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ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, has been an important element in businesses required for easy, safe and integrated storage of information. It has been utilized in many domains to manage various functions in multi-departments. It is best to take assistance from an ERP software development company in Bangalore, India that gives reliable services to its clients. One of the top ERP companies in Bangalore is IndGlobal which provides customised solutions to businesses, either startup, small enterprise, medium-sized or large enterprises. Maintaining a streamlined system of information and database is very important in every department and this is done by ERP software. There are multiple areas where ERP software helps in automating business processes. Below discussed is how ERP plays varied roles in different areas of businesses and how a variety of customized software will allow efficient operations in multiple industry sectors.


  • A Competitive Edge over Others
  • Realistic and Effective Forecasts
  • Highly Cost-effective Processes
  • Automated Business Operations
  • Access to a Centralized Database
  • Flexibility in a Business System
  • High-Quality Customer Service
  • Accurate and Consistent Database
  • Easy track of regulatory compliance

Main ERP Modules

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Service and Asset Management
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Sales Management
  • Product Management

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ERP for Business

With ERP adoption in businesses, smooth workflow and intra- and inter-department communication occurs. It helps to gear up the business potential and move on the digital roadmap. Complex business processes are simplified and automated through ERP integration. ERP doesn’t need double and triple data entries and exports, multiple spreadsheets and systems, rather it maintains only one database and one application to oversee with the help of a single, intuitive interface.

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ERP for Small Enterprises

An information system that integrates and manages all the aspects of a business including production, purchasing, planning, manufacturing, accounting, finance, sales, distribution and customer service is very helpful for small enterprises and start-ups. ERP software for small business in India will also assist to reduce overhead and inventory costs. It is important to implement ERP for startups since if the business initiation is strong, the continuity will also be smooth and automated.

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ERP for Inventory Management

Inventory is a major aspect of cash flow management. Having ERP software for inventory management, you will attain an integrated system for feeding bill of materials and work orders. Implementing ERP allows faster processing of sales orders, sending to production, real-time stock alerts, tracking of assets and forecasting future reorder. This will enable reducing costs from every way since the optimization of inventory takes place, with the prevention of overproduction and over/under ordering.

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ERP for School Management

It is great if schools are digitally sound in their operations and ERP software for school management activities will ensure automated managerial and administrative activities. This enables hassle-free administration thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. A customized ERP for education system for every school will allow fulfilling the respective requirements of the institution. Some of the features incorporated in school ERP software are multi-user functionality, interactive user-interface, data security and backup, SMS and email integration, etc.

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ERP for Manufacturing Industry

There are various benefits of ERP in the manufacturing industry, these include improvement in response to the transforming market, preparing a business for competitive challenges, lean manufacturing practices with easy management of costs and reduction in overheads. ERP enhances efficiency and productivity by helping users sail through a difficult journey of complex processes, preventing data re-entry, and improving functions such as production, delivery and order completion.

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ERP for Logistics/Transportation Management

Customers are the king for the logistics industry, and it is important that a business maintains real-time and streamlined processes for smooth functioning. An ERP ensures a unified solution covering all necessities of parcel delivery and supply services, freight forwarders and third-party logistics. It also ensures to solve major challenges such as speed, accuracy, shrinkage, costs, visibility and inventory optimisation. Efficient delivery management and planning, order processing, issuance of documents and maintenance of customer database is possible with an ERP for transportation.

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Cloud ERP in Bangalore

Cloud is the trending technology these days and enterprise for it is even more in demand. IndGlobal, Bangalore has been providing services for cloud ERP in India and made it easier for ERP users to place data in the cloud. Here, instead of hosting storage hardware and servers on-site, your ERP provider hosts this for you. When you sign in to a website hosted online (in the cloud), you can easily access your ERP system. It allows much-reduced upfront costs since resources are leased before a cloud computing platform.

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ERP for Healthcare

Two major objectives of the healthcare industry are high-quality patient care and cost reduction. Through the implementation of ERP, it is possible to achieve both as it helps in reducing clinical errors and enhance productivity by maintaining an integrated database and reports. Having an ERP software in healthcare organization would also increase safety aspects as it allows better communication between the patients and the staff. Maintaining patient history and information is easier and members can adopt the best practices of the industry with ERP.

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ERP for Hospitality

In order to generate flawless MIS reports, ERP plays an important role in almost every industry including hospitality. Maintaining massive volumes of data and transactions is smooth through ERP software. Some of the obvious functions that are made easier through ERP include organised business modules, close monitoring of workstation, planning and coordination of check-ins, room availability and checkouts, manage menu listings, easy maintenance of guest records and saving information over the cloud servers.

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ERP for Service Industry

By adopting IndGlobal’s ERP which is built for services companies, businesses will be able to gain fully-integrated staffing solution, contingent workforce management system, facility management and complete Project management with integrated HCM, timesheet, financials, invoicing and billing on a unified platform. What can be better than an integrated software to support end-to-end operations of a business that manages CRM, VMS, HR functions, billing and revenue, payroll processing, financials, reporting, etc.

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With SAP ERP, a flawless accounting, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, reporting and analytics is possible across enterprises of every size. Over 50K customers worldwide are fully satisfied with SAP ERP. Its implementation process consists of five stages including project preparation, business blueprint, realization, final preparation and golive support. Having it in our system allows real-time information, decrease redundancy errors and completely customizable user interface.

  • SAP for Business

  • SAP Hana

  • SAP Enterprise

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Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP runs on the Oracle technology stack and is accessible through both private and public cloud implementation supporting hybrid deployment. It is known that seven different software modules form the Oracle ERP cloud suite. And the function of Oracle ERP includes management of whole enterprise functions like finance, accounting, project and procurement. Oracle ERP is adopted by large enterprises and supports international business functions including multi-GAAP, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-subsidiary capabilities.

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Odoo, which is famous as all-in-one business software is most suited to Small- to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), also progressive for start-ups and large enterprises. Odoo ERP for business helps in streamlining all processes into a system. It is an auxiliary integrated software that automates business modules and delivers flawless execution (without errors and risks). At IndGlobal, we offer cost-efficient and tailor-made services with the highest standards.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Being a combination of CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides high flexibility and extensibility. It is available in two forms, small and medium-sized enterprises use the Business Edition and medium to large organizations use the Enterprise edition. The former type comprises Financial application, and the latter comprises Dynamics CRM applications and Microsoft Power applications with premier ERP product called Dynamics 365 for operating functions.

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Our first-rate developers for ERP system software assist in accomplishing successful projects’ and results.

We assist in streamlining the business operations and processes through a robust ERP software. As a result, Returns on Investment (ROI) enhances leading towards growth and expansion of the business.

3. We implement the best practices from some of the top proprietary ERP systems worldwide like SAP and MS Dynamics.

4. We focus on rich user experience and provide a seamless user interface thereby creating successful ERP systems.

5. We follow an open-source and modular architecture, with high flexibility and no limits to customisation. Also, we provide a speedy solution to all.


How is ERP software useful for a small enterprise like ours?
It doesn’t matter what size of an enterprise, ERP is beneficial to all sizes, small, medium, start-up and large enterprises. In fact, it is best for a small enterprise if they decide to implement ERP at an early stage as it helps in streamlining business processes and automating operations. Having ERP in a business helps to transform digitally which is the need to an hour.

2. How do ERP and CRM software differ? Do they play a similar role?

CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management software is a part of ERP (that takes care of wholesome functions of an enterprise). CRM oversees the sales and marketing functions of an organization and companies sometimes include CRM in the full ERP solutions and other times companies might implement CRP from a different vendor and integrate into their main system. A CRM software helps in providing real-time information on customer behaviour and demographics and facilitate communication with leads and prospects. It helps in maximizing the ERP implementation benefits through enriching customer experience.

3. Are ERP software operative on mobile devices?

Yes, ERP software is operative in smartphones or tablets with advanced functionality. You can even receive ERP updates through a mobile app that includes push alerts, grids system arrangement, and graphs and charts depicting data. Mobile ERPs surely enhances mobility within the framework of an organization, thereby increasing business productivity and growth.

4. Do I need to worry about the risks associated with ERP?

Risks from mismanagement of ERP projects may lead to slow execution and also loss of money. It also might affect operational processes and become a hindrance to the system and ROI. Therefore, it should be made sure that people and processes are well aligned to the new technologies and trends. However, the risks are rare and it occurs in case you don’t adopt ERP services from a reliable source. Thus, getting services from a trustworthy and experienced company is a must.


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