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By 2021, E-commerce is all set to account for 15.5% of global retail sales – as per estimates offered by reputed research firm Statista. 2017 was the year when the brick-and-mortar stores took a beating and with the E-commerce stores rooting for more personalized store offering for its customers—offline shopping is well on its way to redundancy.

Who are We?

As one of the leading E-commerce development companies in Jaipur, Indglobal has been consistently delivering remarkable end-to-end solutions to businesses of diverse natures and scales. We are notably adroit in leveraging the very dynamic Magento module/ extension development to meet simple and complex store needs with extraordinary efficacy.

Magento, notably has emerged as one of the instrumental forces driving the success of multi-million dollar E-commerce businesses with an undisputed web presence. Thanks to its ever-growing community Magento has been able to steer store functionalities in a way better fashion than most of the existing platforms out there. Our diverse forte ranges from Magento app development to Magento E-commerce SEO.

Our certified Magento developers are adept at leveraging the power of the feature-rich platform to create highly optimized, efficient and durable webstores. Magento – notably- is one of the most recommended platforms when it comes to making your store accessible through mobile or for that matter other handheld devices. We are equally adroit when it comes to site migration from Magento 1.9 to 2. Contrary to what most of the developers will tell you it’s not an upgrade but a process which involves the complete exportation and the consequential translation of the data and rewriting of modules, themes and templates to comply with Magento 2.0. From pre-analyzing complexities to solving post migration issues – we can take care of all the needs with ease. We also offer high quality Magento E-commerce support and maintenance.

B2B and B2C E-Commerce Web Development: Why we Excel at it!

Over the years IndGlobal has been infallibly associated with quality E-commerce development in jaipur and that’s not without reasons! Our quest for excellence is marked by our endeavors to guarantee an experience beyond the mere addition of the shopping cart. “Result-driven B2B and B2C E-commerce” is not merely about the addition of shopping cart but also about devising strategies that facilitate the generation of queries and converting them into orders. Thanks to our extensive domain knowhow, we can offer you highly functional feature-packed websites that facilitate seamless interaction with customers at real-time. Other immediate hallmarks of E-commerce solutions designed by us are:

  • Faster Task Execution
  • Minimal price of growth
  • Infallible integrity
  • Exposure to varied Marketplaces
  • Seamless and Secured Payment Gateway Integration
  • Dependable third-party Shipping Provider Integration
  • Product Review Management
  • Exceptional Inventory Management
  • Multi-Vendor Log in
  • Multi-lingual facilities
  • Automated e-mails
  • Content Management

Shipping: The Facilities Unraveled

Shipping, notably, remains one of the primary areas of concern as far as E-commerce portal development is concerned. We definitely feel compelled to inform you that our designers prioritize shipping facilities without leaving a room for complaint. As soon as your buyers have placed their orders, they want the item to be delivered at their doorstep without any sign of damage. Here’s where we step in. Our web development team will tie your shipping features with the most remarkable facilities offered by the courier companies that we’ve collaborated with. With us on board, you’ll be able to navigate a plethora shipping functionalities with ease:

  • Integration of shipping facilities
  • Manage shipping rates based on product weight and other dimensions, currency and location
  • Manage shipping discounts and coupon codes
  • Affixture of percentage associated with specific orders


Get in touch with us to explore the nuances of E-commerce web development like never before. We can tell you that we can turn your E-commerce stores into virtual money spinners of sorts. Do contact to find out how we will do it! Looking forward to forging unprecedented professional relationships with varied verticals! Welcome on board!

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