Magento is one of the highly reputed e-commerce platforms that provide great quality and functionality to grow a large-scale business at a pace. Before you choose Magento as your business e-commerce platform, note that the business should not be small-scale. The Magento e-commerce software is provided to the customers by Adobe and is considered a winning platform for large enterprises to develop their online stores. The e-commerce platform has amazing customization as well as the capability to meet customer needs.

The free option of the software is perfect for the clients, but to access various functions like SEO, you have to upgrade the software by paying a significant cash amount. Also, a web developer is required to work with Magento to create an online business for the organization. The updated e-commerce Magento platform offers the best services to its clients from several customized features to hundreds of extensions to choose from. It gives you a plerotha of tools to develop an online e-commerce website by seeking the help of the top Magento e-commerce developers from a renowned website development company such as Indglobal.

Magento Review

Here is a review of the Magento e-commerce platform as per its usage by our well-experienced web developers who are using the software to create an appealing website for clients. The review is based on its features, support, and pricing. You will also get to know the basic information about Magento and why it is so useful to web developers to build an e-commerce website.

Ease of Use 9/10
Features 10/10
Pricing 6/10
Support 7/10

Magento is recommended for websites that are user-friendly, scalable, and feature-intensive. So, the web developers should focus on these three features before using the Magento e-commerce platform to develop an online website. Various websites use Magento to provide an online place to the customers such as Ford, Vizio, Landrover, Helly Hansen, Liverpool, and many more as it supports all three platforms web, iPhone, and Android.

When we talk about the customers using the Magento e-commerce platform, we came across business owners of large enterprises as well as mid-size and small businesses. Also, people working as freelancers want their websites and other applications to be built on Magento. The e-commerce platform is commonly used by web developers as an e-commerce platform, shopping cart, content management system, inventory management, and many more.

According to the reviews, the most valued features by the users of the Magento e-commerce platform are provided below. The features are defined by the users according to their-

  1. Third-party integration
  2. Great reporting and statistics
  3. Top content management
  4. Customized branding
  5. Perfect data import and export

Now, you got to know about Magento reviews according to its usage by different people to create online web and mobile applications. Here, let us dig more into what Magento is; its features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing. The blog will also provide you with the answer to why the Magento e-commerce platform is considered the top content management system by a Magento e-commerce website development company.

What is the Magento e-commerce platform?

Magento is a well-known e-commerce platform that was launched in 2018 and sold to Adobe by eBay. The e-commerce platform handles almost $100 billion in gross merchandise volume a year. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that was coded through the PHP programming language. The platform uses various PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony.

The users of Magento have great access to various features of the software that assist them to connect with their users and sell them products. In today’s times, Magento is used by over 20% of e-commerce websites. Magento’s e-commerce platform works mainly in two ways-

  • Available as a free download, just get it from the official website and install it on the server.
  • Use as a hosted service, that is there is no need to install anything, and available at a high price.

Why use Magento e-commerce software?

Magento is active plugin development community software that is widely used by hundreds of its clients to create an e-commerce website. The Magento platform is used by small online stores to big stores around the world. A paid tier is used by the organizations, and if you want a basic level tier, then it is free of cost. Some of the big retailers such as Samsung or Nespresso use the Magento e-commerce platform to build their websites.

Magento E-commerce Software Best Suited For

Magento is a great e-commerce platform to develop an online store to run the business effectively and engage more customers. If you want to set up a small business organization, then there are many frameworks to help you exist in the digital world. But, if the business owner has a well-established business, then Magento fits best to start an online e-commerce store. It is considered one of the perfect platforms to have an online store to serve the users.

Magento’s e-commerce platform has the expertise to work with ample traffic, a variety of products, and great sales. So, it can be said that Magento is a leading e-commerce platform for big e-commerce online stores.

Features of Magento E-commerce Platform

Features of Magento E-commerce Platform

Here are the top features of Magento that make it the best choice to set up a large business online store. Scroll down and go through each feature briefly.

  • Drag and Drop

The uploading of media such as pictures of the product, videos, and others is easy with the media storage provided by the Magento platform. You have to select the page section required and drag the file over.

  • Customization

Magento’s e-commerce platform is more customizable and web developer-friendly than other software. So, this means that there is no Magento themes library associated with the platform. You can personalize the website according to your needs and make it work according to the business.

  • Editing of the page

Magento requires some coding expertise, and most of its features are simple to use when established perfectly. And, this makes page editing an exception. The layout of the website is very similar to the word processor, and several sections are added using the drag and drop button.

  • Multiple permissions

The Magento e-commerce platform is developed for large business organizations, so it is essential to have multiple users. And, to provide access to all the users, you can have specific permissions.

Magento helps the users to assign as well as unassign various roles, abilities, and actions from a long specific list. So, choosing the Magento e-commerce platform is great to develop your online website or application. 

  • Extensions

Whatever a business owner requires, they will surely find it in the Magento e-commerce framework that is known as Magento connect. It is a place where you will get the entire multiple add–ons.

You can choose from the free and paid options that let you browse through the ample marketing extensions, dynamic themes, payment plug-ins, and other features. You also get an opportunity to develop the Magento website according to your requirements.

These are the top features of the Magento e-commerce platform that help people to choose the framework to develop their online website and engage customers in the business. Now, with this, we will brief you about the usage of Magento.

Usability of Magento E-commerce Software

Magento is a platform that is new to technology. So, to maintain it and set it to the business is possible by hiring a developer from the leading website development company in the country. And, after looking at several aspects, it is found that several levels and details require a learning curve.

Magento is used only if you have a large business organization that needs future growth, rather than choosing a small company. The day-to-day usage of Magento is straightforward as the backend can be navigated easily. The software download is open-source; hence it is not beginner-friendly.

Magento E-commerce Platform Pricing

The price of Magento software is a little complicated. The basic version is open-source and can be downloaded for free. And, if you want to run a large business, then an upgrade to the paid version is required. This will help you make the business grow, give access to SEO, increase technical support, and make hosting available.

But, Magento is one of the expensive options for the businessman who wants to set up a large business organization. The plan starts from $1,999 per month, which can get up to $3,999 per month to add upgrades and other technical assistance.

Pros and Cons of Magento E-commerce Platform

Pros and Cons of Magento E-commerce Platform

After, we have read everything about what Magento is; now let us learn about the top advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Pros of Magento

1. User-Friendly

Magento is a user-friendly platform for people who do not have any technical knowledge to code to find a unique solution for the business. The admin area of Magento is designed for people who do not have great knowledge or experience in using the framework.

2. Rich List of Features

Magento’s e-commerce platform delivers the users with an appealing list of features that can help them create an online website for their business to grow in the digital world.

3. Scalability

Scalability is one of the top advantages of using a Magento e-commerce framework. Yes, you can easily switch from 10 to 1,000 products on the online website. Magento software is developed according to the scalability of the business, making it easier for the customers to find the products easily.

4. Big Community for Users and Contributors

If you develop your website through Magento, then there is no issue in finding a vendor to get proper assistance for the online store. You just have to switch to the Magento Partners portal to find the right contributor as well as the user.

Cons of Magento

1. Hosting

As the design of Magento software is scalable, it is required to host a store for Magento on its servers. It is an additional expense and an extra online price a month. It is a less agile framework providing non-specific solutions to the customers.

2. Learning curve

If a business does not hire a Magento web developer and wants to create the website on its own, you have to learn many things related to the software. You have to know the principles of object-oriented programming, PHP, and MySQL. It is challenging for beginners as they do not have any technical knowledge to build an online store using Magento.

3. Time-consuming

As the learning curve of Magento is steep, it is time-consuming to adapt to the chances of developing a website. Otherwise, you have to seek help from the Magento e-commerce development company and make your website look attractive to the users.

Why Magento e-commerce platform is the most popular CMS?

The traditional retail industry has shifted towards the online e-commerce industry. The increase in the competition, easy-to-use mobile applications and changes in the buying behavior of the customers are some of the top reasons for the e-commerce industry’s popularity.

Almost 2 billion people around the world do online shopping from different e-commerce websites. Also, the market online selling share has grown to 17.5% in 2020 from 10.5% in 2017. There are various e-commerce website development platforms in the market to help people in selling products and services online.

But, among all the e-commerce platforms, Magento is one of the most famous CMS e-commerce website development software that is used by many webs’ development companies. One of the main reasons is Magento provides customized e-commerce development services to its customers. And, to know more about other top reasons that show why Magento is the leading e-commerce content management system, scroll down and read about them briefly.

  • Third-party extension

Magento software lets the customers use third-party solutions as well as tools. The framework has a collection of various third-party extensions, integrations, as well as components to simply deploy to the new and updated versions.

The users get a great option to update the services using extensions that are free of cost and affordable. You can get help from a Magento web developer to add several features to your pages such as feedback, social media, reviews, and analytics tools. This also improves the appearance, functionality, and style of the whole website.  

  • SEO-friendly

Every business owner wants to make their business rank higher on search engines and this lets them take all the essential steps to reach the top of the first page. And, this can only be possible by using an SEO technique and implementing it in business. Magento provides ample advanced features that can be used to keep the SEO high and allow the website owners to optimize the ranking of the online store. The content management system of Magento lets the customers optimize the URL, create a sitemap, add ALT tags, and many more.

  • Reliable hosting

Many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify restrict providing hosting solutions to e-commerce online stores. But, with the CMS of Magento, the users are free to choose any type of hosting they want.

The web developers associated with the business can pick the hosting service provider, package, and model that fulfills the business needs. And, if you choose Magento hosting, then it helps to increase the sales and revenue of the business.

  • Open-source framework

Magento’s e-commerce platform is developed and designed using the open-source license and other open-source tools. The open-source code can be easily studied, examined, changed, and distributed to the users without any charges. The framework allows the users to improve their business results.

As Magento is an open-source CMS, it is fully adaptable. The platform can fit any type of needs that the developers and merchants might have. Also, the security provided by Magento Website Developer meets the top-quality standards and delivers reliable performance.

  • SSL certificate

Using the SSL certificate, the business owners ensure that the website is fully secured by an encrypted link between a web browser and server. The information that is shared through the link provided is private and is provided to the users. SSL is necessary for websites that are using online transactions.

A Magento developer can be hired to integrate HTTP to the online store for securing information about the users including credit card, login, and other essential details. The business owner has to purchase an SSL certificate to add it to the web store to load the web pages smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, this is all about the top e-commerce development software Magento which is building growth for the business in every industry. Magento is the top platform to meet all the requirements of the business for large enterprises. This write-up is designed to give an insight into the leading e-commerce development framework and the best CMS to provide the top services to the customers.

We have tried to provide all the essential information regarding Magento that is easy to use for developers with great expertise. It is quality e-commerce software but requires time, maintenance, and money that are the best fit for large enterprises. If you know the ways to use it and need it, then no one can go wrong with developing a web application using Magento.  

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