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All you need in a single ERP Manufacturing software

Manufacturing is a process of converting raw materials or components into goods or products. For an organization which handles an enormous number of Manufacturing products, they need a highly sustainable and efficient manufacturing system in place. A highly scalable, reliable and sustainable ERP can provide a solution for this. Odoo ERP Software, being scalable, reliable and sustainable; it has all the capabilities and functionalities of providing the best solution for any manufacturing process.

Some Key Features of Odoo Manufacturing management:

  1. Manage manufacturing orders with and without routings
  2. Group different products and sell as a KIT
  3. Create different BOM’s for each product variant
  4. Subassembly your parts to reduce the complexity in BOM
  5. organize the work for the whole day using Work orders
  6. MPS enables you to schedule the production of stock
  7. Batch production can be recorded
  8. Make different versions of products
  9. Calculate the cost of each manufacturing order

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Odoo Manufacturing will provide you with all the functions required in the entire process of Manufacturing. The following are some significant features of Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials is a document defining the quantity of each component required to manufacture a finished product. It also includes the routing and individual steps of the manufacturing process. Using Odoo Manufacturing, you can link multiple BoMs to each product and use it to describe multiple variants of them. Each BoM will, yet, be associated with one product only.

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Supply chain management

Odoo Manufacturing also has some basic features of Supply chain Starting from Procurement, Managing Stock levels, Automatic Low stock Notifications, etc.

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Inventory Management

In Odoo ERP Inventory Management modules are very tightly Integrated and depend on each other to ensure free flow in both inventory and manufacturing processes. This helps you to track all the inventory going in and coming out from a manufacturing process seamlessly. This helps you in reducing the inventory mismatch.

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Barcode Management

Barcode has become the primary source today to track inventory in its complete life cycle. Using Odoo Manufacturing, We can track the barcodes of each finished good and its BOM at different stages of a product life cycle like Picking, Packing, Repair, Maintenance etc.

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In Odoo Manufacturing, routing can be used to specify the manufacturing operations to be done in work centres to manufacture a product. Every product has a different manufacturing process and process times. Here, We will define different routes to manufacture different products based on their manufacturing process. If you have the same process to manufacture all the products, Then you can have a single route. Otherwise, You can define different routes.

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Work Orders

Using Work Orders, you can organize the work for the whole day. It helps you to avoid duplicates in scheduling work orders at the same time when you don’t have the capacity to do so. Using Odoo, you can schedule the planned start date for manufacturing orders. If you plan two work orders at the same work centre at the same time, the second work order will be scheduled right after the first one.

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Odoo gives you a facility of visually looking at all your manufacturing data at a glance. This helps you to analyse the production line, Capacity planning, Work centres, Cost of manufacturing orders and many more. Odoo will also allow users to create their own reports and avoid depending on managers or respective departments.

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