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Bring out a new website is one part of a process of non-stop refining and improving your digital presentation.

Website Review
The website review will pin down your existing content, foremost tasks and enable you to purify your Information Architecture (IA), user journeys and design.

The build phase of the website will bring all your functional ideas together. Good Web CMSs will have features to ensure your content is W3C compliant for accessibility, plus have automated metadata tagging and link checking.

Further you will have to consider:

  • Web CMS
  • Analytics
  • Hosting
  • Mobile and standard website designs and processes

put a habit of ensuring your hosting provider is delivering you a robust solution and will deal with any additional traffic demand.

Analytics tracking
code should be added to the site to measure standard utilization and custom code for tracking actions, goals and funnels. It is censorious to monitor this information regularly and take step on what it is telling you.

Your mobile website will call for to be built and tested.

Launch and Promotion
Once you have accomplished your testing in a development environment, you will be ready to throw your product launch and promote your website as the optimum and unique channel for customers to employ your services.

Assistance is typically carried out by the marketing or communication team and would include campaigns for:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email
  • Offline material

If you have attempted a thorough website review prior to building a new website, your launch and promotion should be triumph. But once in detail,your website will really need to be work hard. In-depth usability testing and analytical research will allow you to upgrade conversions gradually and indirectly sell more or deliver more services.

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