Essential SEO Elements Google Loves to See in Websites

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what makes Google loves your site? As you already know a large percentage of people only click the first few organic results or maybe just the ones on the first page. It means the results that appear in the first pages are the one that is visible. If your competitors are ranked high, chances are that they are getting more sales and leads. That’s quite obvious, right?

Now that you know it, your website must be optimized strategically according to what Google likes. When google bot looks at your site, there are lots of factors it considers including the URL, content, and on the whole, more than 200 ranking factors are there. This includes both on-page and off page SEO factors, they pay attention to. The best web Design Company in India can help you incorporate many factors during the development phase. Here are Essential SEO Elements Google Loves to See in Websites.

Freshness of Website
When was the last time you updated your site? Is the information on the site outdated? Google loves to crawl new and fresh content and add it to their database. Hence, it is utmost essential to add something new to your site on a consistent basis. Be it a new service, blog, web page, offering something new to Google will keep it content and happy.

Engaging content
Content also comes under freshness what Google looks for. Not just any content, it should be engaging and should offer some sort of helpful information to users. If you are a business selling any product or services, adding an informative article about the products and trend in the market will take you a long way.

Sitemaps are a way of telling the search engine what to expect when it starts indexing your website. If there is no sitemap available for a website, Google has to crawl the entire site though given links and if some area of your website is not accessible through links, that pages will not be indexed. These days, CRM system can help you create a sitemap automatically or you can even use a plug to generate sitemaps.

The speed of the site
All search engines love to get things done quickly and so is Google. Though it is not a particular quality, it is definitely a determining factor when placing your sites listing when compared to another site for the same keyword. The time a page takes to load is important and it its loads quickly, then it is great.

SSL certificate
You probably might have seen URL’s starting with https and that means it is protected by an SSL certificate. However, there are plenty of websites on the web without SSL certificates. But, Google loves it when a site flaunts SSL certificate as it is a way of ensuring secure user experience for users.

These tips are just a solid basis to build on for rest of your SEO efforts. These are just a few key factors among 100’s of other ranking factors who loves to see on websites. If you need assistance in making your website Google friendly, the best digital marketing company in Bangalore is all that you need to go digital.

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