Multi­ Vendor Ecommerce in bangalore

multi vendor ecommerce in bangalore

Multi­vendor ecommerce site can be a great way to do business, allowing you to work with multiple vendors in order to sell a range of products to customers without having to manage all of the work yourself.As you probably know, for a relatively short period of time the e­commerce market has managed to grow into an incredibly wide field with enormous profit potential.multi vendor marketplace owned by a Marketplace owner/admin provides a vast online platform to multiple merchants in order to sell their products. Once a merchant signs up, he can form his store and launch his products in it. In addition to it merchants gets their own dashboard to view the sales figure, most viewed products, etc. The merchants will have to pay a fraction of their sales proceeds as a commission to the owner for every successful payment transaction.

Most of the businessmen have started to invest in multivendor marketplace because of its business friendly features described below :­

Array of products attracts more visitors and generates sales: Since there are a number of products, the customers rushes with diverse choices. Hence this leads to a higher gain and also improves the sales.

Simplifies work and reduces effort:  This marketplace transfers this responsibility to the merchants and so each merchant needs to post updates about his own store.

Cost Effective: It can save a lot of your capital reserved for ecommerce expenditure.

Inventory maintenance is not required: By using this marketplace you can stop worrying about it as maintaining the inventory becomes the responsibility of merchants.

multi-vendor Ecommerce store gained prominence among merchants :­

Generates traffic: multi vendor marketplace is very advantageous as it has a better probability of generating traffic and improving sales.

Perfect place for making profits: Rather than spending money on setting up an Ecommerce site this online marketplace script is the perfect place to make profits as this marketplace has already its share of visitors.

Easy to manage products: In addition the customers too are benefited as this multivendor gives them vast amount of choices to them pertaining to products.

How INDGLOBAL Develops Multi­-Vendor Ecommerce Site?

INDGLOBAL is leading Multi­-Vendor Development Service providing Company in Bangalore, India We develop ecommerce sites that will dramatically change your online shopping store into powerful, robust and feature rich online shopping mall.our Ecommerce site allows users to checkout products from multiple vendors in a single purchase. Our sites gives an impressive feature to customers that he/she can buy any products easily from any number of vendors simultaneously.On successful purchase, each vendor gets a notification to process orders. Vendors can manage product inventory and multiple warehouses; based on each warehouse they can set different rates and many more features are listed below…

INDGLOBAL Main Features of the Ecommerce Site :­

• Manage-Vendors andPayments

• Unlimited Vendor Support

• Multi Lingual and Multi Currency

• Payment Processing and Adaptive Payment

• Abandoned Cart Report

• Vendor Dashboard

• Attributes andGroups

• EcommerceAnalytics

• Reviews& Rating

Advanced features of INDGLOBAL Ecommerce’s site :-

Secure platform :-

INDGLOBAL gives some of the security features for your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce sites:

• Third­party software may not have a mechanism for receiving security updates.

• Provide an easily identifiable role email address specifically for product security issues:In our experience, it’s extremely beneficial for the vendor to provide a role email address (e.g., a shared mailbox or an alias) for receiving information

• Provide a “slash security” web page: Ideally, this page will be the primary focal point for everything related to product security.

• Have Partly encrypted code for saving from hacking

• Avoid use of open source platforms

• Offer security mailing list subscription

Multi-vendor control: INDGLOBAL develops this feature to Merchants that he should have equal control to manage their business. They should be given control on modes of shipping,price,delivery time & other details.

• Automatic slips of orders and payment to respective accounts of seller

• Control over content updates related to product change, COD, discounts and shipping etc.

• Control to manage individual inventory

Automated tasking: INDGLOBAL Multi­vendor ecommerce involves many tasks that can wear out the customers if done manually, like sorting products or calculating shipping cost. So, it needs technology that can automate such tasks.

• Automatic consolidation of sales data on supplier’s dashboard after every new order placed by the customers.

• Real time calculation of shipping cost, sales or any other tax information.

Robust Reporting: INDGLOBAL develops a feature of robust reporting where it gives all the data and graphs that are generated at the backend, vendors can assess their sales trends and promote his businesses accordingly.With robust reporting capabilities and a powerful Online Analytical Processing engine, these insights can be extracted and displayed easily, quickly, and effectively.

• Data related to the highest sold products

• Instant track of sales & abandoned carts

• Information that helps in making forecasts like last 5 orders, top search items etc.

SEO friendly CMS: INDGLOBAL develops SEO friendly CMS feature this is an important to be visible to Google search engine so that no sales get dropped due to low visibility or poor web presence. An SEO friendly CMS makes the products pages crawlable and receive more traffic. It involves:

• Automatically generation of sitemap .xml

• Optimized title tags, Meta description and images.

• Well organized content structure that can be edited easily

INDGLOBAL will help you to attain your desire of becoming a ecommerce gaint You will definetely get all the above features with 100% In addition you will aslo get professional support.

• Increased product sale for vendors

• Increased choices of products for vendors(buyers)

• You get stunning profit ratio automatically

INDGLOBAL is the best company to develop your Multi­-Vendor Ecommerce sites and as we satisfies the featuristic needs of ecommerce. INDGLOBAL team helps you to build your Multi-vendor Ecommerce business with better needs.

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