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Indglobal believes in logic, innovation and reinvention . Our main aim is to create an out of the box experience for our clients by achieving state of art techniques that enhance the user experience . We design and develop mobile friendly websites , e-commerce applications , mobile apps . We also redesign existing websites to make it mobile friendly which has a appealing look and websites are user friendly . Professional website is the first impression of any business .

Responsive design means a website has been developed so that all the images ,content and structure of the website remain the same on different mobile devices like smartphones , tablets etc . This is a latest trend of designing and developing a website , as there is no need of developing a separate website for “mobile-site version “ and “desktop-site version” .

Advantages of having a responsive mobile friendly website

Wider Reach : we can see the use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly for their online activities . It may be social networking , shopping or other activities through internet . So if your website is not mobile friendly then visitors to your site may be low . Your website will get more reach through responsive site .

Saves you money and time on mobile development : developing a mobile-site version and desktop-site version website is very costly . Managing a single website is more easier than managing two separate sites . This is one of the main advantage of responsive websites . Responsive websites are adjustable with various screen sizes .

Helps for SEO : Having a mobile-friendly website is very essential for SEO. Google supports responsive mobile friendly websites. With responsive design a website can have one single URL that is easy to update and optimize your site .

Not only that we integrate responsive in your new website but also we can modify your existing website to mobile friendly . We use all the latest tools and technologies to make your website mobile friendly . This practice consist of a flexible grids and layouts , media queries ,images . As user switches from desktop to mobile screen , website should automatically switch to its resolution , image size and scripting. It means that website should respond to internet user preference . This exclude the need of different design and development for each new gadget in the market .

Indglobal is the best mobile friendly website design company in Bangalore . We know the in and out of designing a responsive websites in an impressive way . You are at the perfect place to build your website in the way you expected it to be .

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