E-commerce provides an opportunity for small vendors and large enterprises to sell their products to consumers. Multiple brands have already utilized e-commerce website development services efficiently done by ecommerce development companies and are successfully operating their businesses online. Crafting an ecommerce store online goes beyond only understanding the market you are about to enter. It would be best if you had a good grasp on Branding, web design, and content strategy, which may seem like a tremendous amount of work. As per Nasdaq, by 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of purchases will be done through ecommerce. So it is the gateway for operating your online business, there are a few technical aspects involved that you need to consider during the ecommerce website development services.

As a premium ecommerce website development company in Bangalore, we laid out ten simple steps from Branding to shipping that will encompass your ecommerce brand development process, helping you create a successful ecommerce store and smoothly reach your business goals.


1. Decide your ecommerce business model

The two main categories of ecommerce business models refer to business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). 

Business to consumer/ B2C type

Majority of online shops that we interact with our business to consumer (B2C). Whether it’s Amazon or Target, whenever we click on the checkout button, it indicates completing a transaction successfully on a B2C website. Items or services on these websites are sold straight from businesses to the general public without any third parties being involved.

Business to business (B2B)

Business to business or B2B type are businesses that sell to other businesses as the name implies. These companies manufacture something, are a wholesaler, and provide services or products within a given industry. ROOM is an excellent example of a B2B ecommerce business.

2. Hire a proficient ecommerce website development company in India 

Having determined what you will sell and who will be your target audience, the first step would be to hire an efficient and technically strong team who will help you build your dream ecommerce website with the best ecommerce website design in Bangalore, with each component appropriately placed. Having a well-designed, interactive ecommerce website enables an excellent service and benefits the users to access their requirements easily.

Depending on your business goals, the ecommerce project needs to be guided by thorough research about both the products you’re selling and your target users. You should also know the market you’re entering and be aware of the trends that have come and gone. Running an ecommerce website also implies what potential customers may need right now and what they may want in the future.

3. Come up with a good domain name and purchase it

A unique brand name can easily distinguish you from every other brand inhabiting the same market space. If you can think of any innovative shorter terms for your ecommerce site, it will be better for your brand recognition. Think about the grocery store Sprouts. It stands out in its domain by having a unique name that wows people by being so different.

It would be best to remember that this also means that you have a better shot at getting your domain name. With some ingenuity and wordplay, you may be able to think of something pretty close in case your ideal domain name is already taken. 

And once you decide on your brand name, you need to find an available URL. Before you start building the store, you need to register the domain name as it might snatch up the perfect URL at later stages of your ecommerce website development. As a premium ecommerce website development company in India, we can help you if you need any help with that.

4. Determine your brand logo

Brands like Starbucks, Myntra, and Apple have ingrained themselves into our collective psyche along with iconic logos and visual identities. These brands have a strong connection with their consumers than those whose identities are less defined. Thus, it is evident that Branding gives businesses a booming emotional resonance, transforming them from anonymous entities into ones that we can relate to and making consumers have brand loyalty.

An ecommerce website also needs to have a fantastic color palette and a distinct voice. These different elements of a web design come together into a user experience driven by the brand’s personality.

Another vital implication of Branding is conveying to people who you are. Your audience should know the essence of your ecommerce website and the value behind it. Personalizing your brand and giving it a consistent and unique voice to reveal an identity that makes your brand recognizable ensures building trust.

5. Select a suitable ecommerce platform

You have a few options entirely while choosing for the ecommerce platforms — such as Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce plug-in with WordPress — to build and run your ecommerce website. And each one of them here has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the following features should be considered of the ecommerce platform to power your website:

  • Interactive website: An interactive website determines whether users can access the features conveniently. It further enables consumers to post their queries, feedback, review, and even assist them while watching videos and the images of products. Without these features, an ecommerce website will be just a space with information, and here Ecommerce development services Indglobal takes every measure of care to design your website interactively.
  • Responsive design: The ecommerce platform should offer a consistent experience regardless of the device type it is being viewed.‍
  • A sound Content management system or CMS: A CMS can keep your website upgraded and support selling your products for updating and editing dynamic content, blogs, and news.‍

Your brand is unique! Your ecommerce store should be unique too! Shape your customer’s experience each step of their way, and build a contemporary ecommerce website.

6. Plan a content strategy

Constructing a website with content-first design accounts for a better representation of the end product. At the very beginning of the development process, you need to set a content strategy depending on your brand’s story and communicate effectively about what your products do, including the writing content, photos, videos, infographics, and other media elements that you may need to serve your customers best.

The content strategy works well if you know your audience better. What may be their standard questions about the products, and what information would they find valuable- you should try to include the answers to their fundamental questions and provide information that your competitors won’t. A Content strategy properly shapes the information architecture on your website. You need to know the requirements of your customers and the best way to get the content to them.

7. Search engine optimization

Getting organic traffic depends much on the relevance of the content in the eyes of web crawlers. Therefore, Paying good attention to SEO can help you rank higher.

Some of the SEO best practices include:

  • Use terminology that people commonly use while talking about the products and the area of interest your products belong to.
  • Doing keyword research through Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.
  • Ensure that headers (like H1 and H2) and the title and description contain relevant words and phrases

SEO goes way beyond just these above-mentioned bullet points. You can also refer to our comprehensive guide for a better understanding of how your website is optimized for Google SEO.

8. Structure your Product categories in an orderly way.

Product categories should be clear-cut, straight to the point, with little overlap. They need to be such that someone should recognize and understand clearly what they are. Customers always prefer familiar posts guiding them to what they are looking for.

An ecommerce website’s each section should reflect an assemblage of products related by whom it is intended for, its purpose, and the traits that the products share. The navigation calls to action should be smooth and other ways of attracting people to your products in just a few clicks depend on a well-described set of product categories.

Shaping your ecommerce store so that discovering items is an intuitive and straightforward process, thereby giving your customers clear ways to understand your products.

9. Effective product descriptions

A product description is essential as it tells customers what they need to know about the product. It highlights the features and advantages of using a particular item. Product descriptions need to have more specs and features. But they should be portrayed more interactively beyond a dry recitation of details. They should be represented by empathy and connect with potential customers personally. Product descriptions should be such that they can provide plenty of great details about a product, along with nice conversational phrases that touch a would-be camper directly. Product descriptions need to be framed to keep the customer in mind and communicate how a product can help solve their problems and improve their lives.

10. Integrating payment gateways and the right shipping software

This is probably the essential part of any ecommerce website. Professional ecommerce website developers have the expertise to create secure online transactions and integrate ecommerce with CMS, and much more. Effective shipping software, especially for shipping larger orders, and taking care of the intricacies is important as fulfilling orders and shipping are more accessible with the right software. Product inventory maintenance further helps your business and buyers keep track of product availability, stock, and buying decisions. 

Ship Station is a web-based platform offering a quick setup and a handy mobile app for shipping. It is also an efficient tool, no matter what size of business.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that Ecommerce has opened new opportunities for those claiming their stake in the digital space. Indglobal offers innovative and professional ecommerce development services with the vast experience the company has acquired and thereby helps many small, SME, and large enterprises to launch and run their ecommerce stores successfully. As a leading Ecommerce website development company, we are thoroughly equipped and versatile in the ecommerce platform contributing towards contemporary web designs and ecommerce website development in India

We are always happy to provide ecommerce solutions that render everything from creating designs that are packed with interactive elements and animations to adding in new products- all are a part of what we offer. We’re happy to empower you in establishing an online brand that’s everything you want it to be.


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