The 3 Benefits GDPR Would Have on Your Business in the Days to Come

Believe it or not, most businesses in the present times (especially the e-commerce ones) are facing the flak of the fines that they have to pay up when they fail to protect the data of their customers ever since the EU’sGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been put into action. While some think that since businesses make so much of money on a daily basis, paying up for such fines is normal but what they realise later is that it creates a huge impact on the reputation of the business in the days to come.

While going by the GDPR compliance requirements following the regulations is something that would let you gain the trust and respect from the customers while watch business sales grow leaps and bounds. When you comply with the rules for your business, there are multiple benefits that come along with it.

Some find it to be a drawback for the business while experts say that there are several advantages to it.

Your customers trust you better
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
With theGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there was a rule passed where each organisation is to employ someone who would be designated as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who would conduct regular audit to ensure that customer data is in safe hands and there is no breach in them. While you assure of the security and protection of data from your end, you are likely to find a boost in sales where more and more customers would come around for their needs while you witness a rise in your reputation.

You do not have to worry about cyber attacks
GDPR compliance for small business

More than 60% of e-commerce business in the UK have witnessed cyber attacks where everything right from company data to personal information of customers have been hacked into. While that is something that is dangerous and difficult to deal with, GDPR compliance for small business allows your system to stay protected from such hacks where everything stays secured and you aren’t a victim. If there is a breach of any sort, it becomes your duty to report the same within 72 hours just so that you aren’t in trouble.

Your company would have lesser maintenance costs

When you adopt the GDPR compliance for European Union for your company, you get to stop using the multiple software that you usually put to use to protect data. Despite such protection the data often gets hacked. With GDPR in place, it acts like an all in one security system where it not just protects data but also ensures that there is no external intrusions to steal information by any chance. This is where you save up on money where you do not have to hire extra employees for the maintenance of the software and other protective systems. There is lesser costs on infrastructure while providing you a complete package.

While adopting new change to businesses cannot happen overnight and with time more and more businesses are coming to the forefront to ensure that they are complaint with GDPR and thus ensuring that customers (the first priority) is satisfied.

The checklist that you should follow

While GDPR compliance is something that will soon become a global entity, it is presently applicable only to the European Countries. You could also follow the terms and conditions of for a better understanding. While it is essential to be compliant in the days to come, here is a GDPR compliance checklist that you could follow.

  • Your organisation records a list of information that your e-commerce website garners from customers on a daily basis. It would include details of where it has been retrieved from, whom it should be shared with and how long it should stay with you.
  • You should hold a privacy policy containing details of personal data and should be visible to all which would openly state the reason why you store personal data and how it would be of help. It should be written in a clear language for all to understand.
  • There is a full-time Data Protection Officer performing his/her duties
  • All employees should be aware of GDPR compliance
  • The security measures taken is updated
  • If you have a business outside EU, there is the need for a representative operating at EU who would help you with regular updates on GDPR compliance in UK.
  • Your customers should be able to request access to their data as well as delete their data.
  • If there is any data that your business doesn’t need anymore, you should delete it
  • The way customers found it easy to give their consent, they should find it similar to remov it as well.
  • Your policies are reviewed from time to time to ensure that it complies to rules of other countries that you deal with.

While all of these are basics of the compliance checklist, it is something that every organisation should follow. Any breach of rules can bring along penalty.

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