According to every business owner, a good search is considered the backbone of having a great UX for your e-commerce online store. And, with Adobe commerce, it can be challenging as a third-party extension is essential for the e-commerce platform. Magento is a not-so-impressive framework due to its search feature. A simple algorithm was used by Magento 1 that did not give good results. And, in Magento 2, some things were improved and the web developers started using Elasticsearch for better search results and other additional features. But it was also not the best option as it included some modifications. 

Looking at all these issues, Adobe Summit came up with Live Search in 2021. It is a new search service launched by Adobe Commerce that focuses on giving the search feature new heights by using AI and other modern technologies. If you are a user of Adobe Commerce, then you can use the Live Search feature free of cost by installing the module from the Magento Live Search marketplace. The module offers a service-based approach that Adobe can use for future versions. It is an API service that provides easy deployment using Graph QL and JavaScript SDK types. Adobe Commerce helps business owners to deliver an attractive user experience without using any tool. 

Now, with this, you must know that CX can be a game changer in the digital world. It is essential to put some more solutions that can improve it. For Magento development company India, AI live search is one of the top features to enhance the website search experience. Therefore, in this blog, we have curated the best features of the Live Search option by Adobe Commerce and get to know how businesses use it to improve conversions. So, let us get started to know more about the Live Search feature. 

What is the Live Search feature by Adobe Commerce? 

Live Search is a top feature built for Adobe Commerce customers to make the website search experience easy. The business owner also gets the power of commerce data paired with Adobe Sensei, and it lists high matching results for the users without any backend complexities. 

It is known as an API-first headless service that makes the deployment easier using Graph QL and JavaScript SDK. You get an easy site search experience with amazing tools such as- 

  • Intelligent Faceting that selects the correct filters for queries to increase the conversion rates. 
  • Category Browse lets the merchants use the live search feature to enable category browsing other than taxonomy. 
  • Merchandising rules are the tool used by business owners to pin, boost, bury, and hide products to optimize the results through a search feature. 

Let us understand in detail the working of the Live Search feature in the e-commerce store and how it helps in improving the customer experiences. 

How does the Live Search Feature work? 

It was said by Adobe that for e-commerce business owners, it can be a competitive advantage to provide users with search results without any technical capabilities or delays. So, maintaining the e-commerce store’s search capabilities will improve the user experience as well as affect the business conversion rates. Good site search results produce two times more conversions efficiently as 50% of the visitors search the products through the search bar of the website. 

Using Machine Learning and AI capabilities, the Live Search feature provides the business merchants an option of ‘merchandising’ that can create customized search results to target good sales and better conversion rates. After implementing the Live Search feature in the business, the website search results become fast and efficient and help the business to enhance the search experience. 

The merchants also get correct reports based on the user issues so that the accurate strategy can be used to improve the business sales. These queries by the user also help the business owner to improve their product recommendation option leading to a high customer experience. The Live Search site feature is backed up by Machine Learning which makes the results accurate and personalized for the users. 

Live Search Feature Tools 

After you install the Live Search feature, there is a screen where you can configure some tools such as rules, facets, and synonyms, and do API requests using the search engine. So, here we have discussed the tools in detail to understand them more clearly. 

1. Synonyms

There are times when the customer types related words of a product or their synonyms in the search option. For instance- the user types shoes instead of sneakers. Therefore, using the synonyms tool, the configuration of the keywords that should be considered as synonyms for the product name is done. 

The best part of the tool is the ability to set a two-way such as searching for a dog lead to dog food or one-way like searching for a head cloth takes the user to scarf.  

2. Facets 

There are various attributes provided in the filters of a page, especially for a product listing page. These are known as facets. You can also add new attributes using these three steps- 

  • Go to admin. 
  • Then search for attributes. 
  • Choose a product.

Here you will get the newly added attribute in the faceting part of the Live Search feature. Wait for some time to see the new attributes added to the search configuration option. If you want to configure the facets, then it is also very simple as order and type of sorting configuration are done by pinning the attributes to the top of the filters tab. 

3. Rules 

Rules are the most amazing tool of the Live Search feature that lets you configure the look of the search results based on the user’s query. For instance- as an online business owner, you can create a rule that provides a product if the customer searches for a shirt. 

Live Search is the feature that many business owners were waiting for. Search has become a marketing tool that helps customers to find a product easily. The flexibility of the product delivery to the users gives a great chance to business to promote its products. The Graph QL tab used in the feature helped many web developers to create an API request and get the direct result using the search option. 

Main Features of the Live Search 

Adobe Commerce Live Search feature is reliable and robust that focuses on the speed, usage, and relevance of the site. It has now become an asset for business owners to offer good customer performance. Here are some of the basic features of the Live Search feature. 

  • Search for the product as you type 

Surprise your customers with the ‘search as you type’ feature by Live Search where the user types the product in the search box and gets the list of suggested products and images of the search results in a window. By clicking the suggested product, the customer can directly go to the product page easily. 

At the bottom, the users also get a ‘View All’ link to get all the search results on a different page. According to your preference, you can set the minimum characters necessary to popover results. And, you get the Live Search feature for as few as only one character. 

  • Personalized popovers 

Popovers are the best way to appeal to the audience and pleasingly catch their attention. Using the Live Search feature by Adobe Commerce, popovers appear as soon as the user types a product on the search box. The results are provided according to the user requirements and the latest inputs entered by them. 

You get general site suggestions, suggested products with images, and view all product options with the popover feature. You can easily customize the popovers by deriving their colors and footer to suit the site theme. 


Being the top Magento website development Bangalore-based organization, we also used the Live Search feature while developing the e-commerce sites using the Magento e-commerce platform. The web developers at Indglobal found the Live Search feature as one of the best functionalities added to the site that can increase the website search and bring success to the organization.  

So, if you are running an e-commerce store, it is essential to follow new features and trends to stay updated with the customer’s expectations and be future-ready. The Live Search feature by Adobe Commerce provides amazing onsite search functionalities that let the users get great faceting, personalized popovers, reporting, synonym management, and infinite scroll. 

The Live Search feature also helps the business to increase the conversion rates by targeting potential customers and assure them to find the right product. Using the feature, the business owner gets good user experience, increment in website usage, and valuable insights about the business. 

So, if you have a Magento e-commerce website, and want to shift to Adobe Commerce to create a new website, reach out to us at Indglobal. We are known as the leading Adobe Commerce Development Bangalore-based company that serves the business needs of the clients and delivers them the best services. Our amazing team of web developers can help in the integration process of new features in the existing website. Therefore, migrate to the Adobe platform easily with us and develop a whole new e-commerce web solution to bring more customers to the organization. 


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