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Responsive design means that a single website URL can be used for desktop and for mobile devices . Responsive design adjusts components of a website that fits the display width of different devices . For example, if a few components are horizontally aligned in desktop view and same components will reposition themselves vertically on mobile devices depending on the size. With the modern inventions everyday, screen sizes will be changing , so it is very important that your websites fit to all kinds of screen sizes.

The same HTML handle to all devices , using CSS , for changing the display of the web page . Rather than developing a separate websites and comparable code for different screens , a single code supports users with different devices .

Pros :

  • Easy SEO : Google recommends business websites to go responsive so it is perfect solution from SEO point of view .
  • Low maintenance : responsive maintenance is easy and cost effective .
  • Future ready : no need to worry about new shape and size of new devices that would hit the market in future .

Is investing on responsive web design worth for your business ??

Every business owners face these type of questions when they think of responsive websites designed for their business . The answer is in the type of business you run and the traffic you get to your website. For type of business who have more audiences who browse their site from ipads , smartphones and android devices , then its time to go for responsive . For websites that already have a mobile version then opting for responsive too is helpful as managing two separate sites will no longer be there .

Technologies like Flash have become outmoded and the web is moving towards standard driven web development technologies that use HTML 5 and CSS 3 for designing and developing a websites . Those business sites that has responsive can tell the world that they have vision for future .

Why Indglobal for Responsive website design ??

We incorporate responsive in your new website and if you already have a website we make it responsive . At Indglobal , we have experienced team who have knowledge on all the latest tools and technologies to make your website more usable : flexible images , videos , flexible grid based layouts that use re-sizing .

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