According to reports found by our team of well-experienced developers, it was found that e-commerce has been growing constantly at a rate of 23% every year. With such a great shift from the brick-and-mortar method to online e-commerce business in the digital market, it is essential to check all the factors associated with the business. E-commerce website development has become a very large part of the internet in these years. From small to medium and large businesses, e-commerce sites are generating revenues every passing year.

But, due to high traffic volume and requests for information by the users, security is a big concern for any website business success. So, in this blog, we will study the necessity of having a secure e-commerce development and features that are necessary to give an easy online shopping experience to the customers. After knowing the importance of security for an e-commerce web development you will also know about the mistakes that should be avoided while creating an e-commerce platform for the clients in the blog further. So, read the write-up and know about the security factors that are necessary to consider before hiring an e-commerce website development company in Bangalore for shifting your offline business to online.

Before, starting with the factors let us gather more information about what e-commerce is? Here is a short description of e-commerce.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a field of business that is specialized in delivering products and services to customers on the web. The word is used to describe an online business that focuses on buying and selling products using the internet. There are many different types of e-commerce website development services that are conducted around the world on the internet.  For instance- several websites sell physical products while others let the customers create their customized products.

Therefore, with such a great use of the Internet, it is necessary to have secure e-commerce web development so that the customers can buy online products easily and businesses can get the desired profits.

Factors to Consider before Choosing an E-commerce Web Development Service Provider

Factors to Consider before Choosing an E-commerce Web Development Service Provider

  • Financial Loss

Financial loss is one of the major drawbacks if you cannot find the right fit when looking for the best e-commerce web development services. Make sure it is an investment that you make to set up your potential business. Do not miss a good opportunity by surfing around a cheap e-commerce web development service to save a little amount.

With more credit and debit card frauds as well as fake refunds and returns becoming popular these days, using a proper e-commerce web development service should be your choice. A perfect e-commerce developer can easily integrate a secured payment gateway module while developing an online shopping platform. To add more security to the shipping process, ask the e-commerce developer to avail yourself of an Address Verification System. 

  • User Comfort and Privacy

Spamming is a common threat in several common forums such as comments, reviews section, and Chatbot plugin that is used by the customers daily. The hackers can easily get a lead about the customers by following the malware links posted by them. This can lead to data losses or virus and cyber-attacks that strike the business’s credibility and build a negative impression.

And, if the privacy of the user is not maintained, then it might result in the loss of the user base that will never come back to the business as the same way before. This not only creates a bad experience for the business but also creates a bad image in front of the audience.

  • Competitive Analysis

This is one of the common factors to consider when your competitors can scavenge you to stay ahead within the same industry. The direct competitor can hack your entire inventory to know the pricing details and modify the product prices that you offer to the customers.

Hackers, virus attackers, and scrapers will use all the threatening measures to let the business down and bring losses for it. So, for a business to run successfully it is essential to choose a renowned web development service provider who can create a secure web development service for the company.

And, for this, you can easily trust the web developers working at Indglobal as they have expertise in bringing out the best for your business and giving you all the opportunities to set up a profitable online business store.

  • Potential Hackers

The most horrifying segment of using the Internet is the easy manipulation by hackers and virus attackers. About 33% of cyber-attacks happen around the world and make people not trust the e-commerce business easily. There is huge money involved in the financial fraudster business as almost 4 trillion-dollar sales are generated each year with virus attacks.

So, hacking can also happen to your business if the e-commerce online site is not secured properly under the guidance of the top web developers. Create an e-commerce site with proper planning and considering the cyber threats and attacks on the business. All this is very necessary as only one malware or virus attack can shut down the entire online store and lead to huge losses for your company.

These are the top four factors that need to be considered while you look out for a secure web developer to create an online web application for your organization. But, if you are looking for ways to overcome these challenges, then scroll down the article to know the top ways to have a secure e-commerce web development service for the business.

 To resist the challenges of security for the e-commerce industry, business needs to find the type of virus or cyber-attack and the medium it is coming from. Below, we have listed some of the measures that business owners can deploy to protect their business data and make their organizational functions run smoothly.

1. As a company owner, prepare an in-depth understanding of threats and vulnerabilities to know about the existing security measures that can occur in the business.

2. Add a robust control system in the company according to the authorization of the employees and block their unofficial access.

3. Recognize the essential business assets and protect them by creating a security solution for the company. Ask your e-commerce web development service company to give the top solutions according to the business type and scales of the company.

4. Use good cyber security measures and make it more advanced according to the requirements of the business.

Business owners have to know about cybercriminals as well as the methods they use to steal business data. If you apply the desired security measures in the e-commerce web development process, then the business will run smoothly overcoming all the security threats. In this fast-pacing world, a business needs more than traditional firewall software and antivirus to keep the data protected. So, organizations should use the best security measures to safeguard their business operations and revenue channels.

Also, you can ask the web developers to use SaaS-web-based networks and support the companies in their company functions as well as provide the customers with top facilities. You can even contact the experienced web developers at Indglobal, a leading e-commerce web development company that offers the most secure and scalable e-commerce web development and design services to its clients. We work towards ensuring great security so that there are no fraudulent activities or breaches while you build your business.

But, have you ever thought about the mistakes that a business makes that lead to cyber-attacks and other fraudulent activities? Yes, there are some common mistakes that a business owner or a web developer can make while developing an e-commerce platform for the business.

So, to help you in recognizing the mistakes, here are some of them listed below that can stop you from developing and designing an e-commerce platform to run your business. If you identify these mistakes for your organization, then there are no chances of having an unsecured web development service to run the business smoothly.

Mistakes to avoid while designing an E-commerce Platform 

Mistakes to avoid while designing an E-commerce Platform

  • Designing of the graphics

There are ample e-commerce platforms that annoy the customers when visited because of their design. These designs are not appealing to the customers who want to use the website for a long time and get the products ordered. This will lower the business sales and revenues.

So, having a good e-commerce platform is necessary to give an interesting and attractive designed website to engage more customers in the company.

  • Customer support

The e-commerce portals are failing because of irrelevant reviews by the customers on the service provided by the organization. It is essential to provide the best customer support while designing any e-commerce business store and to run it successfully. If customer service is good, then it will create goodwill for the business and encourage the customers to visit the website more and more.

A good image of the e-commerce portal is necessary to have satisfactory and perfect customer service. As you are not interacting with the customers through the e-commerce website, customer service is a major point that lets the business run seamlessly. Use advanced customer service options such as Chatbots that can be infused into the business perfectly.

Your customers should feel free to ask questions and solve their other product-related queries without any issues using the top-quality customer support provided by the business. To help customers with their issues, you can consult web developers to create customized e-commerce website development services for the business to help the users visit the online store.

  • Choosing the wrong e-commerce framework

There are several differences between e-commerce frameworks used to develop an e-commerce platform for the business. Some offer only basic features to develop a website and some have an upgrade option associated with them. So, choose an e-commerce platform that is appealing and surprises you with hidden features such as e-commerce frameworks with customization options.

Opting for the right e-commerce framework will help in the overall growth of the business by providing the top features to expand the business in the digital market. If you are new to creating an online presence for the business, then spend more time researching the leading e-commerce platform or browsing the best online e-commerce communities to get the proper feedback.

  • Creating the company’s own CMS

Having your content management system can be compelling for the audience, but this brings problems and frustrations for the business as well as the people working in the organization. Some of the issues that are faced by the business when incorporating the company’s CMS are-

1. Training has to be provided to the staff. 

2. Difficulty in creating the CMS.

3. Lack of integration and support with different software.

So, do not create a CMS system for your business, as it will cause issues in running the business and generate losses for the company. And, if you developed a content management system to manage the business, then know about the future looks of the CMS.

  • Search button

If your business has an ample number of products, then it is necessary to add a search button for the customers so that they can easily search the product using a keyword. According to a study, the customers who use the search option to find their products are 3 times more likely to buy products from the online store.

This also increases the conversion rate for the business as you do not miss out on a visitor due to an inadequate search button. Also, make sure that you have an enhanced product description with the keywords and tags for better search engine optimization.

  • Improper focus on social media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to engage more and more customers in online business stores. So, it is difficult to maintain a business without having an online social media presence in the digital market.

And, in the case of the E-commerce industry, it is 100% vital to use a social media platform to attract customers to the e-commerce store. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are the top choices to promote your business and let the customers buy your products and services. Make sure you add social media buttons to the website and all your product pages.

  • Fewer shipping options

The customers always need an option to choose from when they reach the shipping process of the online store. The business should focus on doing its best to deliver a range of shipping options considering the delivery time and time. You cannot convince a customer to buy products from your online store with only one shipping method with the same cost as the product.

So, provide more shipping options to improve your business sales and earn more revenue. If you diversify the shipping options, then it can save you from natural disasters or any work stoppage. For instance- if one carrier is not working effectively, you may shift to another one to deliver the orders to the customers.

  • Lengthy checkout process

The users must be able to make the product purchase quickly once they have finalized it. And, when the checkout process comes, then it should be done within a few seconds without following any lengthy or complex method.

If the checkout process is hard for the customers, then they will surely abandon the purchase of the items they have added to the cart. Provide the option to checkout as a guest to the customers so that they can avoid creating their accounts on the e-commerce site and make their purchases without any annoying steps. And, if possible, ask your web developer to have the registration process adjusted to one screen.

Final Words 

E-commerce is considered a market that is growing rapidly with the potential to change the buying and selling behavior of the companies running around the globe. There is a lot of space available for modernization and digitization in the coming future with e-commerce.  So, to stay in the digital market and build your business, avoid these mistakes as this helps you to build your brand as well as the business in the competitive digital market. It also brings potential customers to the website so that they can buy the products of their choice easily.

Therefore, this blog provided you with a deep insight into the importance of having a secure web development service platform to run the business effectively. We also provided the top challenges that a business owner can face if the website is not secured as it can easily be attacked by hackers or other cyber-attacks. And, for the business owners who feel that their online shopping store is not secure, then they are making some basic mistakes that also have been discussed in the article.

And, if you are confused about where to seek help to develop the e-commerce platform for your business, then without further delay, contact the experienced team of web professionals at Indglobal to help you in creating the best website to help you develop an online brand image and attract the new visitors and retain the old customers.

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