The technological advancements in this 21st century have almost invaded all aspects of our life. With successive advances in technology, web design is evolving rapidly. The overreliance on technology is now becoming a part of human evolution. Consequently, intelligent devices are becoming more prevalent while the fascination with technology is expanding. Web designs today and their integration with technology, we can discover new web designing trends every year. The year 2022 and the future promise much more to look forward to in the web design arena! IndGlobal- a premium Web Design Company in Bangalore houses experienced and professional web designers/developers who are experts to implement innovative web designs.

Along with the functionalities and specifications needed of the client – and then converts it into a website, contributing towards creative and box Website Development in Bangalore. So, if you are eager to learn more about web designing in the future and what it will look like, keep reading the article here. We tried to develop a comprehensive guide here on the emerging web design trends that must be incorporated to stay at par with the current market competition.

An insight into the Website Design Statistics 2022

The leading innovation has revolutionized the way businesses and website design companies’ function. Below are a few statistics that can be referred to glimpse the web design future!

  • Approximately 38% of visitors do not prefer to engage with a site with an unappealing content layout.
  • 48% of people mentioned that a website’s design remains crucial in impacting a business’s credibility.
  • 73.1% of web designers think that a non-responsive web design could be a leading reason for visitors to leave a site. (Good Firms, 2021)


14 Web Designing Trends that should be Considered for Your Next Website

14 Web Designing Trends that should be Considered for Your Next Website

“There are basically three responses to a piece of design which includes yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one we should aim for”

Over the next couple of years, websites will be even more interactive than now, and hence, businesses should be equipped well to adapt to the change. Following are some of the leading edge web design trends that should be accounted for while thinking about building your following website.

1. A Responsive Web design and Development 

The responsiveness of web design enables the users to access sites very well regardless of the device types. There is an immense emphasis on responsiveness for mobile gadgets, and however, it’s challenging to overlook the designs and their responsiveness upon various devices. The statistics show that More than 80% of visitors leave a website if it is not portrayed perfectly on their smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

Since responsive website technology is extremely on-demand, we look forward to more innovation in this executive trend.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Cyber-Security 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are undoubtedly going to be one of the leading web designing trends in 2022 and beyond. Web design development considering AI ML also necessitates the implementation of cyber-security features. Security always remains of utmost concern from a user’s perspective. Every professional web design company in India focuses on delivering a robust and secure website free from technical glitches.

AI and ML will undoubtedly emerge as a more prominent feature in web design as they play a significant role in websites by recognizing user behavior, user preferences, etc. If you are also thinking of including AI and ML in your new or existing UI/UX projects, you are always welcome to get in touch with a top web design company in India.

3. API (Application Programming Interface) First Design

Building an app is much handier than using an altogether separate site for each function. APIs play a significant role in developing websites because they enable apps to access multiple tasks without recreating them. Interestingly, the application programming interface has been around for a while, and developers have found it much easier to get started and build the rest of the applications around it. With a lot of focus on mobile users in the coming days, there is a significant investment in the first API project, which is really the way to go. It’s always wise to begin the plans with an API and then proceed towards front-end designers. This trend emphasizes giving importance to one central platform by combining several features.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) 

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are expected to be much more prevalent in 2022 as there appears a growing demand for such technologies. These technologies enable the users to experiment with their devices, but it is much easier to develop something that you can touch and feel. It’sIt’s not hard to imagine that more dynamic websites can be created by using AR and VR elements. Websites will have a greater variety of functions in the future, and that is why web design companies should keep this upcoming trend in mind. Another advancement in web design and web applications is the implementation of merging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT. These technologies are gaining popularity day by day, and future websites are expected to be integrated with this in some way or the other. These technologies are revolutionizing the way we use things in our daily life. 

AR and VR are currently being widely used in education, media, health care, marketing already, and IoT has found its application in agriculture, vehicle manufacturing, security, health care, consumer durables, etc.

5. Chatbots 

There is increasing popularity of chatbots to offer assistance these days. They can better understand and interpret the user behavior and requirements by chatting with them, which further helps to reduce time and effort and even money by being very efficient. Thus, the essence of chatbots is to ensure that the user receives help in the best way possible during online support when users contact chatbots. Though there might be some additional improvements that should be added on to perfect this technology, this certainly can be counted as a trend that should be looked forward to in the future.

6. Graphics Interchange Format or GIF

GIFs are currently all-over social media, and GIFs are expected to trend on websites even in the years ahead. Web developers are now trying to make websites even more appealing as most users will be preferred for some elements that are swift and innovative. GIFs, in this regard, offer an attractive animated alternative.

Being shorter and lighter than the videos, GIFs can effectively attract attention and persist for some time. GIFs are best suited for single-page websites and mobile views, and it is expected to develop more dynamic designs in the website design. 

7. Voice Search 

Voice search is such an aspect that is becoming increasingly popular, with the majority of people owning smartphones today.

Developers should start adopting methods that effectively integrate this sort of technology into the website they develop beyond just offering screens where content can be viewed. They are people who may be doing multiple tasks simultaneously rather than just viewing content on the net. For them and visually impaired people, the option of voice search remains extremely useful.

For instance, a cab driver might need to search for the direction of a particular destination while driving; a chef might want a recipe for a specific cuisine while still preparing the dish; all these can be accomplished without looking at the screen. Thus, these are some scenarios that web designers need to think about in the future and include in their designs.

So far, all the major technology companies have started leveraging this technology, as can be seen in Google Voice Search, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, etc.

8. A Smart Video Background

Web design companies should utilize video backgrounds more often. The main reason being it helps engage the user more, which automatically enhances the Experience for them, and they feel more involved. Implementing an intelligent video background in various styles and website themes can be easily achievable. Furthermore, e-commerce websites should capacitate their websites to ensure that they are also accessible to differently-abled people, implying that if you include videos, there should be subtitles; or if there are only graphics, have audios to describe them.

9. Interactivity Elements

Interactivity is definitely on the rise, so web design companies should not forget to include it in their web design process. Today, users look for an interactive website- which ensures satisfaction- they will prefer not to spend time browsing through pages; they will leave if that interactivity is not there.

Web design companies, of course, will not like to lose a lead as there is no room for mistakes. Interactivity features and functionalities shape the way people will behave on websites, and therefore it’s crucial to consider this trend while developing a website.

Examples of interactive marketing strategies include-

  • Contests
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Assessments like quizzes
  • Polls and surveys


10. User-Friendly Navigation on Mobile

Today, most users have a smartphone, implying that they wish to have a smoother experience while browsing through a website. This upcoming trend mainly focuses on thumb-friendly mobile navigation as it is easier for people to use their thumbs instead of their other fingers. Even though this is not yet that significant Development in web design, it can be counted in as the content remains very important for users. The future of web design trends guarantees all users with websites that will be easy and convenient to access and fit very well on various gadgets.

11. White Space

Website design and development services should think of including white space while developing their website to keep the user better engaged and provide a more transparent and fresh appearance. It can control how a user interacts with the particular content on a page, and it is an ability that is perhaps gaining the utmost importance in the ecommerce sector. If you are wondering how whitespace can control user interaction, it is done through three fundamental principles: focus, organization, and emphasis. It is also possible to apply white space in various styles depending on users’ requirements. Web design companies in India need to consider this futuristic trend to provide an enhanced user experience.

12. Single-Page Websites

Single Page websites are trending because they provide a smooth experience to the user. They don’t include unnecessary and irrelevant data that can cause distractions, making it easier for users to find what exactly they’re looking for. The majority of ecommerce websites don’t necessarily prefer to incorporate multiple pages, and from the financial perspective it’s more sensible to embrace simple yet responsive single-page websites. 

The single-page website is convenient for developing efficient e-commerce sites, and maybe it will come up as the hottest topic in the future of web design. Web design companies should consider implementing this trend to offer a better user experience.

13. Green Hosting

All of us are aware of the deteriorating state of the climatic conditions of the environment and would like to contribute our part and put efforts to reverse and restore it. That’s why green hosting is becoming an increasingly popular trend and various web hosting firms are adopting green hosting to users involving a concept that is eco-friendly. Energy-efficient servers are used to host websites and blogs, and this concept encourages recycling as well. Web design companies should consider this trend to shape the future of web design as the world is trying to get greener across various industries, and it can immensely impact how users perceive them. 

14. Bold Fonts with Rounded Letters & Vintage-Inspired Colors 

The recent trend in web design includes colors that look vintage. This trend came into the limelight right after the flat design era, emphasizing softer and more delicate designs. It is further easy to combine colors with fonts inspired by old-school typography. Besides, businesses can also apply this specific style to any website as it does not have limitations in terms of the content, which means that web design companies should consider this trend when developing their upcoming site. Bold fonts with rounded letters stand out more, so this trend should become more prominent in the coming years. This specific style is one of the key trends in 2022 as it has already been adopted on the most popular websites.


How to select Trusted Web Designing Companies for your Upcoming Project?

How to select Trusted Web Designing Companies for your Upcoming Project?

If you want to establish as one of the most successful businesses online, you need an efficient website that reflects your brand well. To achieve this goal, it’s always better to hire trusted website developers India to get a high-quality site who can help your business grow and succeed. Here are 5 essential tips to choose proficient web designers in 2022 and beyond-

1. The working Experience-

Experience matters a lot when it comes to website designing. You should always look for a company that has been doing this job in this field for a while. This way, you will not only get a professional web design team who knows how to portray your dreams virtually but also will give you the best results in return. 

2. The Quality of already accomplished projects

This is probably one of the most important things to focus on while choosing a web design company. Apart from experience, you should also look for their accomplished projects and understand if it can suit your brand. Take your time to review the portfolio and check the websites they have built so far. Ensure that it has all the features you are looking for because this will ultimately be fruitful to get an idea of how the company works.

3. Cost efficiency

It is always good to set a budget. But the truth is that the highest price does not always guarantee top-notch services. It would be best to look for affordable companies offering quality services rather than their competitors as per your budget.

4. Quality of Services 

The services offered by the company will let you know if they are the right choice for you or not. Moreover, it’s necessary to see what feature sets them apart from their competitors in the market because this can help you understand how much to expect while working on a project with them.

5. The Company’s Reputation 

You can check the reviews and feedback of the previous or existing clients before finalizing on anyone because they quote the lowest prices. Several trustworthy companies provide top-notch services at affordable rates. It would be best to find these kinds of companies as they will always offer you better value for your money.

Final Words

Web design companies should start utilizing the trends mentioned above though predicted to grow in the next few years. Website owners also need a futuristic and flawless website builder from a trusted and reputed website designing company. So, suppose you’re looking for a web designer who specializes in developing web applications. In that case, we are here to help you establish your ecommerce brand and support the growth of your brand, which will definitely up the stakes. If you are looking for a proficient web design company in India, you can reach us to get services to help you build an elegant website with an astounding aesthetic.

Contact us to learn more about the recent trends and how we can help you.

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