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Magento PWA Development Services

Searching for a fast and user-friendly e-commerce experience for your online users? Indglobal Digital Private Limited is the right place. Create a high-performing and super fast progressive web app for your Magento e-commerce store in two weeks and see your conversions, engagement, and revenue gearing up. With multiple features such as easy background updates, built-in payment integration, and unlimited customizations, you can give your device an unimaginable shopping experience. Indglobal is one of the top web development companies in Bangalore that has great expertise in delivering the clients a PWA that will have- 

  • Improved SEO and mobile device optimization 
  • Lightning fast website speed
  • Native application-like look 
  • Enhanced UI/UX design 




Here is a small description of what a progressive web app or PWA is. Also, knowing about the Magento PWA services is essential to add them to your online business store. A progressive web app or PWA is a web application that uses modern technologies and designs to deliver a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience to clients. The websites developed using PWA web development services are responsive, secure, fast, and cross-browser compatible. The website can be accessed in an offline mode and acts like a native app on your mobile devices. The Magento PWA development includes a set of developer tools that allow the development, deployment, and maintenance of a PWA storefront of Magento 2.3 and above. It uses modern libraries and tools to develop a build framework and system that adhere to the principle of extensibility by Magento.

Why choose Magento PWA development services?

The benefits of PWA or progressive web application help e-commerce organizations get a large share of mobile traffic that maximizes their profits, provide the best design, and improve user experience. The Magento PWA development service offered by Indglobal focuses on providing a high level of comfort and easy interaction. The top benefits of Magento PWA are-

Good engagement of the users

Magento PWA development services provided by Indglobal allow push notifications that let the business keep its customers informed about new products, services, and deals. There is no need to download updates that support deals or sales, as PWA helps the users to go all the way from the home screen to the shopping cart in just a few seconds, rather than taking a lot of time.

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Improvement in mobile conversions

PWA offers fast loading of the website that improves the mobile experiences as compared to traditional Android or iOS applications. PWA requires mobile app-like interaction from the customers and assures positive results from the start. There is nothing about waiting as the website content is cached during the first load which affects the conversion rates and makes them high. 

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Seamless update and offline mode

PWA development offers offline support to the website that helps the users to interact with your store in the best ways as you do usually. Also, it synchronizes the changes after the connection is restored. There is no need to download any update when the app is developed using Magento PWA development services. Progressive web apps also reduce the conflicts between the brand and customers as they are not required to wait for long to access your store. 

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Magento PWA development services outperform mobile apps on the fact that progressive web apps are indexed by Google. So, the SEO team can work with PWA just like it works with the web boutique.

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Magento PWA Development Process by Indglobal

We have a straightforward process of Magento PWA development services, so every team member working on it is productive and comfortable. After all, it is said that good solutions come with predictability and transparency.

Here is the Magento PWA development process followed by the Magento developers at Indglobal-

Step 1- Discovery and Preparation

The first step is to discover the business situation, learn about the customer requirements, and do a proper analysis. Then, with the analysis, we develop documentation with scope and timelines that assures the predicted development of the Magento progressive web app. 

Step 2- Prototyping

The next step is developing the core pages of the PWA and testing its ins and outs to identify what the business and customers need. Also, we remove unwanted features and elements for a great user experience.

Step 3- Web Design and Development

As a leading Magento PWA development company, we know the importance of web design as it differentiates the brand from other competitors and targets potential customers. Hence, our web development and design services help the business to maximize its profits by delivering the perfect web design and development services.

Step 4- Development of the PWA

The Magento PWA developers at Indglobal create a clear and predictable Magento PWA and provide you with a manager who serves your needs with a team of experts who work on your web application. 

Step 5- Integration and Extensions

Progress is not unavoidable, and your business should face it. We offer several integration sets, handpicked extensions, and sometimes develop custom ones to fulfill the business requirements of our clients. 

Step 6- Quality Assurance

The Magento PWA development services provided by us focus on implementation and strive to deliver the audience the right product that they deserve. Therefore, our Magento experts conduct meticulous testing and make sure that the PWA works fine. 

Step 7- Post-release Support

When the web app is released, it is essential to improve and maintain the web app to stay ahead of the competitors. And, we support our clients both in long and short-term perspectives. 

As a Magento PWA development service provider, Indglobal offers great benefits to businesses that use progressive apps. If you want good mobile traffic, sell day-to-day goods, or want fast loading time, then progressive web apps are the best solution for your business organization. The benefits of Magento PWA development web services are- 

  • Offline mode support with actions synchronization and easy changes. 
  • SEO friendliness as PWA is indexed by Google and other systems. 
  • Great user engagement and rich UI/UX capabilities. 
  • Instant access to the shopping cart from the home screen without downloading updates.

Hence, choose Indglobal Digital Private Limited as the Magento PWA development company as we help the clients to re-platform, modernize, and build solutions from scratch. With a great experience in the digital industry and market, we provide a flawless technical implementation. Also, we are always available for our customers from fashion to the electronics sector and have cross-domain expertise that allows us to partner with tech companies and business experts.


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