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Magneto is a powerful e-commerce platform offering rich customization opportunities by modules and extensions. Built on a fully modular model influencing an unlimited scalability and flexibility, Magento is a preferable choice to develop an eCommerce website.

By offering, every functionality and tool, retailers need the most; Magento makes everything possible to design a responsive and intuitive eCommerce store. Magento theme customization servicesis a part of customizing Magento templates to deck up your e-commerce website to build themes that suits your business the best.

Indglobal’s Magento theme customization service
Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, you deserve a stylish and functional Magento theme for your eCommerce website. The first impression your customers have when they visit your store is irreplaceable and the role of a perfect Magento theme in this is immense. Being a professional Magento Theme customization Company Bangalore, your growth matters to us.

We manage and facilitate easy and effortless Magento theme customization services by carefully planning and knowing your unique consideration in advance. With a decade of experience in the industry, we have helped many businesses from startups to enterprises in choosing the best theme, which suits their niche.Indglobal has the ability to create crisp and usability focused Magento templates as per your unique business requirements.

Our feat in the e-commerce industry
Indglobal boasts a strong professional team of Magento experts and Magento custom theme developers in India having a noticeable experience and vast knowledge in the latest versions of Magento and covers all needs of businesses. Our e-commerce services cover the implementation of a wide range of magneto features including theme customization to ensure the growth of your e-commerce website.

Magento Theme customization walkthrough

As a leading company focusing on Magento custom theme development in India, Indglobal has experience in incorporating trendy Magento designs into HTML/CSS and build an attractive Magento template for brands. This is the process flow we follow.

  • Install Magento into your server.
  • Disable Cache management.
  • Enable index Management.
  • Create a folder in app/design/frontend/
  • Copy all folder from RWD theme to your new folder.
  • In addition, move the skin folder from the default folder to your new theme folder.
  • Add your new theme into your admin panel design Tab.
  • After that, you can change the code from the new template and customize as per your need.

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B2C eCommerce

Indglobal understands that your e-commerce website needs to be flawless and competitive to keep up with the fast-paced nature of B2C e-commerce. We build B2C e-commerce sites that are simple and requires minimal click user pathways. With the ability to build multi-site storefront by utilizing the capabilities of Magento theme customization, we can open up your services to the world while making it easy to manage all from one place.


An Award-winningE-commerce partner for Magento theme customization

As award-winning Magento experts in Bangalore, we are proud to offer our clients with complete e-commerce solution along with Magento theme customization that you can trust. Our in-house team of magneto specialists can help you to develop an eCommerce website with customized Magento theme and deliver award-winning online stores and Omni-channel eCommerce solutions.


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