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The multi-vendor model of e-commerce allows multiple vendors with similar or diverse products to come on a common store frontend to sell their products and services. In a multi vendor marketplace, customers can find a variety of products from a number of stores supported by this marketplace. There are two major ways by which a vendor can sell their product online- either in an individual online store or via a multi-vendor marketplace. There is a common admin who takes care of the technical setup. In turn, the vendors need to manage the inventory and pay certain fixed/ floating commissions to the admin on each sale. This kind of ecommerce setup is also known as Online Marketplace. Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Firstcry, eBay, Alibaba are some examples of multi-vendor ecommerce.
Multi-vendor marketplaces require some unique functionality, which indicates that you need a special software if you want to build your own multi-vendor marketplace. If you are looking for the best MultiVendor eCommerce Website Development Company in India, IndGlobal Digital should emerge as the best Ecommerce app development company in India. It is more than a decade that we are in this field providing suitable multi vendor or single vendor ecommerce website development services to our clients across the globe. Our developers ensure to offer best in class development of ecommerce websites that serves all your requirements in woocommerce, Magento, opencart and Shopify platform. With our expertise, and using the latest edge web technologies we have been delivering perfect solutions to our clients. eCommerce websites offered by us are fully functional to run all business types including Grocery, Clothes, Books and several other products. As the top M-commerce app development company, we provide elegant custom design services for each and every client to make their business more fruitful and profitable.

Multivendor e-commerce website as an advanced solution to manage vendors

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry which has occupied a significant share of purchasing in recent days. This industry always uplifts new ideas and approaches to help the vendors increase their sales. Our proficient team at IndGlobal strategise, Design & Develop Mobile Apps – with enhanced functionalities that make browsing, product upload and buying facilities easily operational, simultaneously handling the vendors with ease. As a leading enterprise app development company in Bangalore, India we work to construct attractive, user-friendly websites that assists the users to use and monitor their cart on their own. The best part about your website being different than others because of the personalized look and design features. It is easy to validate vendors, generate the invoices or sales reports in just a few clicks. Get the best experience over ecommerce with us to run a profitable business from today!

A brief description of various Multivendor e-commerce websites

Magento multi vendors ecommerce

Magento multi vendor Marketplace helps you to convert your Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace with individual sellers for product collection, order & shipping management simultaneously taking into consideration feedback, support, ratings, and commissions. Marketplace plugin supports several shipping integrations like - FedEx, UPS, USPS including payment modes such as PayPal, Stripe, Mangopay, etc. Magento multi-vendor module works better in community and enterprise versions of Magento.
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Shopify multi vendors ecommerce

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Shopify offers online vendors a suite of services including several features like marketing, shipping, customer engagement tools and payments. As per the company reports, shopify had over 1,000,000 businesses using its platform in approximately 175 countries as of January 2021. But according to a survey more than 3.6 million online stores are currently running on Shopify globally.
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WooCommerce Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace

Fascinating design along with a super-sleek appearance marks Proshop to be the most popular Android App for any eCommerce Store. Proshop contains an innovative and beautifully built screen set and functionality which allows to craft your own wishlist with essential product listing pages. The set of app screens comes with quality interface and professional features to make an engaging mobile application in today’s market. It is very easy to customize the navigation styles with Proshop. Proshop is flexible along with regularly updated features.
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B2B Multi vendors ecommerce

Business to Business online marketplace or B2B online marketplace is a e-commerce platform that connects the suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors with buyers. The B2B marketplace focuses on automating the selling and buying process thereby improving customer experience and making the whole process more transparent. B2B companies cater to an entirely different audience. They offer the raw materials, services or consultation that other businesses require to operate their business and profit.
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B2C multi vendors ecommerce

B2C multi vendor ecommerce marketplace allows entrepreneurs and customers to interact with each other. In this model, there can be a wide range of products. B2C marketplace offers immense benefits for small scale businesses to even get a global reach by this model. With this model, the buyer gets the details regarding products, delivery services and can also avail refund or replacement in case the product is not up to the expectation.
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Big commerce

BigCommerce provides a SaaS ecommerce platform with best features and functionality to manage your business. The company was founded in 2009. With Big commerce you can develop and grow a better online business that’s up in less time with less cost. This ecommerce platform offers easy to use features like customer groups and segmentation, search engine optimization or SEO, web hosting etc. Big commerce offers a range of built- in tools.
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Mobile app multi vendor ecommerce platforms

Mobile app multi vendor ecommerce platforms provide an opportunity to multiply Reach of e commerce marketplace solutions. It offers a Superior Online Shopping Experience by engaging generation Z and millennials audiences with features like Voice Search, Easy login, Social Sharing, Push Notification, Messaging options, Multilingual with RTL Support. They add convenience in making purchase decisions by designing user-friendly eCommerce marketplace mobile apps at a competitive price.
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Manyvendor – Complete eCommerce and Multi-vendor Solution

Manyvendor is a Laravel based CMS application dedicated to develop eCommerce websites. This CMS Application is unique, business-oriented and user-friendly and it enables Admin to control the activities of both the sellers and customers. Manyvendor also includes advanced technologies to assist the user with its usage along with installation, configuration etc.
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zCart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Software

zCart has all the features that are needed to run a fully functional e-commerce marketplace. With zCart it is easy to start an e-commerce marketplace which requires you to pay a one-time licensing fee for a lifetime update with no transaction fees or recurring monthly fees, no add- on fees or hidden cost. It also provides an amazing experience of online business and is constantly upgrading to provide an enhanced user experience.
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Laravel Multi-Vendor E-commerce Advanced CMS is suitable for e-commerce cart, ecommerce website, online store , PHP e-commerce and online shopping. Laravel offers creating a unique online store for exploring items , substance and the site. It helps to optimize your online store to sell more and grow your business by connecting your audience with the right offer.
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Supermart Multi Vendor marketplace

SuperMart provides an excellent online Platform for the marketplace. Advanced features of Super Mart include a highly customisable open code along with real time synchronization and layered navigation. The latest version of Supermart Multi-vendor ecommerce CMS does not require a license key to operate and it has been tagged with the best shopping cart and premium shopping cart.
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Online Store - Subscription Based MultiVendor eCommerce Platform

This Ecommerce multi-vendor Business Management System stands convenient for start-up businesses as it helps to market store products without spending for it. This ecommerce software is developed to sell PHYSICAL/ DIGITAL products or LICENSE KEY in a single platform. It offers an excellent admin panel and is developed using Laravel framework. So the chances of exhibiting any kind of errors in wordpress, shopify or other CMS templates is less.
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E-Commerce PRO Multi Vendor Ecommerce Business Management System

Ecommerce PRO is a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Business Management platform which includes almost all the features that you need to build an ecommerce business website. It also integrates Paypal, Stripe for easy payment transactions. It includes three types of admin panel for Admin, Users and Vendors each. This system is simple and convenient to maintain. It has a strong SQL injection protection system which protects this particular system from hackers.
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Shopping Cart Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart in OctopusCodes is a simple and easy-to-use, CodeIgniter Framework script which enables you to build an e-commerce marketplace for multiple vendors to manage sales of their own products through a common web store. OctopusCodes- Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart offers an easy vendor page which provides full control over attributes like categories, products, orders, customers, messages, as well as social networks settings.
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Bestatshop - eCommerce Shopping Script

Bestatshop is an ecommerce shopping script which sells a wide range of products such as books, computers, cosmetics etc. It provides an opportunity to convert the traditional Laravel e commerce store into an enhanced ecommerce platform where the sellers can sell their goods in retail stores for a better experience.You can search for the desired product simultaneously adding them to the cart and checkout once you are done. You can go to the Returns and Exchange option in case you are not satisfied with your purchased product.
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Online Grocery - Home Delivery Mobile App with Web Portal PHP Script

Online Grocery depicts a PHP Script for your website- the graphical dashboard of this platform makes it convenient to maintain the records for customers, wholesalers, items, and orders in an organized way. In Online Grocery, a Vendor is allowed to classify the products like Skincare, grocery, kitchen essentials etc. Online Grocery presents the list of new orders with details of their delivery options. Any admin can maintain the detailed list of the vendors profiles, customers and added items in Online Grocery.
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GoMarket/ Food, Grocery, Pharmacy & Courier Delivery App | Multi-Vendor Marketplace

GoMarket/ Food / Pharmacy / Grocery/ Courier delivery services is a Multi Vendors e-commerce platform with Android, iOS and Admin Panel Solutions with PHP Laravel. It incorporates 6 Apps in Android & iOS with Unique and Attractive UI for Grocery, Food which automatically picks up location information from Geolocation. With Go market, the vendors have full access to the categories, banners, coupons etc.
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Opencart multi-vendor ecommerce

Opencart Multi-Vendor System has multiple advanced features like supporting all opencart themes, Dynamic modules for showing Seller Products, Product Returns modules, subscription plan renewal, notifications, Automatic Metadata generation for products along with Multi Vendor API availability. It also supports the Vendors to write and publish Blogs. With open cart, sellers can have their own websites with customisable seller fields and hyperlocal systems included. Moreover, sellers can create their own Attributes, Attribute groups and Options.
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ProShop MultiVendor WooCommerce - E-commerce Android Mobile App

Fascinating design along with a super-sleek appearance marks Proshop to be the most popular Android App for any eCommerce Store. Proshop contains an innovative and beautifully built screen set and functionality which allows to craft your own wishlist with essential product listing pages. The set of app screens comes with quality interface and professional features to make an engaging mobile application in today’s market. It is very easy to customize the navigation styles with Proshop. Proshop is flexible along with regularly updated features.
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OctopusCodes - Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart in OctopusCodes is a simple and easy-to-use, CodeIgniter Framework script which enables you to build an e-commerce marketplace solution for multiple vendors to manage sales of their own products through a common web store. OctopusCodes- Ecommerce Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart offers an easy vendor page which provides full control over attributes like categories, sub categories, products, orders, customers, messages, as well as social networks settings.
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Create an outstanding magento E-commerce website design in Bangalore, India with us

IndGlobal Digital is the Best Magento website development company in Bangalore, India that offers reliable Magento multi-vendor marketplace development services. We have a team of seasoned ecommerce magento developers with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the platform. We have worked on a good number of Magento marketplace projects employing the standard Magento extensions along with plugins to convert an existing e-commerce store to a marketplace. We also developed custom extensions and plugins for clients with precise requirements. Being one of the best magento web design companies in Bangalore, we take into consideration its functionalities and technical features before proceeding to deliver the right set of services for them.
Benefits for Store Owners

Benefits for Store Owners

  • Enables the store owners to earn revenues from commission on sales
  • A wide range of products along with a good number of sellers contributes to higher search rankings for the store
  • Higher search rankings in turn translate into more traffic for the store
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces provide a direct buying process since factors like cost of commodities, the availability of stock etc. are all transparent on this platform.
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces provide better chances for customers and suppliers to establish new relationships and expand their business.
  • The ecommerce marketplace software runs around the clock thus offering a reduced time frame for selling across geographies.
Benefits for Customers

Benefits for Customers

  • Provides greater shopping options within a single online destination
  • Enables comparison between products and their prices to aid in smart shopping.
  • Helps to save time, effort and money otherwise spent for transportation simultaneously helping them to buy quality products.
  • Provides an opportunity to the customers to grab the highest quality product at the most moderate price by comparing the product options.
  • Since ecommerce multi vendor marketplaces feature real time data on the availability and cost of products,  it is easier for buyers to receive the best deal.
  • Customers can also establish a trading partnership by having an exclusive deal with the vendors.
Benefits for Vendors

Benefits for Vendors

  • Helps to save time and financial expenditures for the small scale vendors since they join a readymade marketplace.
  • Saves the vendors from the complexities of starting and successfully running an ecommerce store.
  • Empowers them with mobile connectivity.
  • By maintaining uniformity, multi-vendor marketplaces help to build an environment with normal exchange of prices within the new and old vendors.
  • A multi vendor marketing platform acts as a sales channel with a role to market and sell the products for the vendors.
  • eCommerce multi vendor marketplaces aids in the sales of products overseas by rendering vendors an opportunity to trade in the international online marketplaces.

Hire Our Skilled Developers

If you are planning to start business on an online marketplace platform or if you already have a business and wish to expand it, you do need to hire professional and skilled developers as we have in our array of IndGlobal- the best ecommerce website development company in Bangalore, India. Our proficient team strategise, Design & Develop Apps - employing platform functionalities to build high quality custom multi vendor ecommerce apps with tips to run a successful ecommerce website. For uploading a wide range of products, your website should be good enough in terms of design, and other features like custom dashboard, technical tools etc. Our skilled and experienced android app developers in India help to create attractive, practical and instinctive user interfaces to hold the features. Our website development solutions are compatible to unique features and unique challenges. The very benefits of investing in developing a custom multi vendor ecommerce website with us include Real-time Customer engagement with 24×7 customer service & support. Our Retail App Development company in India provides website development solutions that are elegant and they rise high above the competition.


Holding a multi vendor eCommerce website add lots of benefits as mentioned below:

  • It helps the vendors to focus on enhancing their business
  • Highly developed and can be used with ease.
  • Simple, convenient and flexible; technical expertise is not an essential criteria to operate on it.
  • It allows to offer a wide range of products
  • Cost effective
  • Customers get an overview of competitive pricing as many vendors sell the same products under the same roof.


As the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India and owing to our proficient team, we offer a wide array of eCommerce services as mentioned below:

  • Website Development in Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento platforms
  • Custom Development of an eCommerce website
  • Social Media related integration solutions
  • Custom designing to meet your requirements
  • Development of a Management Panel for Vendors
  • Website, Android App, iOS App and Website development
  • 24 x7 maintenance and Support services

Custom Multi Vendor eCommerce Website Development Services

We, at IndGlobal Digital- the best Mobile app design and development company in Bangalore provide customizable Multi Vendor eCommerce Website development solutions and Mobile eCommerce App for engaging business areas like B2B, B2C, Retail, wholesale and manufacturing etc. If you are looking for a cost effective Multi Vendor eCommerce App or Multi Vendor Grocery App or for services in android app development Bangalore or , we are equipped to provide top quality interactive and unique custom designs.

Multi Vendor eCommerce App Features

  • Multi Vendor Themes
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Endless Product
  • Social Login
  • Multi language
  • Multi Currency
  • Easy Checkout
  • Reviews & Rating
  • Order Management
  • Advanced Reports
  • Stock Management
  • Manage Invoice

According to google, the latest google algorithm responsive design shares a crucial role in improving page rankings. Considering the same, we offer a responsive Multi Vendor eCommerce website Design with excellent UX/UI which ensures an optimal viewing experience across all screens and devices.

IndGlobal Digital custom Multi Vendor ecommerce solutions enables you to get custom URLs for each page so that you can define the URLs to be user friendly and compatible with search engine User friendly URLs are retained better in customer's mind and by targeting keywords you can site rankings can be improved worldwide.

Online multi vendor ecommerce platform options such as unlimited category and unlimited products upload boosts up the customer interest to shop. Further the bulk edit feature via excel or csv file makes the product management an easy task for lany user to browse a multi vendor application.

IndGlobal multi-vendor eCommerce application enables users to Sign Up and/ or Sign In with ease with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter,Gmail etc. omitting the requirement to sign up via a prolonged registration process of filling forms. Convenience in login from social media accounts enhances user engagement.·

IndGlobal multi language multi-vendor eCommerce application provides developing an e-commerce website with multiple languages so that worldwide users have convenience of shopping in their native languages. Our multiple language support makes your Multilingual ecommerce store connect with people from many different linguistic backgrounds.

IndGlobal custom multi vendor ecommerce website development offers to choose from multiple currencies to be integrated in an online multi vendor eCommerce store along with accepting payments from customers across the globe in their preferred currency.

Our eCommerce web application features developing an e commerce website with one step checkout process which reduces the size of the checkout forms significantly in just one page thereby leaving no room for shopping cart abandonment.

IndGlobal digital multi vendor eCommerce service app development aids in substantiating all the products in a multi vendor eCommerce site through customer reviews & ratings. When a product receives good reviews or ratings, a trust factor is developed, which helps in improving a brand.

With our custom multi vendor ecommerce app, you receive a notification if a customer places any order. It further aids in categorizing admin dashboard orders into new, pending, processing or complete depending on the order status. Vendors or admin can also generate invoices for the orders at the same time.

The feature of advanced reporting helps in foresee and comprehend sales trends. With our ……….app you have the option of receiving reports product wise, city wise or sales report on an hourly or daily basis. Vendors and admins can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your multi vendor eCommerce store with other vendors by comparing these reports.

Our custom multi vendor eCommerce application helps in stock management to make it more simple and easier. Both vendors and admin can look through the stock quantities of different warehouses at multiple locations. If also notifies a vendor when stock levels fall below some specified limit.

IndGlobal Digital custom multi vendor eCommerce development software allows vendors to create a HTML invoice as required with a few alterations. Invoices can be typed in multiple languages as supported by the application. It also has a feature aiding to send these invoices as a mail attachment to the user.

Why you should choose IndGlobal custom multi vendor ecommerce website development Solutions

  • We have a rich experience in developing e-commerce marketplace solutions with multiple projects to our credit.
  • IndGlobal custom multi vendor ecommerce website development service solutions cater to multiple business functions.
  • We have one of the best custom website development Services teams with comprehensive expertise as a web and mobile app development company in Bangalore.
  • We offer cost effective services to ensure that your business is found by audiences online so that you can take a lead and convert them into loyal customers.
  • We offer to support businesses all over the world to establish an online presence.
  • Our multi vendor ecommerce website development team consists of a very talented pool of employees who are proficient in their job.
  • As the leading web and mobile app development company in India ,we help to Enhance your business brand awareness among audiences across the globe and maintain Customer relationships over online platforms.
  • Our services stand with proper planning and well implementation/execution of the plan with the latest techniques. Our focus remains on timely delivery and to adhere to the deadlines.
  • We provide a great way to increase traffic, improve on investment and customer engagement.
  • We constantly keep a track of the latest techniques in advertising and we are always upgrading ourselves in successive trends.
  • We provide the best ecommerce website development services to attract audiences to your business online.
  • We provide instant troubleshooting with 24/7 support and maintenance to resolve issues if any.


  • Linux Operating System
  • Apache- web server
  • MySQL database
  • PHP – 7.1
  • compatible to Setup Cron Jobs

Yes, The Multi Vendor e-commerce site Script is completely Open Source. Once purchased, the source will be authorized to Clients. It can further be customized as per client requirements.

Certainly. We will help in Installation of the Script with FTP or Cpanel. Usually, the Script is hosted by our Server. if a Client has purchased a server, it will be hosted on his/her server too.

The Scripts support all types of Payment Gateways.

Yes. We do Integrate API’s. Once our clients provide their preferred API, we Integrate it within a week.

Documentation of all the Panels will be provided on final handover. You will also receive SDLC on Multi Vendor eCommerce Website Development.

Yes, support will be provided on purchasing of the Multi Vendor eCommerce Site and/ or Multi Vendor eCommerce App where Customizations and Bug Fixing can be done.

No. It will not be available for Commercial Purposes. The script codes are not for any kind of Resale or Redistribution.


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