E-commerce website development is used by companies to develop premium e-commerce experiences to win over demanding new customers. And, partnering with Indglobal Digital Private Limited allows you to work with e-commerce developers that are perfect for delivering high-quality e-commerce platforms and conversion-driven user experience. We are one of the leading e-commerce website development company in Bangalore and started to evolve in the digital market by providing the best web design and development services to the people. We are considered as the reputed and reliable provider of software and other development services by our clients as they get a team of developers and designers enriched with technical intelligence as well as creativeness.

So, to stay digitally competitive it is essential to keep in touch with an organization that provides the best e-commerce website development services to its customers. Business owners should know that it is good to have an e-commerce online store to visually attract customers to your business and generate more revenue.

Whether you are an evolving business, startup, or a renowned brand, it is important to grow more in the e-commerce digital industry. We have a great team of web developers that understand the need for e-commerce and have knowledge about the popular e-commerce development platforms that can be used to create an online business store. The company is not only best in assisting how to create an e-commerce business website but also ensures that they run perfectly according to the business goals.


Some of our top e-commerce solutions that are provided to the customers to generate business revenues-


  • Headless commerce is a highly scalable, fast, and secure e-commerce development solution that provides clients with immersive web services according to their requirements for the business.


  • E-commerce support and maintenance where cloud computing is used to transform business operations in the best ways that have been ever seen before.


  • Migration of e-commerce platforms is a one-size-fits-all approach to bring the desired results to the business organization.


  • B2B e-commerce web platform development where the best web technologies are used that force the tech-savvy business owners to adopt the new technological trends and solutions.


  • Mobile commerce development lets mobile devices dominate the technology-upgraded customers to use mobile applications on their mobile and other devices.


How does Indglobal create an appealing e-commerce store?

In creating an e-commerce store for the business to attract more customers to their business, the web developers at Indglobal mainly use the steps listed below. After, the web or mobile application is developed; it is handed over to the business owner so that they can utilize it perfectly to bring users to the organization. Also, the work does not end here as the web developers try to fulfill all the business requirements till it is running successfully.

The steps to create an amazing e-commerce store for the business that can increase conversion rates and bring success to the business are-


Step 1- Planning

  • Understanding the audience and their needs.
  • Building a well-defined persona of the buyer.
  • Opting for the right website development platform.


Step 2- Implementation of the plan

  • Creating a website development roadmap.
  • Adding the right structure and themes.
  • Developing, enhancing, and deploying the e-commerce store.  


Step 3- Post-deployment support


  • Monitoring and maintenance of the online store.
  • Optimizing the e-commerce store.
  • Support and troubleshooting.


Talk to our web experts today and start your project with one of the most popular e-commerce website development companies in the country. As a secure and reliable e-commerce web development Bangalore-based company, Indglobal has expertise in developing the best websites and applications and boosting the operational efficiency of the business.

E-commerce Web Development Platforms used by Indglobal


The web development team at Indglobal offers several e-commerce website development services using platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and many more. It is the choice of the business owner to choose the technology best suited according to the business goals and what kind of experience the website framework defines.


  • Magento


To empower your online business, unlock the best potential of Magento which is considered one of the top e-commerce web development platforms. The e-commerce store developed through Magento is rich in features, flexible, safe, and customizable.


  • Shopify


Shopify helps to build an e-commerce business store that can easily drive more conversion rates to the business and boost the overall sales of the organization.


  • BigCommerce


To build a safe and secure customized e-commerce business store, BigCommerce is used by the web developers at Indglobal as the central website development framework.


  • WooCommerce


Change the look of your online e-commerce store with Indglobal which is a top leading e-commerce website development company. WooCommerce is used by developers to boost business sales through developing an appealing web store for the organization.

Be it enhancing the experience of the customers, modernizing the company’s system, or automating the business process, we are always available to transform and bring changes to the company’s online store using the best web development platforms. Choose us to get the best expertise and many years of experience to deliver the top solutions to clients.

Indglobal is a developing an eCommerce website, or an eCommerce redesign, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web design solutions. With a team of experts under one roof, Indglobal’s goal is to offer you all of the necessary design, development and search marketing services needed to be successful online. Our full-service approach allows us to be accountable for your overall success.

We’ve worked on hundreds of eCommerce projects and know what it takes to generate sales. Utilizing responsive web design, our eCommerce websites are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet shopping. With platform features like unlimited products and categories, to a secure one-page checkout, we make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website solution that’s perfect for your business.

We’re an e-commerce web sites development Agency with 7 Years’ Experience

  • Custom Designed & Developed Websites
  • Managed SEO & Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Multiple Shopping Cart Options & Solutions
  • Unique Functionality to Streamline Your Processes

Provide platform to connect artisans small traders and end consumers

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