. 

  • Integrated Augmented Reality

Starting in 2017, AR technology is now publicized more in today’s time. If you want to make your e-commerce application stand out and receive competitive advantages, then use Augmented Reality in the business.

Many business owners want to look at their products and services using AR technology. Also, here are some stats related to the experience of the customers using the Augmented Reality integration-

  • 60% of the users buy products from businesses that use AR.
  • 70% of the customers find a commitment to the company’s software that provides the best AR technology experience.
  • 41% of the users observe huge merchandise with AR technology before buying the products.
  • One-click Purchase  

Amazon, Apple, and Google, one of the top online shopping platforms around the world use one-click purchase payment technology to provide convenience to the users. The one-click purchase lets the users pay for the products and services without re-tying the data or performing many steps.

For 83% of the users, online shopping has become convenient with the one-click purchase technology. The e-commerce trend lets the user follow simple steps to boost their online purchase through mobile phones.

The cost of eCommerce Mobile App Development in 2022

The business owner should know that the development of e-commerce apps is done using the agile approach. This means that there is no necessity to pay a big amount to develop the whole application. The agile technique divides the app development process into short tasks. Each task has its specific price that gives you a full workable part of the application.  

E-commerce mobile app development features and time to develop

  • A cart with several payment systems integration. The average time to develop is 80-110 hours.
  • A user profile includes the profile image of the customer, shoppers’ data, and payment history. The time taken is 35-45 hours on average.
  • Product details that have a product slider to watch a large product photo, review of the product, and rate of the product. The average time is 30-40 hours.

So, to develop an e-commerce mobile app is 1090-1400 hours. You can add or remove features according to the needs of the business. The app features in the business are very necessary to calculate the market development cost. This helps in defining the features that are necessary and the ones that are of no use.

The final step to calculate the mobile app development is multiplying the hourly rates of development of the app. Therefore, choose a reliable app developer to maintain the app quality and cost. You can get help from mobile app development Bangalore companies to develop the app at a budget-friendly cost and start an online business using a mobile application.

Summing Up

Considering the aspects mentioned above, it can be seen that e-commerce mobile apps have become a necessity for business development. It generates more sales in the organization as customers tend to prefer mobile apps over websites that bring more success to the business owners. 

The e-commerce companies have increased their sales to 51% using an effective mobile application. So, it is easy to generate more revenues in the business using the e-commerce mobile applications and give the best appealing user experience to the customers. 

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