“Alexa, make me a cup of coffee, no sugar, then please find my slippers.’’ Okay, that is not yet possible. But, did you notice that in recent years how many people have started using voice search instead of typing manually? We are living in a world of convenience that you want to make more convenient. As people have a busy life where they try to maintain the right balance between their work and life, which often leads to multitasking at some times. It means that if you want to know the weather report or want to get the latest news, then you want it quickly and with the right results.

All of us have seen multiple opportunities offered by some of the tools such as virtual teleconference, now is the time to look at one of the most popular technologies nowadays- voice search. Everything associated with voice search is increasing in the online world. In 2020, smart speaker sales exceeded around 150 million units. 60% of the 24-49-year-old demographic uses a voice-commanded device at least once a day. Also, 30% of web browsing sessions have now become screenless.

So, the revolution of voice search or command is here and spreading all around the world. But, what does that mean for your online e-commerce business? How can voice search work for an online business store and how can it be optimized to gain all the desired benefits? In this blog, we will guide you on how to let your e-commerce business store prepare for the voice search feature and get the best from it.

But, before we begin, let us explore more about voice search.

What is Voice Search?

You already are an expert in SEO and its practices, how it can optimize the content of your website for good rankings on the search engine when customers use good search keywords. The voice search feature is the verbal extension of this.

When you try to optimize voice searches, you are optimizing the pages of your website so that they appear when a customer uses the voice search feature. Once it is optimized, the pages of your website can be read out loud by the user using the voice search device.

Want to know more about voice search optimization? Feel free to get information from our team of e-commerce web developers in Bangalore and get your thoughts clear. 

How Voice Search Feature Changed the Traditional Searching Method?

Customers have different ways to search for a product through the voice search features as compared to how they used to search before. For instance- if a customer wants to buy a pair of shoes. In a traditional way of searching, they would have written a word like ‘’shoes with the brand name’. But, in a voice search, they can easily use more conversational phrases such as ‘’Hey Google, I want to buy shoes’ or ‘’Hey Google, show me the best shoe shop near me’, or choose any other phrase for buying the product.

According to a report by PPC, people are searching more for their questions and queries to get the answers in voice search. Hence, the voice search feature can be considered as an activity where you are aware of the new customers based on what you are selling. But this will not always give immediate results. So, have a proper plan to get in touch with your website visitors after they choose you.

How to optimize your e-commerce business store for the voice search feature?

If your customer searches for a product or service, and you want to be discoverable, then there are some changes you have to follow to make sure that they find you.

The first thing to do is follow the right search engine optimization techniques that should give a good user experience. Same to SEO, voice search helps your website to appear on search engine result pages and be found by the users. Here are some ways that you can use for your online business to get optimized for voice search.

1. Focus on long-tail keywords

SEO never gets complete without keywords. Around 70% of the search queries are long-tail keywords as they are the way to determine the intent of the user to search for the website. So, it is essential to know how voice search keywords are different from traditional keywords. Voice search keywords have a conversational tone that sounds natural to the users.

Therefore, if you target long-tail keywords, you will get the following benefits in 2023-

  • Long-tail keywords offer increased conversion rates.
  • SEO efforts are more convenient with voice search features.
  • For long-tail keywords, there is no requirement for multiple links.

The chances of content showing up when a user does a voice search using their device are high as you have the possibility of scaling through the rankings.

2. Enhance the local SEO

If your customers are searching local businesses using voice search features, then it is necessary to optimize the local SEO ranking. So, following a good local SEO optimization strategy can let the business achieve good rankings. Some of the local business directories such as Google My Business, Yell, and others help get customer reviews and business information.

So, to set up your local SEO for voice searches, follow these tips-

  • Create a Google My Business account to make your website appear in Google searches. It is essential to provide the right company details such as name, phone number, address, and many more.
  • Make sure that all the URLs, headings, title tags, and content are optimized. It is the necessary step to increase the search rankings, whether you have a business or a normal website.
  • To get practical customer reviews and remain in the competition, list your business on local online directories such as Apple Maps, Google My Business, and many more.

Execute these three steps and let your business rank first on the Google search engine.

3. Increase the speed and performance of your website

 Site performance is the essential aspect to get focused on search results. But, to get chosen by the customers, it is recommended to have a fast and well-organized website. The ranking of your website for keywords in voice search is determined by some of the basic factors such as screen loading time. It has been found that a hold of even 1 second can 7% of conversion rates.

So, the main goal is to improve the website’s performance on every device. Here are some tricks to optimize the performance and speed of your online e-commerce store.

  • Firstly, develop a mobile application.
  • Restrict all pop-ups and redirects.
  • Get mobile-responsive plugins and themes.

You can also get Magento Optimization Services at the best e-commerce web development company in India to speed up your e-commerce business store and enhance the user experience.

4. Publish communicational blog posts

We have discussed conversational keywords above, so you should also focus on creating communicational blog posts and publishing them. Many business owners use blogs to build good connections with users, get leads, and close sales. Use the best conversational keywords and incorporate them on the website. The intent of the keywords you have used should match the requirements of the users.

Attach a FAQ page on your website and include all the essential questions and answers that the users want to know about the products and services offered by you. All the questions should have a communicational tone and a similar answer so that there is a high chance of good rankings.

5. Pay attention to the customers

Understanding the customers is one of the top marketing techniques in the business industry. And in the world of voice search optimization, it has also become essential. Recall your voice search feature being communication and to know who is on the other side of the dialogue.

Detailed research about the customer is essential, so define the target audience carefully by adding a customer journey map to your business marketing tactics. Understand their habits, problems, and pain points, and get the right methods to solve them.

Is Your Business Ready for Voice Search?

As we talk about the future of the online industry, directly speaking to the search engine will become popular. It is already easy to ask a device to play a song or to tell you which year World War II happened, but with voice search sales reaching around $2 billion, with a forecast of $40 billion, the voice search feature is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury in the e-commerce world.

The shift will evolve continuously, especially as technology improves and big companies are here to invest more in the development of good IoT devices. But the question is, is your business ready to optimize the e-commerce store and rank high beating the competitors?

So, if you wish to see growth in the e-commerce market, then use Indglobal’s e-commerce development services in Bangalore. Connect with us today. The e-commerce developers associated with us have great experience in developing e-commerce web stores and mobile applications using the latest and modern technologies such as Chatbots, AR, VR, and Voice Search. Let us help you with online business needs and deliver the best.

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