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In the recent scenario of covid 19 pandemic, eCommerce designing has acquired a significant hold on the businesses, and establishing an ecommerce store can be quite a crucial task from any business startups perspective. There are so many factors that seek attention. However, as the best ecommerce service providers in Bangalore, India we are always ready to help you with the ecommerce web development task. eCommerce sales are soaring high each year. With crucial factors like customer services, return policies, shopping costs, brand recognition, trustworthiness and product quality- User experience is the primary factor to determine the success of the eCommerce website thus providing enhanced satisfaction to the customers. 

At Indglobal digital, our experts utilize the best eCommerce website development practices to offer the perfect elements that will not only improve the user experience but also enhance the user retention. Following list encompasses the essential aspects that you need to focus on to create an elegant ecommerce website design.

1. Website Design and Layout

By now,all of us are aware that an ecommerce store has only less than 5 seconds to grab the attention of the visitors and this calls for an elegant design and layout of  the store as it plays an essential part in the success of any ecommerce website.

  • Design Better Interfaces with creative UI

Design is the first and foremost point of contact between your ecommerce store and the potential customers. In order to be a success, hire our best ecommerce website developers to design a website that is simple, colorful and non-obtrusive along with attractive UI and store layouts. You also have the liberty to add either a banner at the top, or display square boxes to present the store categories.

2. Add essential pages to your website

Any ecommerce website should contain the following standard pages:

  • A homepage, which is the first page people see.
  • An about us page, to help establish trust with potential customers
  • A contact page, for users to get in touch.

Also, focus on your product pages as they play a crucial role in your consumer’s purchase decisions.

3. Product Description Pages

Many visitors check for product detail pages as this is where they determine their action. So, you need to be careful about the Prominent Item Display and the Visuals that will Help Sell Products.

Ecommerce stores should display the products prominently along with well-written descriptions and stunning visuals. To help the visitors make an informed decision, you can also add a price-time graph that depicts the price of the product at a certain time.

Ecommerce website developers in Bangalore can make product pages more attractive by adding stunning images of the product, videos, intro review add credibility and help the visitor come to a decision.

  • Keep The  Policy pages to be Simple and elucidated: 

The privacy policy, return policy and refund policy should mention the explicit details of the process. you should make sure that the policies are easy to comprehend so that there is no need to contact the customer support for additional help. Bullet points are always a welcome sight on these kind of pages.

4. Mobile, Voice, and Virtual Reality Presence

Don’t forget about the increasing impact of technologies like Voice Search and Virtual Reality. Your ecommerce store should be designed keeping in mind such emerging technologies as a core part of the design.

Mobile App

A customized mobile app can be platform optimized that can offer a complete experience to the users.

Voice Search

Around 27% of the global population use voice search while searching online which means that optimizing your ecommerce store for voice search forms an essential aspect for overall store search engine optimization.

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5. Optimize your checkout process

The checkout process is a crucial factor to consider when designing an ecommerce website. The process should be user-friendly so as to reduce the cart abandonment. Make sure that users can easily get the required information and add products to their cart. Try to minimize the quantity of information that customers need to input. According to a survey, more than 30 percent of users leave a checkout process merely because of its complexity and/or length. 

A user-friendly checkout process should be simple enough from start to the finalization of the transaction. A good way to incite the users is by offering them freebies. You also need to provide the customer an opportunity to add the product in their wish list and come back in future to purchase them.

6. Set up inventory management software

Controlling the inventory is essential for the success of any ecommerce website, as it prevents overspending on inventory and missing on sales due to low stock. Some of the Best eCommerce Web Development Company utilizes ecommerce platforms which offer features to help you manage the inventory. Shopify, for example, caters an inventory management solution named Stocky. There can also be independent inventory management softwares such as Sellercloud, Katana, and ecomdash etc. Smart Inventory Management solutions are a great way of tracking orders and minimizing inventory costs.

7. Ensure your site’s design to be consistent and professional

Your website should be proficient to impart a good impression of your business on the visitors. Implement a consistent style throughout the website that speaks about your unique brand. Your ecommerce website’s design should be responsive, to enable it to appear and function correctly on several devices, including tablets, desktops, and mobile devices.

Templates provided in your ecommerce platform can be good to start with but you can also check any professional ecommerce web design company to create an elegant ecommerce website which drives results.

8. Optimize your site for search engines

Ecommerce is about attractive content which has the ability to engage the audience. Once the content has been created, you should think about optimizing it for higher search engine results rankings. As you design your website, ensure keeping SEO or search engine optimization in mind. SEO indicates a broad set of strategies that are aimed at helping your website rank higher in search results.

You integrate keywords to rank into your copy and make sure that you have the necessary HTML tags on each page. Opting for an  SEO-friendly ecommerce platform can certainly help with this.

9. Set up analytics tools

Your ecommerce platform can be incorporated with built-in analytics, but it is also easy to use a tool like Google Analytics as these tools are significantly able to track your website’s performance and help you comprehend more about your site’s visitors.

Below you can have a look at what the ecommerce overview report in Google Analytics appears as. In this report, it is easy to obtain information about transactions, conversion rate, marketing campaigns etc.

10. ecommerce platforms

While you can build an ecommerce site literally from scratch today, ecommerce platforms offer several features that aid in creating and managing your site in a much convenient way.

With ecommerce platforms, it is easy to use templates to build a website that already has ecommerce functionality built in. You can also customize the templates to go along with your branding and use extensions to add other functionalities such as contact forms and currency converters. Our best ecommerce website developers are expert in providing web development services in some of the best ecommerce platform options include:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce

“Get expert ecommerce web design and marketing strategies with the Best ecommerce Web Development Company in Bangalore, India”

11. web hosting provider

It is always better to choose a web hosting provider who can provide space on a server to store your website’s files. Along with a domain name, you have the options to purchase web hosting through your ecommerce platform. Some of the topmost web hosting providers include:

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • A2Hosting
  • Hostinger

12. Ensure security to your site

Security is essential for any ecommerce website especially since people enter their payment information. You may need to purchase a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate and/or add an address verification system (AVS) along with credit card verification value to your checkout process.

  • Get your business License

The norms and processes for getting a business license vary mostly based on your location and the types of products you sell. So it is essential to check your local and state laws. You will need a federal license and/ or permit in case a federal agency regulates your business activities.

For more details, take a glance at the security checklist on our website.

13. Set up payment processing

You need to check your payment process in detail before launching your site to ensure that customers are able to complete their purchases following a secure payment procedure.

You may choose a reliable online payment system along with us at IndGlobal Digital- the best ecommerce website developers and make sure popular payment options, like Gpay, PayPal etc. are available to customers.

14. Configure email notifications

Email is a tool that can be utilised for following up with your customers, or for providing customer support, thus encouraging upsells and repeat purchases, and retaining your business top-of-mind. Sign up today with any of the top ecommerce development companies like IndGlobal the  for email marketing software to set up emails like:

  • Welcome emails
  • Order confirmations
  • Receipts
  • Shipping updates etc.

15. Be equipped with a proper marketing plan

Be ready with an online store marketing plan before you launch your website, to support your launch and help grow your business to propel it  forward. This marketing plan can encompass a wide range of marketing channels, including:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

16. Logistics Management

Logistics is perhaps the most crucial aspect of ecommerce management where every ecommerce store thinks about whether to outsource delivery or handle it in-house? Being the best ecommerce website design service providers, we strongly believe the decision should be taken based on the shipping process and quality of the product delivered. Also it will not be worth mentioning here that a good way to start with your ecommerce store would be by outsourcing the order delivery process in the initial phases.

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Final Words!

It is not difficult to succeed at setting up through your ecommerce store in 2021, but you need to give it time. If you wish to maximize the success of your ecommerce store, then you are at the correct place. IndGlobal Digital Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced ecommerce marketing company in Bangalore, which provides elegant ecommerce web design and digital marketing services that aids in enhancing your business growth!

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