How to Use Google Ads to Generate More Local Leads

How should local businesses utilize Google Ads to generate more leads? Ask this particular question to marketers and most of them will tell you that geolocation targeting is the way to go.

They are partially true though. Geolocation targeting does help you identify where your customers might be. However, it is not the only way with the help of which you can actually generate leads. In fact, if you are solely relying on geolocation to target customers then your marketing strategy is incomplete. With the aid of a qualified PPC management service in bangalore, you can actually explore a few other surefire ways to generate leads for your local business. Here are details.

Add Local-Friendly Ad Extensions to your Marketing Strategy
Add extensions offering you multifarious benefits including increased click-through rates. If you haven’t been using these extensions all this while then take a look at all the opportunities that you have been losing out since now:

Location Extensions
Now, location extensions seem to be an obvious marketing choice when you are running local ads. Quite strangely enough- however- if you look up the local searches for the local businesses on Google today – you will find that most of them aren’t using “Location Extension” in the first place! As shocking as it seems, let us tell you that it’s your window of opportunity to stand out as well. And, you just need minutes of work to add Location Extension to your holistic marketing strategy.

You can add it directly from the Google Ads dashboard (Extensions Tab)

  • 76% of the people who searched for local goodsand services visited the stores
  • 28% of them purchased as well
  • Local searches associated with location targeting is increasing by 130% every year

Other extensions that you must add include are:

  • Affiliate Location extensions to help people identify other stores selling your brand
  • Phone Call Extensions
  • Dynamic Sitelinks to drive users to your sales page faster through contextual relevance

It is important to note that you cannot use extensions arbitrarily. Dynamic sitelinks, for example, need to be used very intelligently. These sitelinks deliver primarily on the basis of previous search history. Just adding these sitelinks to your marketing mix is not enough. You should be prudent enough to run assessments every week in order to measure performance. If your sitelinks are not really delivering then consider creating your own sitelinks for action-oriented benefits.

Use the Combination of Local Search Ads and Bid Modifiers
Local Search Ads work a bit differently from the Regular Search network ads. The search networks link directly to your website, while the local search ads link directly to a Google Page which offers your customer more information (reviews, business address, photos etc) about your business.
So in a way you are in a position to capitalize on the direct searches conducted on Google as well as searches on Google Maps. Here are a few ways with the help of which you can optimize Local Search Ads:

  • Keep updating your Google My Business Page
  • Optimize local keywords
  • Strategize bids to bolster local targeting

You can adjust your bids as per the target radius of your business. For instance, if you have set your bid adjustment at 20%, then what is $100 for normal clicks, Google will bid at $120.

For target radius within 5 miles increase the bid by 50%. For 10 miles keep it normal and so on.

Focus on local keywords and firms
And not only on Google’s Ad Default Setting. Google’s default geolocation setting is not accurate quite simply because of the fact that it targets people who have showed interest in your desired business locations. It only means that if someone is residing in Mumbai, he could be looking up your business in Bangalore. These customers however are never going to visit your business. It means you are actually paying up thousands of dollars on clicks – only for brand awareness but not for actual store visits.

In order to aim for more precision driven searches make sure you are making the following changes in your Google setting for location targeting. An advanced search will lead you to the Location Options whereby you can choose to tell Google that you only want “People in Your Targeted Locations”.

Doing this might as well lower traffic to your site but you can be more assured about the minimization of wasted clicks.

Please consult Indglobal Digital Private Limited (the Best digital marketing company in bangalore) to explore more such nuances of Google Local Searches and make the most of them to generate more leads.

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