There’s a lot of buzz regarding Flash to HTML5 conversion services. If you’re wondering why, there is just one reason. Adobe, the company which was responsible for Flash, has stopped supporting it which had been a long-time favorite of eLearning developers.. Therefore, for the Flash content to be usable in future, it needs to be converted to HTML5.  In 2017, Adobe- along with Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla announced that Flash will be ramped down over the next 3 years which means online training programs developed in Flash will stop working. This essentially indicates that you need to get your Flash-based eLearning converted to HTML5 and our proficient team at IndGlobal are efficiently equipped to provide the Flash to HTML conversion services in eLearning Design & Development in Bangalore, ,India.

How IndGlobal Digital Can Help

Being one of the leading E-learning Software Development Company in Bangalore, we take into consideration all the technical features before proceeding for the conversion process. We work to construct an online learning management system in India which is sophisticated and easy to go with. With our expertise in the world of web and online marketing we help companies benefit from our services as offered.

We offer: 

  • Saving the Flash-based content as a video file and reuploading it to the eLearning system like LMS.
  • Developing the course incorporating e-learning games with HTML5.
  • Rebuilding the entire content based on latest advancements in UI/UX to make it compatible with modern eLearning standards.

Our skilled and experienced team work to provide practical and instinctive Educational Software Development services to hold the features and upgrade the conversion process that will be beneficial for an organization.


Reason for adopting HTML5

HTML5, which is the standard e-Learning technology you should switch to has its own advantages as mentioned below:

Works everywhere. HTML5 is supported by almost all browsers. It is integrated by default in comparison to Flash that needs to be installed separately.

More powerful. HTML has the ability to provide better graphics and animations.

Better security. Flash has always been alleged for having vulnerabilities. HTML5, on the other hand, does not let hackers take over your system.

New norm. HTML5 is popular with eLearning developers and professionals across the globe.

Advantages of converting Flash to HTML5 by outsourcing

Lower price: Outsourcing companies tend to be less expensive than internal developers. without compromising the quality.

Experience: Companies that specialize in eLearning and have experience working with relevant authoring tools can attend the work efficiently.

Manpower: Outsourcing companies can dedicate a convenient manpower to complete projects in less time frame. 

These benefits certainly depend on the company you choose to work with.

Choose IndGlobal to ensure to select the one with experience and a good reputation, as evidenced by client reviews on independent sites and portfolio cases. 

Types of Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services 

There are mainly four conversion strategies – called the 4 ‘R’s to accomplish the Flash to HTML5 conversion service.

Record – this refers to a basic level of conversion of old Flash courses being recorded in the MP4 format where the course does not include interactive elements.

Republish – Courses are republished in the latest version of the authoring tool to get the desired HTML5 output.

Rebuild – Here, courses are rebuilt in the latest version retaining relevant media elements so that they can be accessed across multiple devices and platforms.

Redesign – While redesigning a new authoring tool is used which aid in designing a new media, instructional design strategy, even including an updated content.

Focus on the appropriate conversion strategy

There are three options. 

  • Record as video- If your course doesn’t have any interactive element, it can be recorded and uploaded directly to the eLearning system. This is the simplest and a cost-effective option.
  • Convert as it is- If you simply want the transition to a new format, it is convenient to use a modern authoring tool namely Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire etc..
  • Rebuild- This option implies either restructuring the course or rebuilding it from scratch and updating it with new teaching approaches like gamification and microlearning. It is the most expensive option but can be made convenient by reusing content and implementing modern templates.

Our Custom eLearning Development Solutions in bangalore are compatible with myriad operating systems and devices.

Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Process

  1. Course audit:

If a company has several learning programs, the management needs to assort them in an appropriate way as this lays a great emphasis on selection of the courses for conversion and a proper approach to the process. Future usage of the content in successive versions should be considered in the selection process. Some courses are prioritized while being chosen for conversion; for example- compliance training programs in case of an internal corporate training.

  1. Choosing appropriate tools: 

A screen recorder making high-definition videos would suffice, if your intention is just to convert Flash into video. However, if there is a need to make large-scale changes in the content, it is better to get in touch with an corporate Learning software development company which would, in turn drive the process relatively faster and in a more cost-effective way. 

  1. Conversion:

The conversion process is relatively straightforward with simple recording and direct transition from Flash to HTML5; whereas redevelopment includes considering factors like instructional design, template generation and prototyping. Flash files like .swf and .flv, .xml files, media content, storyboards can fasten up the process. You can also consult a subject matter expert for acquiring as much information and data as possible and to render your best.

  1. Testing:

Quality assurance is significant to ensure that it works as intended. There are many criterias that need to be checked . For example,

  • Content accuracy
  • Functionality
  • Visual consistency
  • Visual fidelity
  • Mobile compatibility

Choose the right eLearning authoring tool for conversion

It is essential to pick an authoring tool that meets your Flash to HTML5 conversion requirements. HTML5-based authoring tools provide better advantages as compared to Flash. For example, eLearning courses developed using HTML5-based tools are supported across various platforms, including Android and iOS. Moreover, authoring tools are easy to use and they also offer a wide range of interactive & media elements to design interesting custom e-learning courses.

There are some popular options as listed below:

  • Adobe Captivate: It is a great choice for conversion since it had been developed by the same company that developed Flash, Captivate can be a bit complex to handle, but it allows making good simulations and possesses a convenient HTML Tracker that enlists all unsupported objects thus saving you time.
  • Articulate Storyline: This authoring tool aids in an easy creation of interactive elements. It is simple to learn and use. Here, a large library consisting of extra content like characters, pictures etc. make the conversion process easier.
  • Lectora Inspire: This is one of the most suitable choices for text-heavy courses, for its innovative approach of displaying information. It also proves to be beneficial for translating an eLearning content as it incorporates dedicated options for that.
  • iSpring Suite: This tool can create PowerPoint-based courses at a much faster rate, simultaneously converting Flash to HTML5. It also has a wide variety of templates to save time on the conversion without compromising on the visuals.

Cost reduction techniques

Here are some strategies that you can adopt to reduce expenses on converting Flash to HTML5.

  • Recording animations:  If your existing flash animations are working fine you can probably proceed with the recording function in your authoring tool to capture them and transfer them to the new version of the course.
  • Reusing content: Depending on the approach, your visuals might need an update for which they can be transferred to the HTML5-based course.       
  • Reusing rich media: New authoring tools allow upgrading the Audio and video recordings used for a course, which means that it’s not necessary to rebuild them every time and instead help you save your time and money.
  • Use templates: eLearning templates assists on planning layouts. You just need to select the appropriate ones for each type of slide e.g. video, text, quiz, etc.

Suggestions to ensure a Perfect conversion within budget.

  • Share everything: Course information such as source files, storyboards, video, etc. – should be given to your vendor in advance to allow them to estimate and analyze the work more precisely.
  • Keep time zones in mind: If you have outsourced a company with a different time zone, then the time difference should be taken into account and do a proper follow up to make sure a timely delivery.
  • Segregate the task: Divide the conversion process in segments along with a prescribed timeline to ensure a timely delivery and figure out the most optimal working process.
  • Set up the risk management process: Establish clear procedures that you and your vendor need to check out to address any risk.
  • Use collaboration tools: Few Applications like Lectora Review Link allow for a quick and precise review of content with an option for inputs or queries which can be addressed further.

Testing, which is an integral part of any development work, has its own set of criterias-

  • Create a style guide: This ensures a visual consistency throughout the courses under conversion.
  • Create a review team: This should consist of subject matter experts, stakeholders, , developers etc. to review the converted content.
  •  Test on mobile devices: It is necessary to check the development work on smartphones and tablets to ensure that the converted course looks and runs well there, mobile e-learning lms software in India

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