Online examination, also knowing as e-examination, empowers assessors to conduct examinations through the internet or a company-wide intranet for remote candidates. Most online exam systems include answer processing modules, which allows evaluators to issue results as soon as candidates finish the test. This fully automated system evaluates the examinee thoroughly and presents the result in less time. Unlike traditional pen-and-paper exams, it is possible to conduct open-book exams on an online exam software development in Bangalore.

In an online exam, a candidate can answer the questions in a given time, and the test window collapses once the exam is over, and evaluators keep answers ready for evaluation. The evaluator assesses responses, whether it is through an automated or manual process, and the result will be conveyed to the candidate either by mail or information available on the website. Many companies are snuggling up to online examination software as their major medium of choice for appraising professional capability and career adaptability.

How are Online Exams Conducted by Indglobal?

Step 1: The users of e-assessments can be classified into three broad categories:

  • Supervisors:
    The ones who transact the system users, the online tests, system back-up, and recovery are the supervisors.
  • Conductors:
    The ones who prepare the subjects, tests, and questions are the conductors.
  • Test-Takers:
    The ones who sit for the assessment to get evaluated are the test-takers.

Step 2: The testing environment is set up, and the question sets are uploaded to the environment by the test conductors.

Step 3: The test takers are given test IDs using which they can open a there online account and attempt the test. The tests are usually monitored automatically and can be proctored for high stakes examinations.

Step 4: Once the user submitted the test, it is evaluated by the system/conductors depending on the types of questions.

Step 5: Participants are sent their test scores if needed.

Advantages of Online Exam Software

Consideration of Nature
With the advent of technology, it became apparent that nature doesn’t have to bear the brunt of human insensitivity any more. The adverse environmental impact of mercilessly cutting down trees for obtaining paper is evident. Nevertheless, using an online exam system software will ascertain that institutions and organizations can go paper-free and would not print exam papers, build a paper record of applicants, etc.

Setting up an exam is a time taking process. The best way to go about it is by setting up an exam that is auto gradable. An automated grading system is more convenient than a standard grading method. The proliferation of technology in e-learning & LMS software and the increasing number of participants call for the need for a flawless scoring mechanism that eases the burden on teachers, saves time, and guarantees fairness. Automated scoring finds the correct answers by comparing the respondent’s reply against the model answer. Absorbingly, MCQs are broadly used in online tests because they make automatically scoring by a computer easily.

Traditionally, exam distribution demands adequate time for end-to-end management. Incommensurate earlier, the online exam system is non-time absorbing. Examiners can solely upload the email ids of participants and invite them for assessment. The best part is results can originate immediately.

When considering the human, logistic and administrative costs associated with traditional exam settings, it’s easy to distinguish the online exam system as the most economical system to conduct exams at scale. There is no need for students to assemble in large, spacious classrooms to take the test. The flexibility of time and comfort space makes this medium absolutely popular among examinees. Online exams never demand you to rent a class or hire someone to invigilate candidates manually. With online exam proctoring software, you can increase the happiness of organizing online exams.

Secure and Convenient
Students love the prospect of taking exams from the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, participants from urban areas can participate in the exam. Moreover, there is no scope of question paper leaks as every student gets a randomly selected set of questions as per the arrangement determined by the paper setter.

Features of Online Exam

  • It can be used to create some of the most engaging tests and exams. Best of all, it will let you add images, text, video, and questions in your exam. A very Unique Solution to administrate every question & Answers with a Simple Excel sheet.
  • It’s easy-to-use features help in creating credible tests within minutes. Push Notification features and All Questions & Answers are stored in Password protected Sheet. This sheet may be synchronized with any public cloud.
  • There is no dearth of question types to pick from: multiple-choice image questions, multiple-choice test questions, and audio-video questions fill in the blanks, etc. Multiple choice questions with four options. Supports dynamic sync for Text questions. The timer will close automatically at the end of the Exam or Quiz.
  • The end-user can create a comprehensive question bank with a wide variety of questions in online exam software. Moreover, examiners can systematize problems using online software to keep the test content very unique and relevant. Can add images to the quizzes.
  • It also enables end-users to use tags for their question bank. They can add new tags and commend the right tags to each question for checkout purposes. Each Subject/topic can have automatic Alphabetic Flat icons; all parameters are set in harmony with principles for change. Option to Traverse to the next level exam or quiz after ending the level.

Benefits of Online Examination

Reduction in Logistics:

An online examination can help to take over the challenge of setting up physical test conducting locations. This not only helps to reduce the resources, i.e., time, cost of setting up, and the demand for human proctors but also speeds up the whole process of online examination. In Indglobal Solutions, online exams sharpen the whole admission process, where individual applications can be screened with minimum resources and with lesser time. The idea of conducting semester examinations and various assessments online just makes the entire process smooth and easy to handle.

Accessibility to Remote Areas:

In an attempt to reach the untapped talent, online exams have broken the barriers of geography. With a global assessment solution various training institutes, universities, and like us can organize assessments worldwide with proper feasibility. The ability to organize tests requiring nothing more than an internet connection means that examination can be obtainable for anyone and from anywhere in the world.


An online examination can serve a broad audience and can easily manage a huge amount of content. Taking this feature further into account, educational institutions who undergo a paucity of time will find it very reliable to conduct online examinations with the minimum wastage of their bandwidth. Just a computer with an active connection and sometimes a webcam to take tests to make this happen.

Content and Creation:

You may wonder that online exams can be a way out, but what about the content they support. Many of you might be under the impression that online exams only support multiple-choice questions, and this is the only format that can speed up well on the online platform. That’s where we need a correction. The question type favored by online exams range from MCQs, fill in the blanks, checkboxes to short answers, long answers ( which need to be evaluated by the teacher separately), coding simulators and business case studies. The teachers can log in to the platform with an ID and then easily create a question paper without any paper wastage. Leading companies like Indglobal provide such a platform where online assessments can be conducted along with an extensive content library to choose from. It is like a question bank, which is at the perusal of the clients, who can create their assessments.

Combats Cheating:

We develop and maintain the tools which can sure that Cheating will not happen on the online portal and be a concern with any person related to the educational industry. Whenever its exam time, the first question acquired about is how can cheating be demonized? The solution is at your doorstep.

Why choose Indglobal for organizing Online Examination –

As we know that there are many platforms where online examinations are conducted for students and organizations among all Indglobal is also providing a unique method with safe and secure for conducting school online examinations like as-

Exam proctoring software – Indglobal platform supplies you the various choice to conduct online exams on the mobile phone of the student. If the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously streams the activity/face of the user to exam proctor. Exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening. We are organizing many such exams for various educational institutes across the world.
During Exam Proctoring we follow –

  • Video Proctoring
  • Audio Proctoring
  • Screen Recording
  • Image Proctoring

Secure Exams on phone – Indglobal platform provides you the option to conduct online exams on the mobile phone of the student. While the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously reek the activity/face of the user to exam proctor. Exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening. We are organizing many such exams for many educational institutes across the world.

Secure & Reliable – Indglobal platform provides an online platform with their own security measures and can be trustworthy. With its secured device, no other platform hacked also nor can be cheated. With its Robust and secure servers, the ‘Resume Test’ feature at the time of system malfunction and personalized.

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