Having a business website has already emerged as a must-have for both mature companies and start-ups. The main reason driving website development bangalore leads to the several benefits that a website offers for both small business owners and big business owners, for the startups and for larger enterprises. However, as the data shows, around 46% of small businesses don’t possess a website yet, and 12% are most likely to create it in the future. In the current scenario, when modern people spend almost about 8 hours a day on the Internet, shaping the way we live and work, any business should have a web presence to be successful. Furthermore, even low budget web development allows you to build pretty nice websites that are quite affordable for startups.  

What makes a website so essential for a business to run successfully, developing a good reputation, and generating good sales? In this article, as a leading web development company in Bangalore, we tried to explain the necessity and advantages of small business website development.

Why should you develop a Website For Your brand?

Why should you develop a website for your business


This is a very common question the startup initiators often think. Being a renowned website development company in India, we say the answer is definitely “yes” but if you wish to know in detail, keep reading this article to know the reasons to build a website for a startup project.

  • Reputation building. A business website can be considered as a tool for reputation building. While some business owners think of having social media profiles enough for a successful reputation development and keeping touch with the customers, in practice, a business website should still be a must-have. Thereby, it can work as an online business representative, highlighting that you are pretty serious about your company and the impression it creates. 
  • Perfect for Branding. One of the best things about a good web design is that it allows for creating a perfectly branded website that is aligned with a brand style, identity, its mission, and values expressed in true colors and forms. Furthermore, adding branded elements to your website is also a good idea to improve brand recognition since the first impression that we get through a website for any product is always visual. 
  • SEO promotion coupled with digital marketing. SEO promotion and digital marketing are difficult without a well-developed and technically strong website. And despite the online competition, there are a number of strategies which you can follow and implement to promote your business successfully. 
  • Data collection tool. Your website can work as a data collection tool too, helping you get insights into your users’ behavior. With the aid of heat mapping, you can reveal which sections of the website are able to get the most attention, or where the users are facing stumbling blocks. These insights can be valuable for understanding the user experience your website is delivering which is especially relevant as your website is your main tool to sell your products. 
  • Idea validation. Some startup initiators prefer using the landing pages to validate their idea, test the market response and understand whether their offer is interesting enough to the prospective leads. As a rule, they create landing pages with a simple design, run PPC ads, gather analytical insights, and only then, move to custom and full-fledged website development.
  • Investment attraction strategy. In this, a website can work as a tool to make the first impression, simultaneously highlighting credibility, and reputation, and proving that you are concerned about your business development.
  • Direct point of sale. Startup initiators can also use their website as a direct or indirect point of sale. For instance, an eCommerce website can be regarded as a direct selling tool. Similarly, redirecting the visitors to the third-party platform such as Play Market or App Store can be regarded as the way to use your website for indirect sales.

Advantages of having a website for small business

Advantages of having a website for small business

1. Web development in a minimum budget

For startup owners who usually have a small budget, building an effective web presence at the initial stage of their business is quite beneficial in order to be able to get a decent profit in the future. There remains a cause-effect relationship. It is more like- the sooner you create a website, the sooner you’ll gain a profit if you have just started your small business.

Initially it might seem to be too expensive, but depending on your up-front capital a low budget web development enables you to craft a simple but efficient website that is able to convert visitors into potential clients. Another option that is pretty affordable for startups and small businesses is to create a minimum viable product to appear on the market as soon as possible, and invest in its improvements later on.

2. Allows to reach wider audience due to 24/7 website accessibility

Regardless of the nature of the business you are running, offering a website that is accessible on a 7-day 24-hour basis without taking any breaks for holidays and weekends provides a huge advantage. Also, your physical shop is closed at night, but your online shop can keep on selling and bringing you revenue by catering to customers at any time of the day that is convenient for them.

One more valid reason to create a web presence for your brand is to minimize the gap as it enables you to expand your target audience and make deals with those potential customers who are otherwise located far away from you. Actually, with an efficient website the whole globe can be within your reach.

According to data, almost 60% of people execute online searches through a search engine and 61%of them prefer to read product reviews before making a purchase. By the way, you should not ignore the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets and thereby implementing a responsive web design to provide a satisfactory UX for mobile users.

3. Brand visibility and recognition

If you have just started running a startup, it’s especially important for you to get recognized by as many people as possible. You want to let them know about your brand, its services and/ or its products and also how useful it can be. Sharing information as well as brand advocacy also work well.

A website representing your business will not only help you provide better online visibility and discoverability it also helps to establish or enhance your brand recognition. If you have multiple backlinks from authoritative sites to yours, this will even help to provide more credibility for your business.

4. Easy promotion of your brand with a website

A good website content with trending topics helps get traffic. Content marketing lets you attract potential customers. According to data, companies that do regular blogging are able to generate 67% more leads per month, and have almost 67% more selling opportunities than others. 

Moreover, promoting your brand on various platforms is much easier if you own a website. You could even easily enjoy the maximum SMM benefits for business if your social media posts have links that direct social users to your website, where they can find more detailed information. The same holds true of paid social media too. Promoted posts and sponsored ads that are often linked to a website reliable and authoritative.

5. Customer insights and understanding user behavior

Understanding the expectations of your audience lets you reach customer satisfaction and earn customer loyalty. If you wish to offer your clients exactly what they need, obviously you need to know what they really need and what they actually expect.

By having a website, it becomes pretty easy to monitor how users interact with it. You can easily find out which product or service people are liking the most and what they like the least. You also get ideas regarding area specific preferences, devices and third-party sites they usually come from, and much more. These insights are helpful to create a clear vision of your user persona.

There are multiple tools for tracking user behaviour, gathering data as well as presenting it in a convenient way, along with storing and interpreting it. The most popular is the one made by Google. You can track key Google Analytics metrics to convert your business more client-oriented. Google Analytics can be very useful to guide your content marketing as well as other marketing strategies.

Website types that are preferred by the start-up businesses

There are mainly three types of websites that startup initiators usually choose to develop for their businesses.

  1. eCommerce website. This is a basic online store used to sell the products or services. Such a website is ideal for retail startups and newly launched companies. Following the best practices of UI and UX to deliver a seamless shopping experience is one of the main rules behind creating this sort of website for an eCommerce startup.
  2. E-store for business representation. This type of website is usually built with a goal to tell more about your business, its mission, and values. But, the process of service delivery or product sale actually happens somewhere, for instance, on Amazon or App Store. While creating such a website, focusing on brand identity is equally important.
  3. Conversion-driving and an efficient landing page. The main advantage this type of website provides is the opportunity to build a short sales funnel along with developing a clear user journey. These are the features that eventually make the landing pages conversion-driving. Creating such a website is indeed a good idea for the startups providing digital services according to the dropshipping business model.

Feel like building any of the website types that we mentioned above. We are here to develop it for you.


How Can IndGlobal Help You with Website Development?

After serving more than 1200 clients and still counting, IND Global is soon deemed to be one of your first choices when it comes to start-up web development. We own a team that puts in efforts of coming up with excellent e-commerce websites for clients while ensuring that there is a perfect  exposure for it. Right from incorporating multiple payment methods as well as cart options, your brand gets that required boost backing you with their services. Creating a website may sound fascinating, but this task needs professional experience and expertise. Our team at IndGlobal is well-versed in creating robust websites for multiple industries, so here is how we can help your business grow:

  • We include the most effective technology. There are several programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that we use to create a powerful website. Our choice of the technical tools is always project-dependent. Our tech-savvy programmers are right here to ensure picking the winning tech stack for your website development.
  • We suggest the winning features for an MVP as the success of a Minimum Viable Product mainly depends on the ability to match its features if it’s set with the expectations of the audience. Our practical experience enables us to suggest the essential features which would be enough to test your MVP and get an insight into the further development process.
  • We Design your website in a custom and elegant way. A web design for a startup should be as branded as possible so that the visitors can build the associative bonds between the color palette you are using and your startup brand. Improving brand awareness and recognition is one of the main tasks a startup company should deal with to be adopted by the market, so creating a well-designed website can be the first step along this path.
  • We create your startup website with SEO requirements in mind. There are a lot of technical pitfalls when it comes to SEO. But you can avoid some of them if your website is created with the best SEO practices in mind and written in a clear code the search engines are easy to get through.



Having a website is a must for any business now. Depending on the website type being developed, it can very well be the main points of sales, business representation, or even an idea validation tool, along with being a great platform to build reputation and credibility for the future investors.

IndGlobal has the highest-end expertise in creating beautiful custom websites for start-ups and renowned brands as well. Contact us if you are looking forward to creating a powerful and SEO-focused website that is perfectly tailored to your business requirements and the expectations of your customers.

We know what it takes to make a mark in the digital world and to be in the limelight. This is where we come to your assistance where we stay along with you right from scratch. We help you with an initial plan of how to set up the website just so that it comes around as a face that you intend to show to your target audience. We are equipped with the latest technology stack as well as an efficient workforce who ensure that you are guided well to ensure that your start-up is just perfect while gaining the grip with each passing day.

If you already decided to build a website for your brand, order our website development services in Bangalore. We can provide proficient technical solutions that fit your budget as well as satisfy your particular business needs the best. Our IT experts have a lot of experience in this arena and are well equipped to build elegant customized web solutions.

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