SEO can be quite an investment as investing in just the looks of your website might lead to a good number of customers. But the main trick remains to keep them engaged for a longer interval which an elegant SEO can help accomplish better. When you deal with SEO for SMBs, it helps you make a solid online presence to target the audience.

Once you optimize the platform with the right strategies, it automatically helps you generate better sales and achieve an improved ROI. By managing SEO, you can make your business reach the top ranks for people looking for specific services offered by your business. Professional SEO Services in Bangalore will help you provide relevant and valuable information about your business. To potential customers so that your website can rank better.

IndGlobal is a leading SEO company in Bangalore that can help you invest rightly in SEO. You are investing in being more searchable and becoming an industry leader. We further ensure to solidify your reputation and keep it updated and upgraded as per the market requirements. 

What is SEO, and what is meant by Local SEO for Small Businesses?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating quality and quantity traffic on your ecommerce platform. Quality traffic indicates that the visitors get exactly what they look for, which works fine when you are looking to target a global range. 

Local Search Engine Optimization is a kind of SEO that focuses more on the geographical component of the searches. It helps you optimize your platform for local search results. The typical search queries for local SEO include:

  • [query] + closest area
  • [query] + near me
  • [query] + nearby  
  • [query] + city/ town

These work as filters on the search results based on the location. 

Strategies to focus on to improve your SEO for Small Businesses

Strategies to focus on to improve your SEO for Small Businesses
Strategies to focus on to improve your SEO for Small Businesses

1. Proficiency in the BASICS 

When a customer looks for any digital marketing services in Bangalore, there may be several intentions in their mind. It is challenging to balance the time, budget, and resources to improve SEO, especially for small businesses. However, some basics that you may want to keep in mind for your website to be simple yet attractive are: 

  • The website content should be more accessible for search engines to crawl, index, rank, and understand.
  • It should have a good page loading speed. Distractions lead to higher bounce rates.
  • Optimize the headings, internal links along with Meta tags, URLs, and other signals on the page.
  • Focus on how easily people can find your business, comprehend it, and convert it into potential customers. 
  • Make it just effortless for the visitors to navigate through the pages on your platform.
  • Keep your content updated with images, videos, and animated elements to increase the user-engagement.

2. Include the Right KEYWORDS 

Adding the right keywords increases your chances of appearing at the higher ranks on search engines and will help get more customers to your site. A few practices that may come in handy for this aspect are:

  • Use the right keyword tools to know what people may be looking for and optimize the content accordingly.
  • Look for the keywords and phrases that your competitors are targeting. You will be able to get a comprehensive list of local keywords ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages on the web pages and thereby improve your local SEO. 
  • It would be helpful to focus on short and long-tail keywords in your content. You should be able to maintain the perfect volume of both in the content. 
  • Add more keywords to raise higher search volume and lower the competition. 

3. Emphasize on the TECHNICAL SEO 

Technical SEO refers to structuring your web pages to help the crawlers read and index your website. Even though you have great content, there are issues in your technical SEO that will hinder your ranking on the search engines. Some things that you can try without getting indulged more in the technology sector are:

  • Construct a Sitemap: Various tools and plugins to build a sitemap. Therefore choose the tools carefully and pick the one that fits your requirements. Also, update the same whenever you add something new to your platform. 
  • Remove Pages with Issues: If you have multiple web pages, there are chances that some of them may not contribute to enough user engagement, which can, in turn, affect your traffic. You need to perform deep research and remove these pages to avoid increasing bounce rates. 
  • Fix the Broken Links: Many search engine algorithms downgrade your website if you have broken or outdated content on your website. Therefore, you need to check your website links properly to ensure that your visitors do not meet a dead end.  
  • Optimize your media elements: When you add images, do not forget to add proper ALT tags that will help describe the content. Technical SEO will further help crawlers know about your page’s media content. 

You can also explore the Local SEO Packages from Bangalore’s best digital marketing services to handle your technical SEO for small businesses. They will assist you in exploring the business’s significant factors and gaining more conversions and the proper techniques.

4. Create more informative and optimized content

Keywords are essential to ensure that the content is high quality, which remains integral to your SEO efforts. It draws the attention of potential customers to your website. It helps establish your brand, thereby framing you as a leader in your industry. Part of gaining people’s trust comes from showing them that you are confident in the products/ services you are selling and talking about.

You have the answers to their queries. And that you are sharing those answers with your audience-quality content further helps you increase your rankings. Because people will link to them naturally and promote them. It sends a signal to search engines like Google that you and your platform are trustworthy. Although we optimize for search engines, people remain at the core of our work. So, when they find your content as legitimately excellent and helpful, the chances are that Google will do too.

Some techniques that you can follow are:

  • Page headlines and titles are crucial factors in improving your Click-Through-Rate, which determines your rankings. 
  • Header Tags are used for every post containing relevant keywords. So it is better if they are straightforward for the users to deliver the correct message. 
  • Meta Tags: Any CMS enables you to enter Meta tags that are just a description of your content. The crawlers utilize them to ensure that your description synchronizes with the content. 


This significant aspect requires your attention, time, and efforts for a small business. In Digital Marketing, you need to bang on the best strategies to rise high and get instant results. Some strategies you might want to consider are: 

  • Templates: We recommend following the same format on the content or the landing pages to minimize distractions for the visitors. This further enables your visitors to get a stable and consistent experience on the webpage, even during multiple redirections. 
  • Use Media elements: Adding images, videos, and other media elements is the fastest way to communicate your message to the audience. Combining your content with media is a better and time-saving approach to attract visitors’ attention. 
  • Social Media: If you have a small business, you cannot just rely on organic traffic to generate leads. Instead, it would be better to hustle to increase your brand awareness through social media platforms. You can share your content on social media platforms and emphasize the ones with higher chances of engaging customers. 

6. Ensure that your website is fast, responsive, and accessible

Let’s suppose you are getting searched on Google, and your target audience is happy with the information and products. But they enter your website and find it’s slow and filled with clutter. They might bounce from your website and just head to another one that is faster, more responsive, and more accessible, impacting your SEO ROI.

According to Google, website traffic may not be a significant ranking factor. It provides a good measure of your SEO efforts and how useful and accessible your website has become. Remember, when we optimize, we are not just optimizing for search engines. And instead, we are optimizing for people. So, your goal is to ensure that your website meets a user’s requirements and that it’s accessible for the users to get the answer they’re looking for.

7. Let your audience Know You

Search engines must provide your information to keep you in the right results. It would be best to update all the relevant data to avoid losing customers. As a business owner, you should know the SEO solutions to keep your business data aligned on every platform. A few things that you must pay attention to are:

  • Add a contact page so that if your visitors want to connect with you to gain more information or reach you, they have the correct information. It would help if you also considered adding contact details that make contacting or reaching your business easier. 
  • Structured Data: There can be several factors that can influence small business performance in the industry. The crucial ones among them are Name, Address, and Phone Number. Ensure that details like these, along with geo-coordinates, opening and closing time, etc., are always to be updated. 
  • Google My Business: It is a free profile that helps promote your business on Google Maps and search results. 

IndGlobal experts have the right resources and knowledge to enhance your digital presence and help you generate effective results for your business.

8. Build connections

Every content needs to get promoted. Your hard work on your blog post could get wasted if it simply lies on the web waiting for a reader to stumble on it. We recommend two important ways of promoting content: link building and guest posting.

To illustrate, suppose you wrote a blog post that you shared with a professional in the same industry. Perhaps you have also recommended tools or approached the topic differently. Another person wrote a blog on a similar topic and linked it to your article, which means you got a backlink here. Sharing articles in this way that can be viewed as a valuable resource can ultimately link to their content. That’s link building.

On the other hand, guest posting refers to when you contribute a piece of high-quality content to another website that their audience can appreciate and value. This means when you are featured on various websites, you have respected professionals featured on yours. You come up as more legitimate and trustworthy in the eyes of your audience, which further helps you build your name and your brand.

However, note that link building and guest posting are not such easy tasks. Before you get a backlink or any slot in another web page’s blog, you have to build that connection first. Retweet them, or comment on their posts, and just be engaged with their work so that you can get noticed.

You also need to ensure that the sites you’ve picked are good quality websites and that you engage with multiple web pages so that your backlinks are from more than one domain.

9. Add on local SEO for higher ROI

When you search for a specific product to buy, you typically look for stores near you, right? Another great strategy that we recommend is to utilize local SEO to maximize your SEO ROI. Local SEO refers to optimizing your website to rank for keywords specific to your location. Utilizing local SEO aids you in being more visible to your target audience, the ones who aren’t just looking for information but also those who have the intention to purchase. After that, one of the tasks remains to ensure that your business information is complete and accessible online. So we strongly recommend using Google My Business is one of your first steps. There are several other strategies to utilize local SEO, which we already mentioned in this article.

10. Optimize Actionable CONTENTs 

Search bots always look for ALT text, heading tags, and Meta descriptions to bring the best answers to customer queries. Some strategies that you can include here are:

  • Find searched queries in your niche and optimize the meta tags, header, and images descriptions with similar vital phrases. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing as it might affect your brand reputation.
  • Add relevant and intriguing Meta descriptions and Meta tags. 
  • Ensure that your content is simple and easy to understand 
  • Keep descriptive and informative illustrations.

Why Should You Choose IndGlobal?

As a renowned and premium SEO company in India, we perform-

Keyword Research

Our full potential for keyword research, including long-tails, keyword ideas, phrase matches, short-tail keywords, etc., help us give you a powerful source of keywords and thus strengthen SEO.

Content Creation and Optimization

Creating unique content suiting diverse audiences and business requirements have been our powerful addition to SEO. Content is king, and helping the audience understand your business with the help of the right content and optimizing it helps in the successful promotion of a business.

Digital Competitive Analysis

Doing digital competitive analysis or competitive research for the Digital marketing services in Bangalore, we can perform an in-depth investigation and focus on reviewing information about competitors in the market. It helps to know where we stand in performance and how much more we need to work on to keep up with the trending SEO techniques.

Technical SEO

We help in improving the technical aspects of any website by making it faster, responsive, easier to crawl and more understandable. It helps to increase visibility and helps in improving organic rankings. 

Local SEO

We help in presenting your business to the local customers at exactly the same time they need for through local SEO techniques. It helps in business expansion and is done by creating social profiles, links, local content and other relevant information sought by the audience

Authority Backlinking Process

We find high authority backlinks through various methods such as linking to authority websites, writing guest posts, creating quality content that outperforms the competitors, creating relevant and attractive infographics, writing testimonials for related websites, etc. 

Website Ranking Maintenance

Maintaining websites ranking helps in constant top position and we perform this by expanding link building, outbound and internal linking, building up social media presence, updating sites regularly, etc. It is necessary to maintain the value of your website over time.

Weekly/Monthly Progress Reports

Tracking weekly/monthly reports are very beneficial in knowing one’s or the team’s performance overall. A straightforward report helps in keeping a sincere track over performances, if required we motivate members to produce better results. Planning action items for next week or month helps in ramping up the business.

Benefits of focusing on SEO for Small Businesses

Could you believe that SEO dominates almost 53% of the traffic? Any Ecommerce SEO provider can bring you the best leads by comprehending your business and analyzing market demands. 

Let us now look at the benefits of optimizing small business platforms: 

  • Once you achieve increased visibility on the search engines, it will help you gain more clicks and build trust with your customers better. 
  • Reaching the first page and then claiming the best spot helps prove your authority. You need to maintain the page speed, use a backlink tracker, and the other elements to engage users for longer durations. 
  • It would help if you prioritized based on customer expectations to stand a better chance of gaining top ranks. 
  • By achieving top ranks, you become the centre of attraction on the search engines. 
  • With continuous updates, you further get a better understanding of the market requirements and competition. 
  • With the help of proper tools, you get the insights that will help you to strengthen your specialities and improve weak links.
  • It makes your website search engine friendly, improving the overall user experience. You can offer quality content with faster page loads and highly responsive web pages to help you retain your customers. 

Identify your objectives to measure SEO ROI

Each ecommerce website has its individual goals, which can be selling the products and building a vast subscriber base etc. Google analytics offers you to set up your goals and funnels to be able to measure your revenue or the number of people who have subscribed to your newsletter.

For example, let’s take Work Plays, a coworking station in the Philippines. The main objective of the work plays website is to have leads inquire regarding spaces available and to schedule a visit. Thus, once the goals have been identified, we put the same into Google Analytics so they can get measured.

As you can see above, there are three measurable goals:

  1. The first is for successfully filling up the form on the contact page;
  2. The second is to click on the “schedule” button on the homepage pop-up; and
  3. The third one is successfully scheduling a visit.

The tool tracks the conversions of these three goals, which helps us see how our SEO efforts are working out.  

Measuring your SEO ROI

Now that you’ve already followed the strategies mentioned above, the vital question is whether your efforts are worth it. We keep checking two main factors, our keyword rankings and traffic, and the main objective remains to be on the first page of the SERPs, if at all not on the top of the SERPs. You can rest assured that we check these every day when you invest in us.

But how do you measure your SEO ROI? By setting your objectives, you see how your SEO efforts affect your conversions over time. If your goal remains in successful purchases, you will be able to compute the difference each month. If your goal is to increase your subscriptions, you can check those in the Google Analytics that you’ve set up. That is why identifying your goals quite early is crucial, as it provides you with a benchmark that will help you, in turn, measure your progress.

In IndGlobal, we provide a complete, transparent report to our customers every month. Our customers are always at par with our SEO efforts’ progress and the ROI. Some of our customers even prefer to show us their quarterly revenue so that we can see the exact impact of our SEO efforts.

The Final Checklist to Generate Better ROI: 

Most users tend to think that SEO will bring instant results. But, the digital world is a big pool of information where it needs time to bring results. So, as mentioned above, some factors that you must consider are: 

  • Include the right keywords
  • Focus on presenting yourself unique as per the market demands
  • Add robust link building strategies 
  • Focus on adding high-quality content consistently
  • Be more active and vigilant on social platforms 
  • Aim to improve the overall user-experience 
  • Track your SEO performance 
  • Be patient and build achievable goals 

Wrapping Up:

In India, where every second person is just dependent on their devices, small businesses cannot afford to lose their opportunities on the market. We have shared the best insights with you above, along with the best strategies and actionable content, which will help you to beat the competition and increase your brand awareness. 

Still in a dilemma? 

We’re Right here to help you! 

Contact us now to get the best SEO tips to help you grow and increase your returns.

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