“There’s an app for that” – the famous slogan by Apple has emerged to be an industry truth for the current application development industry. With 7.1 billion mobile users worldwide and approximately 8.93 million mobile apps in the entire world, the mobile app development market is definitely on the rise. By 2022, the number of apps available on the App Store and Google Play combined are expected to outreach the number even. Outsourcing can prove to be an excellent choice if you’re looking forward to developing your own mobile app.

It minimizes costs, boosts up time to market, and makes you free from several relevant burdens from your shoulders. In this article, we tried to cover almost all you need to know about outsourcing an app development right from the benefits and the types of outsourcing by a step-by-step guide to find a reliable outsource mobile app development company partner for your project.

Outsourcing- an Imperative Chunk of Mobile App Development

Outsourcing of projects in the arena of mobile app development is done mainly based on these two factors:

1. A reliable clientele 

2. Profound expertise in development 

However, these two are not just the factors that decide the success of any mobile app development project. Sometimes, the requirement for development may even arise because of these factors not turning out in a great way. There are situations too that demand a bigger budget and efforts to convert a flop project apparently into a successful one. 

Benefits of outsourcing through a proficient mobile app development company

Application development was by far the most frequently outsourced functionality in US and Canada in 2020, with almost 60% of all organizations outsourcing the same to some extent. And that is not at all surprising, given the benefits that outsourcing process reverts to the table. For India too, investors are looking for a proficient mobile app development company in Bangalore. For example:

Selecting specialists from a wider talent pool

Outsourcing companies tend to meet a whole host of business needs, so, certainly they have a full range of specialists under one roof. Additionally, you are also equipped to choose from any location having a wider global pool of developers.

Opportunity to procure highest industry standards

A reliable vendor can guide you with professionals who understand and align with agile methodology and the best development practices. Based on the experience with similar projects and a wider view of trends, they can even recommend more effective solutions that can give your project a jump start.

Improved scalability

App development is mostly all about flexibility. Fortunately, with an outsourced team, keeping up with changing business requirements is no longer a headache. You can hire specialists with niche expertise and transform your team’s structure to scale up or down as you need to.

Cost effective Solution

Developers from any android app development company in Bangalore or Asia and/ or Eastern Europe in general cost you significantly less without compromising with the development quality. Ukraine has also set an example in the same arena — this country regularly features high in that rankings of global software development. And offshore mobile app development as well removes your in-house expenses such as office rent and equipment.

Enhanced Productivity

An outsourced team assists you in offloading your management burden and to focus on outcomes rather than on routine tasks. Employee hiring, training, and/ or retention etc. is managed by your vendor while you control the project and track KPIs.

Outsourcing can sound like a magic wand, but at the same time one needs to keep in mind that it might not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s take a closer look at the aspects when it can turn the maximum benefits for you. 

Reasons behind thinking about outsourcing mobile app development

There are 3 principal reasons to outsource app development.

1. You don’t have the proper manpower. Recent research suggests that IT and mobile development have procured the second-largest skills gap all over the world. In this scenario, even if you have a good in-house team, they may not be perfect to build a feature-rich app or to use advanced technologies implementing artificial intelligence or augmented reality.

2. You are working within a limited budget. Cheaper rates and no additional back-office expenses convert outsourcing to be the perfect option in case you are running on a lower budget.

3. You want your product to arrive in the market in a shorter time span. With a proficient outsourced team, you definitely save time on hiring and training and further get experienced specialists who can shorten your product time to market.

Thus, in case you are in any of these situations, mobile application development outsourcing makes a better choice.

Thinking on how to get started!

Finding the Best’ suitable Outsourcing Company’ for your Mobile App Development project

The mobile industry is so alive and kicking. The world is also flourishing with mobile software development companies and the good part is most of them are highly inclined towards the outsourced projects. 

Generally, if we observe the trend, most of these companies tend to rely on outsourcing teams from developed countries. 

The motive behind doing so is that the availability of such programmers is comparatively vast. Developing countries are yet to grow and grasp much more about mobile app development. The other reason behind is more inclination towards saving costs as the basic rule of business says that the more the supply, the lower will be the prices and the higher will be the competition. 

Hence, most of the companies rely on outsourced teams from developed countries to grab a better deal at an affordable price – which is definitely an intelligent move for any business. 

Strategies that You should Follow to Outsource Mobile App Development For developing a successful App

Following are some strategies to follow:

1. A complete understanding regarding transparent Outline for the App

That’s undoubtedly a must-have and pretty much obvious. To expect the outsourced team to comprehend the entire concept when you should understand it yourself first. Any reliable and experienced outsourcing company is able to assist you with additional knowledge, ideas, and further useful strategies to complete the project. But for these all, the basics have to be precise. 

To outsource mobile app development, you need to first and foremost build a straightforward app outline that is easy to comprehend. And also, there has to be a complete documentation done on the app’s objective such as purpose to make it and expected outcome, a clear vision, potential drawbacks, and such other factors to make it a successful app for your business.

2. Proper Estimation of your resources

The basic resources for app development are budget, time, and the management capability to maintain the technical requirements. In case you have limited options for both money and time, a ready-made and customized solution may be your best choice, whereas if your requirement is a more complex app and help with management, in that case hiring a proficient development team makes more sense.

3.Selection of your outsourcing  Mobile app development partner

Undoubtedly this is a crucial step in the app development outsourcing process. There are a couple of steps to follow and points to consider before you shortlist any one.

  1. i) Prepare a list of all potential development companies. For this you can also do a background search of their websites or check Clutch, Upwork, or TopTal. 
  2. II) Checking the reviews. You should not just rely on a candidate’s website or portfolio: rather you should check their industry ratings and reviews on websites such as G2 and Clutch.

iii) You need to also explore their technical expertise on the basis of their completed projects, or the tech stack, and awards and of course their experience in your industry.

  1. iv) Scrutinize their development workflow. Get a complete understanding of how they work, regarding their communication process and management style.
  2. v) Ask them for references. You can even ask for contact details of their previous or current clients.

Any experienced and proficient partner will definitely offer fast and smooth development, apart from advising you on your project, and giving a choice of service models.

4. Pick a suitable service model

A service model basically defines how you are going to work with your vendor including division of responsibilities, management aspects etc.

There are 3 main service models.

  • End-to-end development aka project-based model

As per this model, you are required to work with a dedicated team that will work  exclusively for your project for a fixed cost. The team is supposed to comprise all the specialists required for an end-to-end development, including the developers, and QA engineers, business analysts along with UX/UI designers and project managers.

What you need to do-

As per this model, you are to be responsible for task assignment and KPI control, but you cannot choose members in the  team assembly or the tools they use.

When to go for it:

  • In a situation when you need experts to advise you on your project and thereby improve the outcome.
  • You’re not so tech-savvy, and/ or you don’t want to deal with the technical part of the development yourself.
  • You wish to stick to a fixed budget.


  • predictable costs and budget control
  • Complete support during the development process and after release as well
  • Flexibility as well as  scalability

b. Service-based model

This model  involves a dedicated team built exclusively for your project. However, instead of the end-to-end development, the team can support you with a particular task, regardless of its development stage.

What you should do-

As per this model, you’re responsible for task assignment and KPI control but you cannot control for the team assembly.

When should you go for this model?

You’re tech-savvy and can very well manage the overall development yourself, but you need to perform a particular task quickly.


  • Fixed time period and budget

  • Control over scope

  • Flexible access to niche expertise

C. Team extension or team-as-a-service (TaaS) 

Team extension enables you to check for a skills gap in your team.

In this model, a vendor is largely responsible for finding a specialist with the necessary skills and experience. Meanwhile, you take good care of project management and control including the onboarding process, salary, vacations, and motivation stuff.

When to go for it :

Well, if you are confident enough that you can manage the overall development process yourself, but you need to extend your team along with a particular specialist quickly, you can very well go ahead with this particular service model.


  • Scalable development capabilities
  • Efficient communication
  • Comparatively Faster hiring

In case it’s hard to choose the right model, an experienced outsourcing Mobile app development vendor like us can help you decide what will suit you best.

5. Select on a suitable payment model

There occurs apparently 2 payment models if you consider to outsource the mobile app development:

i) Hourly payment i.e. of time & material or pay-as-you-go 

It is the most transparent, popular and flexible payment model. As per this model, you need to pay only for the period when your team is working and it further allows you to change the scope or team size at any stage. However, hourly payment provides lesser budget control as you can’t actually predict how long app development will take. However, it is better for those companies with projects in a fast-changing environment or with little knowledge regarding the target market and scope of the work.

ii) Fixed payment

Fixed payment models on the other hand offer low risk without any unpleasant surprises, over the payments, or trust issues, but they don’t have the flexibility such as writing detailed specifications and/ or calculating the timeframe that requires more time and effort.

Fixed payment is a better option in case your project is small or typical, also when you are aware of the duration it can take.

Searching for the right development partner can definitely be challenging, but following the above steps will ensure finding the best one for your specific project.

Let’s now talk about where you can find your outsource Mobile app development specialists.

Here are a few questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the primary objective or purpose of mobile app development?
  • What is the overall budget and your target time to market span?
  • Which features you need in your mobile app?
  • Whether you wish to develop an Android app or iOS app and wish to hire an android app development company in Bangalore or ios app development company in Bangalore? 
  • What is the user satisfaction point are you targeting?

Options for outsourcing your mobile app development project:

Outsourced mobile app development

Depending on your project duration and overall budget, and its complexity, you can opt to work with a company, or hire freelance developers, or also buy a ready-made app. Here remains the lowdown on each option:

Once you have decided on how you should go for it, then it’s better to think about where you will want to outsource mobile app development for which you get three development provider options.

  • Onshore. This enables you to outsource your project to someone in your country
  • Nearshore.  This enables you to outsource your project in a similar time zone and/or similar culture
  • Offshore.  This will let you to outsource your project to developers from remote countries

You can schedule meetings with the teams, interview them to comprehend their experience/skills/demands – so that you can hire a perfect team that compliments your app development needs. Onshoring and nearshoring definitely minimize the risk of communication issues and the cultural differences, while offshoring often brings you closer to the most cost-effective specialists. 

Whichever option you prefer, remember that you are going to choose a partner to rely on, so their values and expertise should always be more important than their location and it is also essential to build a good relationship with them to have a better business that is profitable and at the same time appreciated by your clientele too.

Websites that you can check through for Outsourcing Companies

Depending on any of the outsourcing options that you choose, a better place to check for them are certainly the freelance websites and B2B platforms.

  • Online freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, or TopTal can help and guide you find and thereby hire a specialist or even an entire freelance team with any particular skill set.
  • B2B platforms: Websites such as G2, GoodFirms, and Clutch enable you to check for the client feedback and also assist you to choose vendors by their reviews, rating, and expertise.

Following websites can also help you to find and outsource app development vendors.

  • Dev blogs. Several development companies run tech blogs as well as post expert articles in magazines, that can be fruitful to set you on the path to a candidate.
  • Design communities. Many development companies provide end-to-end development that encompass both code and design, so that you can check their work on design websites such as Behance or Dribble.

The Takeaway Message- 

App development is by far the most frequently outsourced IT function in the US and Canada, and for a good reason as outsourcing allows for more cost-effective and faster development with a reduced burden of management. Outsourcing mobile app development is definitely easy and convenient– but only if these important points are kept in mind while going for hiring the mobile app development team. 

There are multiple companies in the market, and the only need is to choose the perfect one for your project without bearing any loss to your business. It is suggested that one needs to be clear and concise about the app requirements so that they can explain it well to the outsourced team to make them aware of the expected outcomes with the app. The critical point, however, remains to identify the competent development team by checking through their expertise, and skills, history and communication skills to make the perfect decision. 

Are you thinking of outsource mobile app development? Book a free consultation today and speak with our IT experts to understand the rewards and risks. 

At IndGlobal- a proficient mobile app development company in Bangalore, we don’t rush through things. Rather, we try to work for your business’ success and growth and take time to explain the benefits and equip you well for the challenges of outsourcing for your business. Furthermore we ensure that all your queries regarding mobile app development outsourcing are answered through delivering the best possible solution customized to your requirements.

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