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Delivering Custom ERP Software Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Bangalore

As a top ERP software development company for small businesses in Bangalore, we have a team of experts and experienced individuals who strive constantly to handle and complete every ERP project successfully. By helping, businesses choose the right kind of ERP software and by also helping them implement it correctly, we help them achieve immense success in their projects which result in higher ROIs. The key objective of our ERP software for small businesses is to facilitate data-driven business decisions for the organization by enabling the flow of information between the various departments.

Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Need ERP software?

With a tremendous scope in the SMB markets, there’s a need for companies to stay ahead in today’s competitive world. Things like a compressed product development cycle, both global as well as domestic competition kicking up several notches, downturns in the economy, affected by staggering recessions, everchanging customer needs and demands to be met and volatility in the financial markets have put enormous pressure on growing SMEs. So, these SMEs are now trying to do all that it takes to survive this heat of competition. And implementing ERP systems is one of the means of survival.

Indglobal’s ERP Implementation in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

When deciding on a successful strategy to implement ERP software for small businesses, two key factors to examine would be whether the ERP system fits functionally with business processes and whether any upgrades and customizations are required or not. Our ERP for small businesses is flexible, scalable and complex, yet user-friendly at the same time. We have developed and successfully implemented ERP for industries, particularly Small and Medium-sized Businesses, that have taken them to new heights.

Benefits of our ERP software for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Decision Making
With Indglobal’s ERP software in place, Small and Medium-sized Businesses can now make smarter decisions and moves using the real-time data provided by the ERP system. Also, any issues that tend to have a negative effect on the productivity of the SMB teams can be detected and resolved quickly. Our ERP for small businesses gives its leaders the complete picture, allowing them to make smarter, quicker and more effective responses.

Streamlined dataflow
ERP software gives a sort of streamlined dataflow. This can be of great help, especially for small, fast-growing businesses that may have trouble related to discrimination in data between different departments. Hence, with ERP for small businesses, any department of the business or organization can get a hold of the data that it requires for its smooth functioning.

Better Inventory Management
Inventory is an important aspect of most of the businesses today. If the business emerges successfully in managing its inventory, it can contribute greatly to the overall success of that business. And a versatile ERP software can help the business, especially a Small and Medium-sized Business in effective inventory management. And an efficiently managed inventory leads to more customers and in turn more sales.

Better Accessibility
A web-enabled ERP for small businesses allows virtual access to all of its operations and processes from anywhere. For staff who are constantly moving and are not stationed at one place, it can be quite hard to have to access the ERP software onsite. For this reason alone, most ERPs today come with their own mobile-based applications, which are accessible on the go. This makes it all convenient for the personnel to monitor the business anytime and from anywhere.

Effective Lead Management
Most businesses spend a great deal of their time in generating those vital leads for them, and then some more time in managing them. This can cost the business much time, which otherwise could have been utilized for other, more important aspects of the business. Therefore, having a good ERP software in place, one that comes with unique and efficient technologies and processes enables the business to manage its leads in a more effective and efficient way. Also, a versatile ERP for small businesses can cut down on costs incurred in effective lead management.

Configuration and Integration
All enterprises’ automation needs, regardless of what industry they may be in, change from time to time. So, ERP software can help your enterprise by taking care of its automation change need. However, the most valuable ERP for small businesses is the kind of software that can adjust accordingly to the constant change in the business needs while also being versatile enough to seamlessly integrate into the processes and functions.

Empowering Small Businesses with our Cloud-based ERP System

Cost cutting
Indglobal’s ERP for small businesses doesn’t charge the business anything upfront with regards to hardware or software. The operating cost also tends to be lesser on subscription and there are no additional costs for maintenance or support. There are near no IT staff costs involved as well.

Our ERP software operates in a highly secure environment and comes equipped with a 24*7 disaster recovery facility.

ERP for small businesses we have developed is quite flexible in terms of accessibility. In that, it is possible to access the ERP software from any device, be it a laptop, a desktop or a mobile phone or tablet PC.

The licenses of our ERP software are scalable. It is possible to increase or decrease the number of licenses or extend or contract the license period. Also, our ERP for small businesses allows the user to switch to advanced versions when required. It should allow for an easy start with the least number of users.

An ERP for industries, particularly Small and Medium-sized Businesses, helps in streamlining their processes, thus enhancing productivity. With the processes now running smoothly and efficiently thanks to our ERP software, staff can now focus on the more important aspects of the business including handling increased business volumes.

All relevant data are accessible to all the departments of the Small and Medium-sized Business, thus eliminating the need to export data, thereby reducing the number of errors committed. This enhances productivity and reduces human resource expenses. Our ERP software helps you do just that. By getting the all the required data across to all departments of the organization, we help them minimize errors and maximize productivity and profits.

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