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Another enterprise resource planning software, SAP ERP was developed by SAP SE, a German company that mainly focuses on the key business functions of an organization. It is used to incorporate those functions under a single dashboard and use it to maximise the efficiency of the business. SAP ERP includes key business processes like finance, human capital management, operations, corporate services to name a few.

With such competition and entrepreneurial scenarios, it is indeed important to implement smarter technologies that will ensure things are metamorphosed into a set of blooming opportunities. Being an organization, things become very complex in terms of management and other core functions and that is when SAP comes into picture. Using SAP application has eased the way businesses run. With SAP B1, all your business management will be done under one roof and it will help you to take time out for other important business activities.


SAP technology is a driving force for many businesses and it has made an inevitable change that other way was not possible. SAP has a great history of bringing revolution in the way business is done. This ERP software was designed keeping the crucial needs of a business in mind and also it has been updated constantly to stay in the competition. With so many companies into action providing SAP services, Indglobal is a leading SAP software company in India which is working with big shot clients and renowned brands to ensure less effort and more business

Working on SAP system is our forte and we have been exploring new updates and technologies that are necessary to keep your business on the edge. Business ethics and values are irreplaceable and so do some techniques when the question is about staying in the competition. We ensure that you be at the top rather than just beating around. Our SAP consultants are educated about the software and have in-depth knowledge about the software that makes them experts in the field.


Sap which is System, application and products in data processing is a life saver for many businesses. Companies which are in the Fortune 1000 have given testimonials stating how SAP has changed the way they do business. There are numerous benefits of implementing SAP ERP in your business and some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • All big companies use SAP for enhancement services. Using SAP will help you run your business smoothly.
  • It brings al the crucial services under one roof which helps you to manage them all in one go.
  • It helps in simplifying the end-to-end process which was earlier complex without SAP.
  • It helps in automating the enterprise which keeps the operational processes up to date in the industry.
  • With real time and updated information, SAP helps in keeping the companies on the edge and stay ahead in the competition.

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There are various amazing features of SAP ERP which you might be missing out if you have not started using SAP yet for your business. With these amazing and time saving features, you can witness the growth in your business within a short span of time. SAP features are designed as per your business needs and works accordingly:

Documenting the progress of a process

If you have an active project and you want to keep a track of the progress happening in the project, then SAP ERP is a really helpful way. It has all the necessary things that are needed to manage the progress of a process.

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Monitoring human cost

Human capital management is a very important part of an organization and can take a heck of effort to do the same. With SAP, you have the option to manage things under one click which is easy and time saving.

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Invoice Processing

Budgeting and billing is unavoidable and decides the profit and loss of a company. It is very important to process invoice on a regular basis and can be done with the help of SAP.

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Recording external employee services

In an organisation, internal as well as external employees both are important and records of external employees can also be done using SAP.

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Service management order confirmation

With the use of SAP, your order management will be done effortlessly and with much ease that it was one before.

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Data collection and plan sheets

Data collection is important and converting them in an arranged manner is also an important task which needs focus and concentration. With SAP, you don’t have to break your head

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We as a company have worked with numerous clients who are reputed names in the market. Our expertise in the field of business transformation is enough to prove that we have done it all. However, for a better understanding, we are different n terms of the following aspects:

Updated and expert professionals who are dedicated and focused on delivering the best for your business.

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We offer integrated services for your business such as Sap Business one, SAP CRM and many more so that no point is left unchecked.

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We understanding how difficult it is for you to manage all the core functions of a business alongside the operations and major decision makings.

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We have the best SAP ERP in Bangalore as well as in India and have been serving clients throughout the globe.

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 WE; With You!

Being a leading leader of SAP ERP in India, we don’t stop once we deliver the services. We believe that the actual work starts from the point we deliver the services as there could be complexities faced by you. We never want to leave you alone when you need us the most. This is why we have dedicated support team that works round the clock and also emphasizes on support day in and day out.


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